Settling In

I took the day off from work today. The grant that was due this week fell through completely, and my other large obligations were over yesterday late. I got home quite late, and exhausted. So today can be spent at home. Know what that means? Good natural light.


Here’s the handspun scarf I finished a week or so ago. It’s made out of my own handspun yarn which was spun from batts I created a few years back. I spun the batts into worsted weight 2 ply yarn, keeping each batt separate so I needed to be able to combine the colors in a manner that complimented the 4 together. This pattern, called Secret Beach, worked nicely for that. The pattern was easy to memorize and enjoyable, and so the bulk of this was done on work lunch breaks. I didn’t block it aggressively, just pushed it into position allowing the lace to open a bit, and I think it looks fairly nice and textured that way.

I also settled into a project. It’s one I’d already had on the needles as I’d cast on during a weekend where I was bored with knitting sweaters. But I quickly put it down again in order to finish up said sweaters. Then once the sweaters were done, I wanted little to do with it. It’s another Lamina pattern in scarf form, and I am using leftover yarn from my Find Your Fade shawl. I knew I’d have plenty left over for another project, and the high tencel yarns are just so shiny, pretty, and rich toned. The biggest problem is switching yarns so often, it’s hard to imagine my ends staying woven in properly. We shall see.


I started out by adding in all the colors once, but now I have set up my colors in an order, and am using a random number generator to choose the next color. There are yarns which I may run out of, so it’ll be interesting to see it going from many colors to only a few I think. No matter what, it’ll be pretty and shiny!

Despite my cold, we are not canceling our Valentine’s Day plans, as some friends managed to find a sitter, a rare treat for them, and we don’t want to now cancel on those plans. I think it’ll be a nice evening, and I’ll rest well this afternoon in anticipation of it. That’s all from here! Happy Valentine’s Day my friends!


3 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. Glad you took a day off, you sure have earned it. And I hope the rest helps you feel better. And that you had fun on your evening out.

    Knitting looks beautiful, both scarves are lovely. đŸ™‚

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