Finished Object

I got home from work last evening and immediately grabbed my blocking Quaker Lines shawl in order to get a picture quick. Because we were predicted to get snow. Which turned out to be true, it’s currently snowing. So, don’t believe for an instant that our yard looks nice and sunny anymore. We are also predicted to get a record low in the teens tonight too, so goodbye blooms.


Despite my bitterness about the weather, this project turned out beautifully. I love the look of the handspun 2 ply, spun in a fractal pattern. I love the shape of this type of shawl. I love how bright and cheery the colors are, and I am wearing this today. I guess the bonus here is being able to still get some wear out of knit projects since it’s cold. It’s not enough bonus to keep me going.

Enough of the bitterness, let’s keep talking about vacation. On Saturday my cousin’s family took us to Lacon Trade Day. He asked me later how I would describe it. I told him it was like a microcosm of a microcosm. He agreed this was an apt description. It was completely fascinating. A whole bunch of run down shacks, a whole bunch of makeshift tables, and a whole bunch of people just selling stuff off the back of their trucks. We certainly were able to keep ourselves occupied by the sights and sounds. Miss Butterfly and I were particularly enjoying the section of animal sales. A few cows and goats, but mostly various birds and rabbits. Also some bonus puppies.

Miss Butterfly asked if she could hold a chick, and this was allowed so she was thrilled.

Now for a “weird weekends” picture. (Seriously, if you want fun, weird travel pictures along with interesting and creative craft endeavors, go read his blog, it’s so fun!)


My mom actually pointed out this particular combination of things being sold in a shack, and then I grabbed a photo. We…didn’t go in.

Saturday was a bit chilly in the morning but warmed up absolutely beautifully. After trade day, we didn’t go out to do anything else, we hung around the farm and enjoyed extremely delicious lunch of steak and baked potatoes. In the evening, my cousin took me on a bike ride. He wanted to show me a hill he calls “the gates of hell.” I knew before we got there that if I saw the hill, I’d have to pedal the hill. And so we did. I haven’t been on my bike much at all and the bike I was riding was not my own, so I did worry about my ability to climb it. Especially toward the end when I was really suffering. But climb it I did, and we got to enjoy the long fast downhill afterward. And we immediately made plans for another bike ride.

Tomorrow-many photos of teens and chickens. Happy Friday!

2 thoughts on “Finished Object

  1. I love that shawl!!! Everything you described about it was fun! I’m glad you are wearing it. Your day with family sounded very casual, silly and fun. Im so glad you enjoyed it all. Im wondering how much you missed your little doggy

  2. LOVE it!!! Was that one spin or lots of bits? I can’t remember…

    Day 2 sounds as much fun as day 1! Love the sign. Can’t believe you didn’t go in?

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