Another Weekend

At some this week, Mr. Ink said to Lizzie “Dog, you stink!”  Now, if Mr. Ink says it, I know it must be really bad. But I still couldn’t smell anything. This morning? I realized that the dog really REALLY stunk. Woah. I guess I’ve got my sense of smell back. (Also, last evening’s dinner tasted super amazing, and I realized at that point it was probably because I could smell too.) So today? Lizzie Bean got a bath. She’s always a complete nut after a bath, almost like she’s trying to outrun the smell of the shampoo so I took her on a super long walk before hand, in the ice, because that’s what we’ve got right now, just ice. We came back coated in ice. And then Lizzie got her bath, and was just as nutty as if I hadn’t walked her at all. That being said, while I don’t love the smell of dog shampoo, she smells so much better.

Here’s a bit of knitting I haven’t shown off yet.


I am working on a magrathea, I’ve knit all the rest of the hitchhiker patterns and tried to knit this one once, but somehow managed to get off track and ripped the entire thing out. This time it’s going better. The gradient yarn is from gypsy girl creations, and I picked it up at a local yarn shop on small business Saturday back in November. I hadn’t really planned to purchase yarn that day but this skein was quite intriguing and I am glad I got it. The gradient is incredibly smooth in transition so far, and I love the little pops of different color here and there, adding dimension to the shawlette. This one has been sitting at work so naturally moving a bit slow right now. Since I will have to weigh the remaining yarn at some point, I guess I’ll have to bring it back home at that point to finish up.

That’s about it from around here, hope everyone has a relaxing weekend!

5 thoughts on “Another Weekend

    • Old Coco used to spaz after we brushed him really well, but I don’t think Mr. Ink gave him a bath in his entire 17 years of life, beyond what he’d get when going for a swim so I really haven’t anything to compare it to.

  1. Aw freshly bathed pets….I love that. We were at a friend’s this week for dinner and I must say their pup had that WINTERY aroma…haha
    I love your shawl and have decided on another shawl for me to work on, too. I’m just going to make a point of wearing them.

    • Hahaha! Wintery aroma indeed. That’s a good description. Between being cooped up and also getting wet and dirty every time they go out, it gets pretty ripe indeed. But she’s smelling lovely and feeling super soft now.

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