Look at that!

So, when you follow a pattern, and I mean actually and truly FOLLOW THE PATTERN, things generally work out.


Flat. No bunching. Same size needles. I know it’s not much but I left this project in time out all weekend, just where it needed to be.

Lizzie is getting better after her latest exuberance injury.  Seriously, that’s what this is. She just won’t calm down, and then hurts herself. But, after a few days, we can see she’s putting quite a bit more weight on that leg and I’d say the limping is just about over now. In fact, I think she’ll even get a short walk tonight, something which will thrill her to pieces and make me much happier too, as she will not settle down in the house and lay down/be still unless she’s expelled energy.

We are running errands tonight,  Miss Butterfly and I, in preparation for the upcoming trip. (Yesterday there were pictures of a blooming clematis from where we are going, can you believe it?!?! Makes one almost want to move south!) In light of the weather forecast, I am also hoping to have time to pull out a pair of capris from the storage bins. We’ve played at packing but haven’t really done much of that either, so I am hoping that we’ll get a chance to work on that too. I have to investigate what Miss Butterfly is bringing so that I can tell if she’s going overboard or not. I really should learn to leave myself a bit of downtime on either end of a trip. Going away for 4 business days? How about make it 6, and have a down day on either end? I bet I’d be FAR less stressed if I’d just get in that habit.

Mr. Ink tells me that he and Lizzie are going to get up to all sorts of adventures while we are gone. I told him that he needs to take photos and send them so I can see what they are up to. He’s not so good at that, but he also knows I’ll miss the dog so maybe he’ll come around.

That’s all from me for now! I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures on our trip so there’s tons to post upon our return. Have a great week and weekend!

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