A Surprise Finished Object

Miss Marja made herself a very amazing yarn recently. She’d started with a Classy Squid batt and created a gorgeous 3 ply yarn. Turns out it was her all time favorite yarn so she gave it to me to knit into a honey cowl.

I admit, I didn’t get to the knitting of it right away because the skein was so gorgeous that I ended up setting it on the dining room table and admiring it every time I walked by. However, on Friday we were discussing that yarn and I ended up yearning to head home and cast on a new project. So I did. Once I was home and had weekend chores started I cast that bad boy on and got started.


And I finished on Sunday. I used up all the yarn, and it really is an amazingly beautiful skein. It’s mostly shades of grey with these wonderful silky bits of greens, blue, pink, etc. Really truly gorgeous. Now all I have to do is get this to her place so she can enjoy it yet this year.

I am sitting at home listening to the sounds of our furnace hopefully being fixed. We got all the way up to 64F in the house yesterday when we collectively used our heads to decide all the things we could do to warm up the house beyond the space heater. I did laundry and ran the dishwasher. Cookies were made, and crepes were made on the grill. Tacos for lunch with the shells heated in the oven, and then chili on the stove and then thrown in the crock pot to warm all day until dinner. Steamy hot showers were taken and hair was blown dry despite the fact we never do that in real life. All shades were opened on the side of the house getting the most sun in order to heat up as much as possible. I’d say 56 to 64 wasn’t too bad, our efforts were not in vain.

But it’s 56 again this morning and we aren’t able to go to great lengths to heat the house today so we are hoping to get this resolved soon.

Here’s a bonus moment that happened Friday evening prior to the furnace situation. A lady and the tramp moment with a ramen noodle. These two goofballs are always up to something ridiculous and cute!

That’s it from here! Hope you all have a good week. Guess what? I’ve got a photo for tomorrow too, so I may be back in the habit of blogging again. Add to that the fact that it’s almost light enough for a morning photo and I should be over the worst of the winter slump.