2 Day Update

I just love when the weather warms a bit and inspiration hits. Such a great feeling. Monday was very pleasant, pleasant enough for some patio spinning. They say it was 75F but I was still cool enough to bundle up while I was outside. It was windy, and there’s still that cool spring feel to the wind.


I finished one of my loop! bumps! So, those two bobbins indicate one full bump complete. I do have a third full bobbin and just need to do the pink section still. Once that’s done, I’ll have to finish the corespinning project on my rose in order to do the plying for this project.

I’ve done very little with knitting. VERY little. But, our favorite Tuesday evening riding group had posted that despite the forecasted rain, they’d be riding. But fat tire bikes would be used. This always indicates an adventure, if they are being specific about the type of bike. And with the warmer weather, I wanted to go. Mr. Ink’s bike is out of commission, but a friend kindly let him borrow a bike. Before we left for the ride, Mr. Ink was none too pleased about the impending rain, but I convinced him it would be an adventure and we headed out. We met up with the group, only 6 of us rode, and it was wet, and a little cold. I found out my “rain resistant” jacket isn’t particularly rain resistant. But, it’s claims to dry quickly do hold true, as I stood under a pavilion with the group. I noticed that by the time we began riding again I was already almost dry, even the shirt I wore under the jacket was dry.

We stopped at a friend’s home for a dry out in her garage. Then, one of my friends who had brought a fat tire bike that was a pedal assist bike let me give it a try. We had a quick ride back to the restaurant and I had SO MUCH fun using that pedal assist bike! I told Mr. Ink I wanted one and he says “YOU are NOT allowed to have a bike like that.” Probably because I was going REALLY fast. Hah.  (But for real, I know I don’t have to make the case for the blog, but it would be so cool to commute by bike without getting sweaty in the mornings, then commute home getting an ACTUAL bike ride!) The added bonus was getting to see my friend ride my pink fat bike with a floral pink bag attached. He decided my bike was REALLY nice to ride too, so it ended up being a fun trade all around.

We got back to our starting point, a restaurant, and all had a meal with other friends who just stopped in to socialize, and a good time was had by all, FOR SURE. When we got home, we walked in the door to this:


Miss Butterfly had done her chores and then made cookies, saving us a snack AND a little bowl of raw dough. So cute, so sweet. Love that kiddo!

The rain continues today, and we are grateful as the ground really does need a good spring soaking. After that? The weather looks to be QUITE nice, no snow or freezing weather in the 10 day forecast. Just what we are looking for about now.


4 thoughts on “2 Day Update

    • I HIGHLY recommend the pedal assist bike, it’s easy to use, and worked so so well! It’s nice to be able to keep up.

  1. I think I would ADORE electric assist – we have big hills around here!

    And yes, using it to commute to work would pay for itself in saved gas very quickly, I would think. I bet if you do that math, it will become easier to convince him. 🙂

    Glad you got some outside spinning time, even if you were bundled up. It looks pretty! And I see you were closely supervised…

    We had a few lovely days, now are having lots of rain, also needed, and then a clear few days. I am a little bummed, actually, that it will be SO nice. I have lots of outdoor chores to do, and that means not so much knitting and spinning time. 😦

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