On My Way

I am well on my way to another new sweater, all things considered. I am working on the Jaina pattern, and honestly I chose a size that’s easily going to be a bit large, because really is there anything so wonderful as a large drapey warm sweater? I don’t think so. And, I have enough handspun yarn, I believe, for the larger size. I can tell you already I really want to wrap myself up into this now, even though it’s still a long way from being complete.

As of now, I have finished the waist shaping decreases and am almost done with the waste shaping increases, but this photo was taken over the weekend. You can see that I set in the pockets and began the waste shaping in this photo.


The colors are pretty wonderful, and I love the little cabled detail at the pocket cuff. I have begun knitting in my second out of 4 skeins of yarn. To be honest, 2 skeins are quite purple without much green, and two skeins lean significantly more toward blue with a lot of extra green. So, I am hoping that the first two skeins will bring me through both fronts of the cardigan, then if I need to join a skein that’s a little less matching, it’ll be at the back. Then the sleeves and collar shouldn’t be too much of a matching issue, I don’t think.

Malabrigo nube, despite being a bit hard to work with during the spinning process, sure makes a lovely soft bouncy yarn. I am always super pleased with my end result when I use it.

That’s all from here. Mr. Ink says he might take Miss Butterfly to a movie tonight, and I am really looking forward to the potential down time in a WARM HOUSE.