It was an extremely busy week, in prep for a large event downtown I am putting on this week. I expected a busy week, but it was busier than even I anticipated. I think things are in good shape now though, and it’ll all be over Wednesday evening. I can then concentrate on the next big event which isn’t until July. I should also get a nice little extra long weekend, since I’ll have worked too many hours Tuesday and Wednesday and will need to dump a few. Oh, and did I mention I have a grant due this week too? Hah. I am not too concerned about the grant though, I think that’ll go smoothly.

Last week, on the worst of the busy days, I got home and I was grumpy for very good reasons. I admit I had a nice vent with my family, but remained quite grumpy. I also found that I couldn’t do anything. I was just really off center. I couldn’t even knit! I was at the portion of the sleeve on my sweater where I do a tiny bit of pattern. I knit and messed up and ripped and reknit 4 times. And then I put it down and decided some nights you just don’t even knit. Mr. Ink told Miss Butterfly he thinks I might be cracking. Close Mr. Ink. Very close.

I did get that sleeve done the next evening though, and started on the second sleeve. Here’s where I am now.


I also sewed down one of the pockets, which is seriously not my favorite thing. So I didn’t do them both. I’ll do the second one when I get inspired again.

During the actual event next week, I’ll probably have knitting time available to me. I am having trouble deciding if I’ll just take a sock already on the needles, or if I will try to take a newer easy project. I am leaning toward sock at the moment just because it isn’t bulky and would be nice and simple. But I could still change my mind. But between now and then? Looks like it’s all sweater knitting all the time. It’s still pretty cool outside, I could get use out of this one this season still!