On to the next thing

The next thing in knitting is going so fast I need to be planning my next next thing already.  From a project completed long ago, I had some leftover laceweight cashmere silk blend. At some point, again, probably closing in on two years ago now, I picked up another skein of cashmere silk blend to add to the mix so that I could make a 3 color cashmere cowl.

Now, my yarn choices were in laceweight instead of fingering weight yarn, but I didn’t figure it would matter all that much. Would the cowl be even lighter than the pattern called for? Yes, but with that long of a tube, it wouldn’t likely be a problem.


And here’s where I am so far. This is SUCH a soft project! And it’s going so ridiculously quickly that I think I’ll be done this weekend, depending on how much spinning I choose to do. I can’t wait to add that third pop of color!

That’s about it from here again. Miss Butterfly and I went out last night to do some shopping for the upcoming wedding in Alabama. I got a dress, not sure it’s THE dress I’ll wear, but I got one that’ll work if I don’t find something else, and if I do find something else, it’ll work for work. And I got some shoes. Miss Butterfly got a gorgeous dress, but we still need a pair of shoes for her. Shopping went pretty well for us last evening! Once we were home we ate dinner and then she headed back out shopping with Mr. Ink because she felt like she didn’t have enough of her favorite foods in the house. She really should do that more often, he always indulges her in all her favorites so she was super thrilled when she got back from that trip! She’s certainly keeping us busy and out of the house right now. We’ve got loads of shopping planned for this weekend including not one but two stops at places to return stuff she decided she didn’t like after all. I won’t get too annoyed about that since, again, it keeps us busy and together.

Anyhow, we have nice weather today and the next two days, then snow on Saturday. It’s a roller coaster spring, that’s for certain! Have a great week!

5 thoughts on “On to the next thing

  1. That cowl looks pretty! I agree, the difference in weight of yarn won’t matter on something like that. What is the third color?

    Shopping AGAIN? Who are you and what have you done with Shells? 🙂 I am glad you two are having so much fun together, too bad she doesn’t want to sit and knit and spin, but I get why this is important for you to do with her.

    Meanwhile – how are the bobbins coming along? You had one pretty, full one last time you shared.

    • Hah, right? We approach shopping with a goal in mind, plan our route with the store I want to visit the least first, and end with ones I might actually enjoy. Still there’s a lot of “Are you done yet? Can we go now? Isn’t it time we get going?” And a lot of “We don’t need to buy that RIGHT NOW, let’s look around a bit, maybe you’ll find something better.” Because when you are 13, whatever is in front of your face is the most interesting thing ever and you want it RIGHT NOW. (Like a toddler.) But then the next thing is even better and you might regret the first thing. Ugh, it’s tough. But we are enjoying our time together even so.

      As for that spinning….I haven’t touched it at all since Sunday. That being said, I should be able to get the second out of the 4 bobbins done this weekend. I’ve got a little potential spinning time planned on Thursday evening.

      • Not sure I could be that patient every week! I used to take my nieces shopping for school clothes, that was one store, once a year. If we couldn’t get it then, their mother had to fill in the gaps. lol. The joy of being the aunt, not the mother. 🙂

        Hope you get some spinning time as planned, it helps grease the wheels for all the other activities!

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