A Reveal

I’ve been working for quite awhile on another Lamina scarf. I decided to use my leftover find your fade yarn, though I still have quite a bit left over, just in only 3 colorsĀ  now, rather than the original 7 colors. I finished on Friday, weaving in all the ends which took about forever. Then I blocked it on Saturday during my marathon of busy work day.


It blocked out FAR larger than I’d anticipated, as generally happens with lace. This project is slightly a secret, but not too secret. The other day I received an email from my cousin’s wife saying that the bride of the wedding we are attending shortly really wants handknits more than anything else. I intend to spoil her with handknits. While I will pull together a few other things as well, some of which she has already seen, I think this scarf in particular will be something she hasn’t seen and will really appreciate.

After the marathon of work day, I did get a bit of patio spinning done yesterday and some additional knitting done. However, Sunday was pretty busy as well. Not really in a bad way, just productive. Mr. Ink and I went to the hardware store to look at kitchen faucets. I suspect that the one that was there when we moved in was brand new, and the cheapest that could be found. It now has a tiny little hole halfway down the side of the faucet that sprays water to the side all over the counter when being used. It’s SO annoying. We did pick up a faucet, but it has yet to be installed since the weather was lovely and Mr. Ink wanted to be outdoors. As with all house projects, Mr. Ink is anticipating the project will be a real pain so I understand his reticence.

The weather has been pleasant and inspiring and it really has helped us feel like we have more energy and are more eager to get things done around the house. I am so grateful for the weather this weekend and am hoping for more to come.