Perfect Timing

It was sprinkling all the way to work. I walked indoors, and it began to DOWNPOUR. Perfect timing for me this morning.

Thankfully, while we’ve had thunderstorms, our immediate area has been free of severe weather. And rain is good. This was….maybe Lizzie’s second thunderstorm in our home? The first she ended up sitting on my lap and then sleeping on my legs. This one she sat on my feet and barked at the thunder. They make her nervous, but if we don’t react poorly she doesn’t get too bent out of shape.

Before the storm, I got Lizzie’s walk in, and also snapped a photo of my blooming primrose. This is the first of two, and I can’t wait to see what other color I purchased last year. I plan to add to this collection this year, once I figure out what colors I can still purchase.


I think my phone is still suffering quite a bit, as my photos are blurry and sometimes I distinctly remember snapping a photo but then that photo isn’t there. It’s not great. It’s like it hiccups regularly. I had thought that I got a photo of how we spent our evening yesterday, but that one has gone missing. No knitting was done. Miss Butterfly got herself a 1000 piece puzzle, which to be honest is a bit too much for her. She prefers something in the 500-750 range. And even then she wants help. Plus, this puzzle was too large for her desk in her room, so we set it up in the dining room. Since it was rainy and storming, all three of us worked on that puzzle last evening. Or rather, Miss Butterfly got it started, then she disappeared and Mr. Ink and I worked on that puzzle. It IS a tough one. But we were up for the challenge, and in fact even after Miss Butterfly headed to bed, we stayed up working on it until it was time for me to go to bed. Miss Butterfly was up early this morning and managed to put together a few pieces while she was looking at it fresh.

In the ongoing saga of Lizzie getting me up far too early in the morning, we’ve made some progress. Here’s what we’ve done. First, we’ve added another walk to her day, after dinner. Then, we changed her dinner schedule, pushing it back a half hour. And, Mr. Ink takes her out when he comes to bed a few hours after I go to bed. This bought me time this morning. Instead of 5:17 am, I got to sleep until 5:40 am. I am calling that a win. Or at least a very good start. This morning she did not fuss at me for her breakfast at 6:30 either, she seemed to understand that she has a new schedule.

On that Lizzie note, here’s a photo Miss Butterfly insisted on taking last evening. For a dog that hates being on her back and hates being picked up, she sure allows Miss Butterfly to do just about anything.


Belly skritches for our queen goofball.

2 thoughts on “Perfect Timing

  1. glad you are getting rain but not on your head! The flowers are so pretty! I love primroses – mine are up and have buds – maybe flowers today!

    I love a good puzzle – have had a 1000 piece one going on the table upstairs for several weeks now. I don’t go up there often enough, but when I do, I try to put a few pieces in. I have learned to do the sky first, then everything else seems easy. 🙂

    I saw the national news last night – you are right, when you get wind and strange weather, you really do! Hope everything is still upright when it all stops!

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