Where everything is blooming

So, we got back from Alabama where everything is blooming on Tuesday evening, where a grand time was had by all. I genuinely believe this was one of Miss Butterfly’s and my absolute favorite vacations. We had a wonderful time.

We flew in on a Thursday, meeting my parents at the Atlanta airport, then flying on to Alabama together where we were picked up by my cousin and his family and taken out to have some BBQ lunch straight away. It was pouring rain, but not too chilly, and we could see more green than we’ve seen in ages even in the airplane.

Later in the evening the storm passed, and while everything was still quite wet the kids were able to get outdoors and play around in the woods.


This right here is the first picture of kids in wellies, you’ll see many more over the next few posts.

I was able to get out and take a photo of a blooming clematis, which I just couldn’t get over.


The next morning we had a breakfast that couldn’t be beat, and wandered off to the botanical gardens, where quite a lot was blooming nicely and we got to soak it all in. It was cool and windy, but not raining.


Once too hungry to keep going, with many beautiful sights soaked in, we had lunch and then went to a very large art place in an old warehouse. I didn’t take many photos here, but enjoyed taking a quick photo of this piece, a care bear.


This was also on a tshirt and I should have gotten it. But was stuck in that mode of “Do I buy something now and find something else I want to buy later or just let this one go?” I let it go, and kind of wish I hadn’t. This happens to me ALL the time on vacation.

There were places for snacks as well, first we stopped for homemade popsicles, which I didn’t feel the need to have but the kids loved:


I think the adults enjoyed them too. Then we stopped at a homemade chocolate/candy shop, where I found the prettiest chocolates ever.


They were delicious as well!

We enjoyed a lovely day out but were also grateful to get back to the house as well to relax. It was a great first full day. And now I’ll leave you with some knitting, since this is a knitting blog after all. This is where I had my Quaker Lines shawl worked to on the very last day of vacation prior to the airplane trip home. I wanted to grab a final photo using a lovely leafed out japanese maple for a backdrop.


Spoiler alert, I finished this last evening and it’s blocking this morning, so a final finished object post should be up shortly. Unfortunately it won’t be featured on something as pretty as a properly leafed out maple, since I am back home in the cold again.