A little bit blizzardy

It may have been a lovely weekend weather wise, and the upcoming weekend may be predicted to be lovely weather wise, but in between we deal with yuck. A storm rolled through last evening and into today, we’ve had super high winds for days, but now we’ve added snow to the mix. There’s actually not that much snow on the ground. That’s because it’s all sticking to my sliding glass door due to high winds. I must have arrived at work at the perfect time, since I left early and was on time, but everyone else who arrives later left early and was desperately late, and complaining of terrible traffic, closed interstate, and accidents all around them. I love my “new” car every day, but this winter has proven just how much it deserves my love. The snow has been almost weekly, and just enough to cause problems on a drive.

Prior to the overnight snow I did get a photo of my jaina cardigan in progress.


So, it’s moving along quite nicely. I was able to get the full cardigan out of the first dye lot handspun with a bit left over that I saved for the inner collar. I started the second dye lot on the arm, and I am glad I did. To be frank, the second dye lot is also spun with a bit more twist as well, which is a bit annoying to me as I am knitting but hopefully won’t be too noticeable when wearing, or looking at it from far away. I do see quite a lot more green in the new dye lot, which is exactly what I worried about when spinning it. It’s all quite interesting!

I am still quite inspired on this knit, even though I am working on the arms. I do think that 9 inch circs work very well for me for sleeves, I do stay more inspired to finish the sleeves when I am working in the round that quickly. Add to that the fun of the sleeve cap, which is different than working in the round, so breaks up the monotony, and the sleeve doesn’t seem like such an epic slog at all! In a few more inches I’ll get to do another little cabled detail, so even that will add a bit of interest to the process.

In any case, I’ve loved this project quite a lot and I am glad I decided to make it. I’ve sized it up a bit to make something truly snuggly, and I really can’t wait to wear it even though it will probably be too warm by the time it’s done.

That’s it from me! We’ve got district vocal festival tonight which will be Miss Butterfly’s final show choir performance. It’ll be a long concert, but I’ll have my sock knitting with me. Have a great week!

4 thoughts on “A little bit blizzardy

  1. that is a beautiful sweater! I think the difference in dye lots won’t be too obvious as you were able to keep the new one to sleeves only. I also like hte short circulars for sleeves, they seem to fly from the needles!

    Glad your car goes well in snow and whatever else falls – but still, be careful! We have had some really lovely warm weather with loads of melting this past few weeks, but a foot of snow arrives tomorrow night. Still, it won’t hang about too long. Just enough to be a pain. As A said to me this morning “Gosh, I really was missing shoveling, so this is good.” I think she was kidding. 🙂

    Enjoy the concert aka sock knitting –

  2. I love your sweater. It is going to look amazing finished. The purple hues are so easy on the eyes. Enjoy that concert. Times like these are so important for young people. When family goes and supports them I think it is so good for them

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