Still Strong

My project monogamy is still going strong, as is the knitting of the Scottish Stripes scarf. It’s a great knit, I absolutely love it!


I can’t get over how enjoyable it is to work those small sections and then have a large portion of the scarf completed at the end of that section. Really satisfying. I’ve always loved knitted on edgings and anything that incorporates picked up stitches one at a time. Icord edgings are absolutely satisfying to me as well. So, it’s no surprise that picking up stitches and working these sections is inspiring to me.

It’s been a very busy week. Work busy, around the house busy, just busy. That’s kept my knitting time at a minimum really. Miss Butterfly is off to camp this weekend, and Mr. Ink is currently at work so I am having a quiet morning catching up on things. However, I also have not been able to get too much sleep lately so I am exhausted and my morning, yet again, began at 5 am. (Thanks Lizzie. This routine is getting old.) Anyhow, I am going to really try to get a nap in today. Maybe even one before Mr. Ink gets home.

Things around the yard are looking lovely! Green, flowers and plants are popping up everywhere, and spring flowers are still blooming or fixing to bloom. It’s becoming somewhat apparent where some of the plants may not have made it, but considering that the season was so late, we will be reserving our judgement for awhile.


Some of my peachy fluffy daffodils with tulips ready to bloom in the background.

In our ongoing makeup exploration, Miss Butterfly and I have been continuing to learn and practice new eyeshadow techniques. We’ve had a great time with it. The other night I got home from work and she immediately had me do her eyes. Which I did. Then she got into one of her 50 cent formal dresses (Another passion of hers, finding thrift store formal dresses) and showed me how she’d look for homecoming next year. Which…well…it didn’t even occur to me that this was a thing! But of course it’s a thing. She’s less than a year away from homecoming games and dances. That’s pretty startling.

We’ve also had fun watching “project pan” videos. And it’s really good for us too. Like with any hobby one really gets into, a stash is accumulated. And I think there’s a danger when one newly embarks on a hobby. That danger is being enamored with all things related to that hobby, before you really know what you are doing and what you truly enjoy using. To that end, we’ve been mostly trying out samples of things. But, the project pan videos are from makeup lovers who are trying to work through their stash before things expire. Unlike yarn stash, you really do have a limited amount of time to use things up, and these videos have been a great reminder to be careful not to over purchase. On the flip side of that, I did toss my make up that was 14-20 years old. That seemed wise. Did you know there are websites out there that can tell you how old your makeup is? Fascinating. We had a great time being grossed out by how old the small amount of makeup I did have was.

Anyhow, that’s about it from this corner of the internet. Have a fantastic weekend my friends!

5 thoughts on “Still Strong

  1. what pretty knitting and flowers! Looks like you are really having spring.

    The dear deer have eaten my tulip leaves – I wonder if I will get flowers? Or if they will eat those, too? They sampled the garlic and didn’t like it. I think the key is to surround the tulips with garlic…

  2. I commend your ability to pick up those stitches so evenly. I LOVE how it is coming along. Please keep reminding me about the pup wanting to get up. My sister has a new puppy and Im insanely jealous. The cats sleep downstairs. We have a secure gate that prevents them from coming up and waking us up. YEars of jobs working night shift etc, continue to make us very sleep needy. I may have to go get a kitten

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