Weekend Update

On Friday, the weather was balmy and wonderful. Miss Butterfly and I had plans to go to the horse competition that evening, as Miss Marja had gotten her hands on free tickets and handed them over to us. However, Miss Butterfly’s best friend was going on Sunday instead, and we were asked to go with them. I admit, since the evening was so lovely, I had no issue deciding to postpone that and stay home.

Good thing too, as overnight the weather turned. We expected that. It rained all day, then began to snow. It snowed through Sunday afternoon. Thankfully, the temps stayed pretty high so accumulation was….somewhat limited. I’d say Sunday morning we had about 3 inches on the ground but despite snowing all day Sunday, we went to bed with less on the ground than we’d woken up to.

The weekend was basically devoted to these two:


It started off with the girls wanting to ride bikes. Favorite friend brought her bike over, and Mr. Ink spent some time getting their bikes ready for spring riding. Favorite Friend had left hers out in the rain repeatedly, Mr. Ink calls her a bike killer. As soon as she began riding her newly tuned bike, the chain broke. This was no surprise to anyone, as it had looked a mess. So, we set her up with Miss Butterfly’s bike, and dropped the seat on my fat bike for Miss Butterfly, and off they went for a ride. Upon their return, Miss Butterfly decided she distinctly loved riding the fatty. Good taste, that one. And it is pretty funny, and astounding, to see a kid that tiny have the power in he legs to ride a fat bike.

Favorite Friend ended up spending the night, and so the next morning Miss Butterfly made cupcakes, then I took the girls out shopping. It was miserable and cold, but we had things we needed to return, and then we went to stores and the girls tried on dresses mostly just for the fun of it.

By the afternoon it was snowing hard and icing over so we decided that no one needed to go anywhere. Groceries could wait. Miss Butterfly, exhausted from her sleepover, took a long nap. We enjoyed a movie all together, and Miss Butterfly worked on sorting her room clothes. She got rid of TONS of stuff that didn’t fit anymore. It was a welcome sort, and I never even asked her to do it!

On Sunday we finally went to that horse competition. I had two vouchers to turn in, but when all 4 of us got to the box office, I said “I have 2 vouchers but need 4 tickets.” The woman behind the counter said “OK, and I’ve got more vouchers!” and we got in for free! I couldn’t believe it! So, that ended up being a very inexpensive day.


It was the jumping finals and we had a wonderful time watching. Also, Favorite Friend’s baby sister was there, so I did a bunch of baby holding which is fun and welcome. Miss Butterfly held my knitting.


And by held, I mean she worked on my sock for me. For real. In fact, her tension is the same as mine, I didn’t have to rip back at all. And she only screwed up one stitch which I noticed later, laddered down and fixed, easy peasy.

Since this was the very last competition of the weekend, we headed to the vendor area and managed to score t-shirts for very inexpensive as they were trying to sell out before packing up and going home. The size situation wasn’t perfect but I was able to find something to fit Miss Butterfly, so she’s got a new shirt to add to that very clean closet of hers.

In knitting, I did finish my cashmere cowl, as expected. But I didn’t get a photo, the weather was so bad and I just couldn’t be bothered to do it. Stay tuned for tomorrow. I then decided to work on this:


I hadn’t touched this in awhile. I got enough done this weekend to see that the end is actually in sight, so I brought everything to work today and I feel pretty confident I can have this done this week.

I planned out my next project as well, but I was too cold to go to the basement and wind my yarn last night so it’s just sitting in planning stages. I also tried to work on the toe of a sock that’s been on the needles for awhile, but realized that I am lacking the appropriate needle size. I can’t even begin to tell you how surprising this is! But, at the same time, I did realize that I’ve been tossing broken needles a lot lately. I think they are just at the end of their life, I’ve been knitting for over 10 years now and so my tools are all about 10 years old, and I feel like with as many socks I’ve knit in those 10 years, failure should be expected. Will I replace those needles? Maybe, maybe not. Meaning, I may grab my dpns, use those, and call it good. At least for now. I mean, I really do enjoy working with my 9 inch circs at this point, and I don’t knit socks all that often, so I feel like maybe it’s ok to not repurchase regular circs at this point.

So with the weekend update complete, I leave you now in hopes to grab a finished object photo tonight and get a new blog post about that up tomorrow! Have a great week!