It was an extremely busy week, in prep for a large event downtown I am putting on this week. I expected a busy week, but it was busier than even I anticipated. I think things are in good shape now though, and it’ll all be over Wednesday evening. I can then concentrate on the next big event which isn’t until July. I should also get a nice little extra long weekend, since I’ll have worked too many hours Tuesday and Wednesday and will need to dump a few. Oh, and did I mention I have a grant due this week too? Hah. I am not too concerned about the grant though, I think that’ll go smoothly.

Last week, on the worst of the busy days, I got home and I was grumpy for very good reasons. I admit I had a nice vent with my family, but remained quite grumpy. I also found that I couldn’t do anything. I was just really off center. I couldn’t even knit! I was at the portion of the sleeve on my sweater where I do a tiny bit of pattern. I knit and messed up and ripped and reknit 4 times. And then I put it down and decided some nights you just don’t even knit. Mr. Ink told Miss Butterfly he thinks I might be cracking. Close Mr. Ink. Very close.

I did get that sleeve done the next evening though, and started on the second sleeve. Here’s where I am now.


I also sewed down one of the pockets, which is seriously not my favorite thing. So I didn’t do them both. I’ll do the second one when I get inspired again.

During the actual event next week, I’ll probably have knitting time available to me. I am having trouble deciding if I’ll just take a sock already on the needles, or if I will try to take a newer easy project. I am leaning toward sock at the moment just because it isn’t bulky and would be nice and simple. But I could still change my mind. But between now and then? Looks like it’s all sweater knitting all the time. It’s still pretty cool outside, I could get use out of this one this season still!

3 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. That’s great you’re getting so close to being done your cardigan! I just decided as I read this to make a toque out of the end of my current yarn:)

  2. That sweater really is gorgeous! I am always a step behind you, but I got the pattern for my purple hand-spun cardigan! Still working on hitofude, but I want to be ready when it ends… 2 more charts to go!

    I would go with socks at the event, as long as you won’t need to turn the heel. Socks are easy to drop if you need to.

    Hope the event goes beautifully and the grant practically writes itself!

  3. We all have those occasional times when we need to put the project down and back away S l o w l y. Sounds like your work week was a doozy. I love your sweater’s coming along ! Happy days ahead for yoU!

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