We are having what can only be described as wild weather. This is….fairly typical for our area this time of year, but being an east coast gal, even after living here for years, I still tend to forget what it is like. The past two days have been windy. And pretty hot. We had to turn on our AC last evening. When I say “windy” it might be hard for you to really grasp the extent of that unless you are out here experiencing it. So, as an example, let’s take a look at what has happened just west of here. Two days in a row the interstate was closed due to multi vehicle pile ups caused by wind and reduced visibility. We are also struggling with fires, it’s too dry and combined with the wind, things get out of control extremely quickly. Now, around here when you see these types of conditions and then notice it’s predicted that the next day you’ll have a significant drop in temperatures, it doesn’t matter what the forecast is at the time, you can guarantee that 95% of the time this will lead to severe weather. The temps are dropping, and severe weather is predicted. But….at least we’ll get some rain?

Since the weather has been weird, and I can tell you this, no one wants to be out in that wind no matter how warm it is, I didn’t get much in the way of photos lately. But this morning I was up quite early (Thanks Lizzie.) and decided to spend a half hour before work outside on the patio with my coffee and knitting. I am also attempting to change Lizzie’s schedule, but she’s a persistent little doggo, so I had a dog in my face the entire time wanting to be fed. I did grab a photo of the sock I just finished.


It fits me perfectly so I guess it’s mine. The second sock is about 3/4 done, and I may even be able to finish tonight depending on what is going on.

It’s been an interesting couple of days in general too. Miss Butterfly was at camp this weekend. We picked her up intending to take her to a movie, but she didn’t want to go. So, she stayed home and made cupcakes while we went to the movie. While making cupcakes she managed to break my ipad screen. Majorly. I had been throwing around the idea of getting a new ipad, as mine is very old. But…I realized that even if I did get a new ipad, I’d intended to keep the current one as a way to read patterns while knitting. So, I made an appointment to have the screen fixed. The next morning I woke up with a dead phone. Now, I just invested in a new screen and battery for that in hopes to continue to use it for a little while longer. So, it was a bit upsetting to have that happen. Thankfully, at some point in the morning I realized that the phone was quite hot, as if it were still trying to work, so I was able to get it fixed with a hard restart. Thankfully. I am well aware that phone is on it’s last leg, but I just….don’t feel like replacing it right now.

In gardening news, a little tulip I rescued from the overgrown garden that turned into a veggie garden last year managed to survive. I replanted it at the wrong time, then dug it up twice last year while attempting to eradicate the garden of plumbago. So, I was very surprised to see that lone tulip pop up, and thrilled when it bloomed.


It looks a bit small and weak, but it looked that way last year too. Hopefully if I leave it alone for a few years it’ll begin to strengthen and propagate. I definitely want a few more of these in the garden.

My propagated lilies look like they are going crazy this year. I am hoping we see blooms on the propagated ones from 2 years ago. I am also hoping to add both some red tulips and various lilies to my gardens this year. It’s great to see what is coming up and how fast at this point. My geraniums have overwintered at work, and today I plan to begin bringing them home. They probably need to be repotted, they tend to go nuts in the winter.

That’s about it from here. I do hope everyone’s week is off to a good start!