Day 10

I am going to complain for a moment. Complain that I am now on day 10 of this cold, and really, aren’t they only supposed to last 1 week? I am none too happy.

I have done a ton of reading over the weekend, and not terribly much knitting. I noticed for a brief moment this morning I could smell my hand lotion, so I want to say I am on the mend.

Here’s what I have knit. A progress report on the scarf I showed off in the last post.


It did come a long way over the past week, but I haven’t touched it through the weekend. It is fun, however, to randomize the colors and not know which one you’ll get to knit in next. The grey has been the least used color, but I think that’s ok as I have the least amount of it anyhow.

When I wasn’t reading, I spent a ton of time trying to decide what to knit my large load of 3 ply handspun purple combo spin into. It wanted to be a sweater, and I spent a ton of time figuring out what it wanted to be. I began knitting:


But then I loved the way the colors weren’t really stripey but more subtle washes of color, ripped it out, reevaluated, and began a different sweater. This sweater start that no longer exists will eventually become a Jaina sweater. That’s a sweater I’ve had in queue for just about ever, I’ve always loved it’s sweet relaxed look and subtle details. So, off I go on another long sweater journey. It seems to be the thing that’s holding my attention right now.

In Lizzie news, Mr. Ink put her bike cart together this weekend, and she went for her first ride with him. He kept it short because she was a bit concerned about this new development, but knowing her it won’t be any time at all before she’s jumping for joy at the idea of a ride.

This was a photo from Saturday. On Sunday the weather was well into the 50s. Then Monday ice, and Tuesday morning ice thunderstorm. So, it’s been interesting around here.

I guess that’s about it from here, otherwise this’ll never get posted! I can’t tell you the number of times I manage to try to get a post up and it ends up sitting in drafts right now.