A Tiny Preview

So, I did manage to finish my Jaina cardigan yesterday evening and even got it soaked and blocked. I think I am absolutely going to love it, it’s warm and squishy and soft. And the colors are wonderful. And the preblocked fit was extremely promising for a sweater that I was hoping would be fairly large and casual. I am waiting for the thing to dry, and maybe we’ll get enough nice weather that I’ll get a few photos in this weekend, we shall see.

I don’t think that my Easy shawl is any more interesting than the last post, though it has grown a bunch. So, I didn’t grab a photo of that. But clearly I am a little bit on a Martina Behm kick, because I am still plugging away at my Magrathea shawl as well.


It’s still at work, I am still knitting, and I am very close to doing the edging. I don’t have high hopes for not running out of yarn completely but we’ll see how it goes. Since I haven’t actually been hugely interested in knitting, or what knitting produces for me, it won’t hurt me too much to have a big rip session to redo it at a stopping point a bit before what I am currently going for. I’ll be ok with that.

What have I really been into lately? This will totally surprise anyone who knows me, in fact, it already has. Make-up! Well, to be fair, it started with Miss Butterfly. She’s 13 now, and supremely interested in make-up. She’s also always been a fairly artistic kid. She’s not allowed to wear it out of the house at the moment, but she’s still super interested, watching tons of youtube videos, and experimenting with all she’s got right now, namely super cheap palettes she’s received as gifts in the past number of months. She wants to do my make-up, she wants me to do my make-up, she wants me to watch the videos with her, she wants me to wear her make-up to work, and in the end her excitement has been pretty contagious. At this point we both get super excited about researching the best drugstore products available, and then hunting for them on the weekends. It’s been a very fun quality time activity for us, and now amazingly enough I am wearing daily make-up. So, if you’ve ever wondered what I’ve been up to in my spare moments while I am not blogging or crafting, that’s what I’ve been up to. There’s really nothing to show for it beyond saying that’s what we are up to. But, that’s what we are up to. It’s an activity that has stuck around for months now, so it seems to be here to stay.

That’s about it from me!

2 thoughts on “A Tiny Preview

  1. Loving the knitting, and can’t wait to see that sweater on you! But I cracked up when it came to make up!!! I never would have guessed it. Glad you two are having fun!

  2. Cant wait to see Jaina! I love your M shawl. The shading is great.
    I think that the fact that your daughter and you are sharing make up and trends and playing around together is fantastic. Just wonderful. it is the start of a lifetime of grown up things you’lll do together!

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