That was a day!

My Saturday turned out to be just nutty. Productive, but nutty. From the moment I got out of bed until 5:30 p.m. I never once got an opportunity to sit down and knit. Or even sit down really. I switched out heavy winter clothing for summer clothes. I’d done a spring clothing switch out but I decided to do the summer clothes this weekend. I did a ton of laundry because I feel like despite the fact I washed everything before putting it in storage, things do not smell great when you bring them out of storage. So, that was a bunch of extra laundry to get done, and sorting and packing away.

I also blocked two knitting projects. One you already saw, the 3 color cashmere cowl. The other I’ll feature tomorrow. It required a full on hard blocking with pins so it took a bit of time.

There was of course all the normal house chores, cooking, dishes, clean up, dog walking, etc.

And then there was shopping. Now, I have to say, I actually had pretty good luck and a pretty good time with this. I hate shopping, and there’s something specifically about trying on dresses and looking critically in the mirror that just brings up awful insecurities so I just feel like it’s not a project I ever want to go do. I’d been looking at dresses since our return from Alabama, but really hadn’t had any luck. So this time I went to a fancier store. Despite it being a very busy day on the roads, there were only a few people in the store. And the salesperson was attentive as I explained my situation. “I need a dress for a wedding and I hate to shop.” Was basically how I approached it, and she kindly stepped right in. She picked out a number of lovely things for me to try on and I did end up finding a dress at that very store. It’s nice enough for a wedding, and bonus, it’s not so fancy that I can’t wear it to work afterwards. It was on the pricey side as the shop is pricey, but I’d say that they gave me the ease of finding something without feeling miserable so I am going to say I paid for that experience as well, and call it good. And honestly? Much of what the salesperson picked out looked great and I’d totally wear it if it weren’t for the price. Hah.

So, all in all, a very busy day but productive which works for me. I did get an opportunity to fill in the corner section of my Scottish Stripes scarf though:


And I am off and running on another section now.

And Mr. Ink did what Mr. Ink loves most:


There’s a new tree way in the back that went in this weekend, and he’s working on two more spots for two new trees. I told him that I have no intention of mowing anymore. He said he knew that already.

I am hoping today works out to be a bit more relaxed. There’s still much to do, but I have a moment to blog already, and knitting has been done. Have a happy Sunday!

5 thoughts on “That was a day!

  1. Days like that feel good when they are over! You did much that had to be done, and I know it all felt good to be through! But I hope today is an easier day, with more knitting. And maybe some patio spinning.

    Very exciting news about the dress! I hope you will share a photo of it when you go to the wedding! And have you got a shawl to wear with it? 😈

  2. Wow that is one beautiful shawl you’re creating!!!!
    And congrats on finding a dress. Last year at this time I was looking for a bridesmaid dress and it took me a month:( I hate shopping when you have to find something specific:(

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