Big Oops

Sometimes I am startled at just how wrong one can go even if one has been knitting for more than 10 years and considers herself fairly skilled. I haven’t had a particularly large fail in awhile, so now I am going to own up to one. Remember the Easy shawl?


And how it’s bunching right here and how I changed needle size to help? Well, spoiler alert, it’s not bunching because of needle size. So, I switched needle size, and knit and knit and knit until I was almost done. And the entire time, I am like “The yarn amounts on this pattern really don’t reflect what is necessary, OR, I really miscounted my yardage on this half of the handspun! I can’t believe I have THIS MUCH left over, that’s ridiculous!” Meanwhile, I noticed that while the middle seam was bunching less due to needle size, it was still bunching. I went back to reread the pattern, and said “Ok, I am doing this correctly, let’s just keep going.” Despite the fact that it felt wrong. So wrong.

I wasn’t reading the pattern correctly. Not at all. I should have been using double the amount of yarn per row, decreasing fewer seam stitches per row than I had been. THAT is why I had so much yarn left over and THAT is why it was bunching and THAT is why it felt like I flew through the second half in a day rather than many.


I ripped the entire thing out again, picked up my stitches AGAIN, went back down to the original needle size, and put it aside because I just can’t right now. This can have a time out. I don’t need that irritation in my life.

Instead, I cast on something new.


This is the beginning of the Quaker Lines shawl in a gradient handspun I created out of two braids of The Dyeing Arts Sugar Skull colorway. I picked it because it looks like easter, which is coming right up. And I picked it because it’s easy, which could make for good travel knitting. And it has been in my queue for awhile, since I really wanted to see what Sugar Skull was going to look like when I knit it.

However, I can’t guarantee that this will be the only thing cast on this weekend. I’ve got other things up my sleeve as well, and I’ve got a serious case of castonitis.

Want to know what else is happening around here?


Hope is happening around here. These pretty things haven’t quite officially bloomed yet, but we are getting awfully close. Of course, it’s cold again today, it rained quite hard last night, and when I looked at them this morning, the blooms were all shut back up tightly. Nevertheless, close.

Lizzie Update:

I took this photo crowing over the fact that I am the only one in the family who can put bare skin so close to this dog without getting attacked by licking. Because I am the boss and she does exactly what I tell her to do. But while I was taking the photo I was really surprised she was so snuggly! She’s not really a snuggle dog. Then after, I realized it was an hour past her dinner time and I hadn’t fed her yet, and the snuggles were really just hopes that I’d remember that she needed to eat. Never mind, not that sweet of a moment after all.


While she doesn’t love dog beds, she’s taken to finding a stray throw on the floor when my family doesn’t clean up after themselves, and she definitely likes those:


Here she is all cuddled up and waiting for bedtime to happen.

In other Lizzie news, she sprained her paw yesterday (again) this time worse than before. It’s pretty sad really, she’s limping, and doesn’t want to play. However, she does still want to jump, which is her favorite. So, she just holds the injured paw in the air and jumps with 3 legs. It’s super pathetic, and clearly takes concentration, but that’s how she wants to operate. I am hoping it resolves pretty soon. The rescue where we got her has an alumni page, and it does seem like most folks with active dogs do deal with this from time to time so I am not too worried yet. But I hope it resolves itself soon since she seems so irritated by it.

That’s about it from here, it is bound to be a busy weekend, but I am so happy to HAVE the weekend I can barely contain myself.

One thought on “Big Oops

  1. Time out is the best thing sometimes. The shawl will be better for it. Quaker lines in that yarn is going to be sonething special! I love the colors! Can’t wait to see what else you cast on!

    Sorry Lizzie is hurt! But glad she is dealing with it and still being her funny self.

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