Spring has Sprung

At least for now.

These are photos from my gardens. The daffodils are 3 weeks later than usual. The hyacinths are generally quite a bit taller than this year, their growth stunted by frequent freezes and snows. I am just happy that I didn’t lose them completely. the crocuses are blooming here and there, though every time it freezes we lose blooms. These two flowers are in hot spots, there are so many more that aren’t even close. But we take what we can get!

We are predicted snow this weekend so again with the roller coaster. We take advantage when we can, and last evening that advantage came in the form of a little bike ride. I told Mr. Ink that I wanted to get out on the bike. Didn’t have to be a long ride, just a ride to get out on the bike. While I walked Lizzie, he prepared the bikes. As we left, he said “I put my wallet in my pocket in case we want to stop for dinner.” I said “I am not prepared for that, I don’t have lights so we have to be home before dusk.” Well, we rode some neighborhood hills, weaving our way south. And then Mr. Ink got a flat tire. He said “Well, let’s see if I can make it back to the restaurant in town, and you can ride home and pick me up.” It’s almost as if that flat were a set up! I mean, he had his wallet but no tire tube and bike pump with him. Of course, we had to have dinner at the restaurant after I rode all those hills back home, put the bike rack on the car, and went to go get him.

That being said, I have to say that this is a pattern for spring biking with Mr. Ink. Hills, flat tires, and margaritas. It takes him awhile to remember that he HAS to bring his bike bag even on a short ride since anything can happen. “Do you have a spare tube?” He asks. “No, I have a fat bike tire tube.” I respond. Then “Did you bring the bike pump?” “NO!” I say, “It’s in YOUR bike bag.” And then eventually the bag goes on the bike every time again and we start riding longer distances safely.

Due to our evening adventures, not much knitting last night. However, I did manage to add the third color to my cowl, so that is worth showing off I think.


That teal is just as rich and gorgeous as the lime green and purple.

Anyhow, that’s it from here. I have plans for some spinning with Miss Marja on the patio tonight, so I think that’ll be highly pleasant, and it should also offer an opportunity to post another boring bobbin photo. I call them boring bobbins when the color transition is so slow that the next bobbin looks a lot like the first. Anyhow, that’s probably happening, and I am looking forward to it. Catch you soon!

2 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung

  1. Lol on the wallet but no bike bag! Do they have an AAA for bikes?

    Glad the garden is trying its best! We have no flowers yet, but I do see some green! Day lilies and garlic are poking out. No snow here but warm tomorrow, then chilly again. It’s a mad spring!

    Have fun spinning tonight!

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