A Start

Surprisingly enough, I began knitting another sock. I haven’t even finished the blue ones! I am partway through the toe on the second sock, and I already knit the heel, so I am close. But, I needed something mindless for this week and a sock seemed to really work for that idea.


So, 2 days of sock knitting brings me to the above photo. Guys, this is a DEEP stash dive.  This is A Swell Yarn Shop duet skinny sock. I probably put this in my stash in 2008. So, a 10 year deep dive. I have always LOVED this yarn so it’s not surprising it stuck around so long. Sometimes if I love something, I have a hard time working with it. (I am trying to get over that.) Or, if I think something is of “high value” I won’t work with it. In the end, yarn is a material for a creation and there’s no reason I can’t use it.

ANYHOW, this is one of those yarns that has a separate heels/toes color that matches the main sock color. The picture isn’t the most clear, but it’s a pinky purply pastel color with brown being the dark color and the color of the heels/toes yarn.

I wanted to get this sock started because we were headed out to play trivia last evening with some friends. But, as it turned out, I spent most of trivia holding a 3 month old baby instead, and the sock never made it out of my purse. On that note, she was a good luck charm, as we took second place, only two points behind the winner!

It’s been so busy that knitting really hasn’t been a priority. I can’t believe I am not done with the other pair of socks yet. It’s really strange. But, we’ve been having a great time this week, so despite it being unusual, we’ll take it. I’ve got one quiet but busy weekend left and then next weekend we are off to Alabama again for the wedding. We are so excited! I guess I’ll have to consider what I plan to knit for that trip too.

That’s it from here, but you WILL see socks tomorrow, I am certain!

4 thoughts on “A Start

  1. Babies do trump knitting, for sure! Glad you have a quiet weekend ahead of your big trip, I am sure that there are lots of details to take care of. But try to find time for that knitting and spinning!

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