So Many Pictures

I took so many photos of crafts and plants this weekend that I had to read yesterday’s post to remember what I’d already shown.

In spinning:


I completed this corespun yarn I began in February. I washed it and hung it to dry, then completely failed to count yardage before I wound it and began knitting. Oops! So, I’ll just try to get an idea of how many yards once it’s all knit up, I think I can because I am knitting it into another polar opposites scarf like this one:


In plant news:


One of the load of plants is in. This is the weepingest weeping japanese maple that Mr. Ink could find. It went into the garden bed I asked him to create last year to cover the gas and electric line to the garage. That little hill was eroding and I figured a flower bed would suit it so much better. It does! That’s the only plant that went in this weekend, the rest are all for next weekend when Miss Butterfly and I are gone. Mr. Ink is planning a marathon of planting that weekend. It’ll be fun to return to see what he accomplished!

In puzzle news, Mr. Ink and I continued working on Miss Butterfly’s puzzle despite the fact that she was with her dad this weekend. We did this puzzle the exact opposite of how Salpal1 suggested. We did all the fun bits first and are stuck with a massive slog of sky and roof now. It’s SLOW going. But, everyone still puts a piece or two in as we pass by the dining room table. Mr. Ink and I have begun working on the puzzle after breakfast for awhile, a nice pleasant new weekend tradition. Miss Butterfly and I sat with it quite a bit when she returned home last evening as well. I do believe that puzzles may be in our home to stay for awhile. (Miss Marja loaned us two more big puzzles for once we have completed this one.)

And, in project pan news, I ended up deciding to weigh almost everything I am trying to work toward using up this month in hopes that’ll give me a better idea of progress when I check in mid month. I am not having high hopes at all for the foundation choice though, after just a bit of extra sun this weekend I realized that I am looking rather ghostly today. I’ve got maybe the rest of this week to use it before I have to tuck it away for the summer, as I expect that much of our time in Alabama will be spent outdoors.

That’s it from here! More spinning photos tomorrow and the next day. For real! It was a lovely productive weekend, wonderfully low key. Much crafting was done!

5 thoughts on “So Many Pictures

  1. lol on the puzzle front! I can tell you some sky secrets, when you can’t stand it anymore…

    most puzzles have a grain. If you look at them on an angle, in the light, you can see it. So, when all the pieces are bright blue sky and it is ridiculous, I sort them first by shape – then I orient them by the grain. So if you wind up having to try every piece in every spot, you can at least rule some out.

    But I know that this is a completely anal way to do puzzles, and you already didn’t listen to my sage advice, lol, so I expect you will find your own way.

    My mom usually has a puzzle out and it is like a magnet when I get there, I have to put in a piece or two. Or three or four. 🙂 Sometimes she will say “find the piece that goes HERE” and that will give me focus, so I don’t finish her whole puzzle. 🙂

    I worked on my own for a bit yesterday – I am on the fuzzy blurry wildflower bottom of the puzzle now, so it is interesting. No real shapes of things to help me out.

    Anyway, enough on puzzles –

    The spinning is beautiful! I love that polar opposites scarf, it suits your handspun so well. What are you using for the thin yarn?

    Did you ply that huge spin??? Is that what we get to see tomorrow? Oooh, can’t wait! And the tree is lovely, your yard must be so pretty, waking up now. 🙂

    • Miss Butterfly sets up her pieces by protuberances. There are zeros, ones, twos together, twos across, threes, and fours. She insists they must be grouped. And gets quite annoyed with us when we put a piece in the wrong place. I like to separate according to section. Right now we have roof, sky, trees, and a combo, but then also split up according to Miss Butterfly’s system. So basically this takes up the entire dining room table. I think this is why we did the sky last, it was easier to set all the sky aside in a box rather than try to fight with all the separate piles, carefully curated to make everyone looking at the puzzle happy and sorted. I guess you could say we are a little anal about it too.

      • Lol we use big cardboard trays… cookie sheets can work, too, to help with sorting. Mom even uses a spatula to pick up assemble pieces, 😉

    • When we drop pieces on the floor, we are always worried Lizzie will eat them. Thankfully she doesn’t seem to have a taste for cardboard.

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