Some Spinning!

Believe it or not, in the past few days I’ve done a bit of spinning.


This is a bobbin full of singles from a loop bump I’ve had stored in my fiber closet for absolutely ever. I’ve got two bumps to spin, then I can ply them together. So it’ll be a long process. However, I am about halfway done with bobbin 2 out of 4.

This weekend was a lovely at home weekend for the most part. Miss Butterfly was off with her father. Mr. Ink had to work Saturday morning so I had the house to myself for a bit. He was feeling under the weather the remainder of the weekend, so we really did have an introverted weekend, necessary after being away. I did some various house cleaning that desperately needed to be done, as well as a major clean up of my craft room which had TRULY gotten out of hand. Once I cleaned that up, Miss Butterfly and I moved our makeup collection to a desk in that room. She’s kind of excited, as this means we can sit side by side and practice together when we get the urge. We are still working on finding a mirror solution but we did enjoy ourselves even without the mirror last evening.

Enough of the now stuff, it’s cold and gloomy here. Let’s take one last look at sunny Alabama:

A collection of kids with chickens. The one Miss Butterfly is holding is named Mark, and she absolutely adored him, carried him everywhere when out there. In fact, she loved the chickens in general really, they were pretty tame. Every extra chance she had, she’d go out to visit them. Two mornings she was the one to let them out for the day as the other kids weren’t up yet.

Check out these stunning barn cats! They were feral when they arrived. Now they are quite friendly, and are big protectors of the outside around the home. In fact, there are stories of 7 large snakes when they moved in, but once the cats showed up, they made quick work of the snakes. The second photo was their ingenious way of grabbing some fresh water. They’d go stand on the pool cover until the water seeped through, and then get a drink. They didn’t even seem to mind they were waist deep in water.

The neighbor had a horse that the girls could ride, much to Miss Butterfly’s happiness. When I went over there, after they’d been riding a bit, the owner of the horse kept asking me “Where did she learn to ride? Where did she learn to ride? SHE’S GOOD!” That was fun to learn, since she clearly loves it SO MUCH.

And one more funny photo. My cousin still hides the easter baskets for the kids. He’s not kidding around either, he takes great joy in hiding them so hard the kids can’t find them.


This is one not too happy, still sleepy kiddo having finally realized (through the hot and cold game) that her easter basket was actually IN the duct work.

In about a month, we’ll be back there for a wedding. Miss Butterfly and I plan to drive. I always love a good road trip and she’s now at the age she can probably manage one too. We’ll do the drive there in 2 days and the drive back in one. I think May will still be lovely there, and we are looking forward to it!

3 thoughts on “Some Spinning!

  1. Wow, Miss B has some farmer in her! She looks right at home with mud boots and farm animals!
    Road trips are fun! I am sure you will love it.

    Sorry Mr. Ink isn’t well, hope he feels better soon.

    Lovely singles!

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