The Elusive Desire to Knit

It’s gone! It fled! I don’t care about my knitting! Instead I’ve been spinning, among other various things.

However, I did force myself to finish my pair of socks.


They were too close to a finish to quit. But then I got on with my spinning.


I finally finished all the singles on this gradient project. My project page tells me I began these singles at the beginning of December, so they were heading toward half a year in progress. I think I’ll get the plying done today.

In order to begin plying, I had to finish another handspun project I began at the beginning of February. That was on the rose, and I wanted to use the rose for plying. I did finish that yesterday, but it’s currently drying. I will get a photo of that posted tomorrow.

I ran an errand yesterday and when I came home, the garage was full of trees and shrubs!


It was quite a surprise. Apparently a “delivery” showed up while I was out. Mr. Ink tells me this is everything (with the exception of a tree not pictured here) that is to be planted this spring, so he’s got his work cut out for him.

But, sometimes you get to see when work pays off, Coco’s memorial tree, almost 3 years old now, is so large in just those three years! And it’s blooming.


So pretty! I’ll get photos of the new trees as they go in. We did lose a couple to the ridiculously harsh cold winter we had, and the ones which are left are showing signs of having trouble. But, despite this slow start, we are well on our way now.

One thought on “The Elusive Desire to Knit

  1. It’s funny how sometimes we lean toward one craft or the other? I have been all about knitting, I have to force myself to spin now and then. I know it will swing back eventually. Your socks are great, as are your singles! Hope the yarn you finished dries fast! I want to see it. 😉

    The blooming tree is pretty, and I am sure the “delivery” will look great when it is in and planted!

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