Early Sunday

The dog has a bad habit of getting up really early. I guess it’s ok, because I have that habit too. But every once in awhile you just want to sleep in past 6:30, right? Mr. Ink tries to sneak her out and feed her at 5:30 in order that I can sleep in, but inevitably she’ll need to go out again after she eats and that’s my cue. Once I am upright, I am up, so going back to bed is not an option.

So anyhow, it’s early and I am sitting, groggy, with my first coffee. And ready to show you a start of a shawl!


So, this is the half with the singles, where there are little pops of cocoons hanging around. I’d say there’s about as many on the other side as there is on this side. It’s kind of goofy looking, but also interesting.

I took this photo yesterday morning, but then rushed off to hang with Miss Marja and didn’t get an opportunity to post later. I DID get a bunch more knitting on this done while hanging with Miss Marja, so it’s moving right along.

Meanwhile, I am still slowly plugging away at that inner collar on my jaina sweater. I hope to have it done this weekend, it would be lovely to finish it up. And then I think maybe a break from sweater knitting is in order for a bit. Mostly because I’ve no sweater amounts left in stash. Perhaps I’ll get bit by a spring spinning bug again, that would be nice!

That’s about it from here, I am looking forward to what I hope is another nice quiet day to top off my weekend.