More Finishing

I finished my Easy scarf over the weekend, and I can tell you right now I’ll be knitting another of these. Or, perhaps 10. It’s a truly fantastic pattern and I love the finished object so much. Since I don’t have much else to blog about, let’s review the history of the project.

Back when I was super interested in exploring interesting spinning techniques from Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs, I began working on singles with cocoons. Fairly quickly realizing that I didn’t love making them, I decided to quit. Thankfully I’d divided the braid I was working on in half. So I finished spinning cocoons on the half I had started and then called it good. For the second half, I changed my ratio and spun thinner singles, then plied them into a 2 ply. The weight of the 2 ply was pretty close to the weight of the cocooned singles. And amazingly enough, I had fairly equal yardage. Only 10 more yards of the 2 ply than I had of the singles. I couldn’t believe how that worked out!


Here’s the two ply on top of the cocoon singles. I used Dyeabolical’s bfl silk (I think!) in colorway Kara for the fiber, and the cocoons are all scraps of Loop! fiber I had in stash for blending into batts.

I began the shawl using the cocoon yarn, knowing that I had a little less of that. On the second half, I misread the pattern not once, but twice, leading to a ruffled edge that looked like crap.


I think I’ve only got the one photo of that mistake. Anyhow, it took me two times making this mistake to figure out what I was doing wrong. Once I got it, I was off with a much nicer looking scarf.


Everything laying flat and not puckering as one would hope for in a knit item.

And now for the final finished object!


It turned into a great looking and interesting scarf! I love it! A couple of things. If I were to knit this again, I’d slip the stitches under a cocoon to make the cocoon lay flat, alternating between laying the cocoons on the front and the back as to keep both sides cocoony. This would have showcased the cocoons far better than just knitting them in as I did, but when I thought about doing this I was FAR too involved in the knitting to rip it back out. Anyhow, it was really fun to showcase the difference between knitting up spun singles and knitting up spun 2 ply. You can really see the effect of the two ply muddying up the harsher stripes, keeping everything far more gentle in color transition. The only other thing of note, when I knit this one again, I’ll bind off a little bit more loosely. While I tried to think loose, it’s still a bit on the tight side for the project. Doing a lace style bind off would be too loose, but going up a needle size or two probably would have fixed the issue entirely.

Anyhow, that’s about it from here, as there’s been nothing new or interesting to report since last post. I’ve got a new project I am working on and it’s going well, and going quickly, so I should have a photo of that to post tomorrow. Have a great day friends!

3 thoughts on “More Finishing

  1. Glad to see that FO – it is gorgeous! I can see what you mean about the stripes – the two ply definitely blends the colors together more than the singles yarn does. And the cocoons add a nice pop of color and texture that I don’t expect. Very nice!

    I am looking forward to tomorrow to see what you are working on next. 🙂

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