Sneak Peek

Since I continuously don’t take photos of my finished 2018 sweaters, of which there are now two, I took quick sneak peek ones of them being worn. Yep, I am wearing them. I am also worn out, and don’t get home ’till late and the light is crap and there’s snow on the ground and every photo looks dumb.

So I took these in my office for sneak peeks.

I also finished a scarf out of handspun. So as of right now, I am quadruple the amount knit as was spun. Naturally, with three spinning projects in progress that won’t stay long but it’s nice for now.

I woke up Sunday with a cold, which was a bit frustrating. It’s amazing to me that I can go an entire year without getting sick at all from time to time, sometimes longer. But this year? Well, there must be a lot going around, as this is cold #2 this season. And it’s annoying. I had a grant due this week and I’ve got an awards ceremony to attend, so I’ve been at work even with the cold. But, the grant has fallen through so maybe I can get a sick day in tomorrow. Naturally, when one is already feeling a bit off her crafting game, one feels even more off when one is sick. So, I didn’t knit or spin last evening.

A nostepinne is a good tool for those days when you don’t want to knit or spin, but do want to play with yarn. I balled up two skeins of handspun on my nostepinne just to keep me occupied.


Bonus photobombing dog. I pulled out tons of other handspun as well, since I couldn’t get inspired about anything, and I spent a lot of time looking up patterns hoping I could make something work for the yarn I had pulled out. Hopefully inspiration will hit again soon, but this sustains for now.

For Valentine’s day, we aren’t really interested in celebrating, and we have a bunch of similarly minded friends so we are getting together for a game night, providing my cold does not get worse. All players know about the potential for cancellation so we are keeping it quite casual, but it would be nice to have the type of valentine’s day we had as kids, where friendships are celebrated. I like that concept so much.

Have a great week!