Too Busy Knitting

This weekend was the first weekend in a month where I wasn’t either sick, or bundled under blankets due to furnace issues. It was a WONDERFUL weekend. On top of just the fact that I felt good, the weather was amazing! Very windy, but so so mild. I’ve got hyacinths popping up in the yard near that house, and I can see the start of crocuses too. Spring is coming to the midwest, though I think we probably still have some less than favorable weather to deal with.

Did anyone else catch that it was a free all you can watch craftsy weekend? I tried to get in a few knitting videos I hadn’t seen. I watched one on seaming, one on color, and one on intarsia. I think I’ve pretty much decided that my next sweater project will be something I’ve never tackled before. Intarsia. I’ve got the Kaffe Knits Again book and I’ve always been intimidated by it, despite the fact that I am not generally intimidated by anything in knitting. With as eager as I’ve been to knit sweaters this year, this may be a perfect year to try something completely new.

Speaking of sweaters, while I failed to get a photo of it, I have finished the fronts and back of the handspun jaina cardigan I’ve been working on and am partway down the first sleeve now. I’ll get a photo this afternoon if it quits raining.

I also grabbed a photo of my magrathea.


It’s looking pretty good as well! So, this is one of those knits where you weigh your original ball of yarn, knit until you’ve got 25% remaining, and then do the final border. Now, the other day I saw the ball band from the yarn and thought “I don’t need this anymore!” And I threw it in the recycling bin. I was sure that I’d written down the starting weight of the yarn somewhere. I looked on the paper pattern copy I was using, no weight. Looked my electronic pattern copy, no weight. Looked at my ravelry project page, no weight. That’s when I remembered this is why I saved the ball band. For the weight. Except, now it was long gone. So I looked up the yarn on ravelry. Except, the put up of the yarn I have is about double the amount that’s listed in the database. SO…..I just have to guess. It’s back at work since I don’t need a scale for guessing. I guess I could take the entire thing off the needles and onto scrap yarn and then measure the total weight, but that seems like a bunch of trouble. (Not as much trouble as losing yarn chicken, but I guess I am gonna try that method.)

I did a lot of outdoors stuff too, Lizzie and I went on really long walks both weekend days. She was thrilled. And she’s so funny, if the wind is particularly gusty, she runs faster. Yesterday we walked around a lake and she was practically dragging me once we got up on the dam part of the place, completely exposed to all the wind. It feels good to be seeing bits of green, and it feels good to be out and about again, without having to bundle up. And this weekend even dried out enough that it wasn’t completely muddy. So pleasant! If all predictions remain the same, the next weekend should be similar temps and pleasantness, despite the fact we may get snow tomorrow.

Happy Monday folks, have a great week.

2 thoughts on “Too Busy Knitting

  1. I LOVE shawl colors and progress. We had a wonderful warm sunday: took we have a snowstorm coming in. I’ll take the fun we had burning brush outside yesterday. Glad you enjoyed the goodness too

  2. The shawl is beautiful! I am sure that you will work out hte best way to deal witht he yarn issue – maybe a series of lifelines that you can rip back to if necessary?

    You are going gangbusters on the sweaters this year, very impressive! My Hitofude creeps along, though I give it attention. I am at last on the skirt and the front increases, so it shuls slow down even more, but then will be done!

    I did enjoy the free Craftsy weekend, I hope they do that again sometime! I watched a few knitting ones, and one spinning one that I really enjoyed – I think it was something about Spinning hand dyed fiber – by Felicity Lo. She was excellent – very well prepared, good samples and demos to share. I learned a lot about what happens with different fiber preps. where all the colors go, for example!

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