On the Brain


Last evening was the first evening of the monthly walk our dog at the botanical gardens. It’s SO FUN! We just love the event. We have memberships to the botanical gardens anyhow, since we are very plants positive in our home. Being able to take our dog just makes everything better. Plus we get to see all the other cool dogs. For the first time ever, Lizzie didn’t do her stress drooling on this walk. She must be feeling ever more confident in our care. They key, clearly, is exposure to new things. We’ll just keep at it.

Anyhow, the above photo was from our walk. The trees are all budding beautifully, and I must have the upcoming wedding on my brain because this just looked like a bridal veil to me. Such a gorgeous evening!

There is also an artist display going on right now for the next few days, gorgeous pieces all made out of trash. I am really happy I got to see this before it left. This was too large to even get a photograph of.


Now on to the spinning. I finished my huge Loop! bump project, 725 yards of 2 ply yarn in a gradient.


So, that huge gradient skein turned out great. Then I took the leftover black singles and plied those together. And I do NOT know what was going on with those. But they are significantly thicker than my gradient. I don’t know how that happened. But, this is often the case when I leave something for long periods of time and then come back to it. I can only imagine that those black singles were the first of the very first bump and way back at the beginning of December I planned for a thicker single.

These fiber bumps had been in my stash for a very long time, they were some of the original loop! bumps I purchased. I just went back and checked, these were from the end of 2012. They held up well! I have often felt that keeping Loop! bumps around sometimes gives you slightly felted fiber on the outside. This isn’t how I’ve felt about my own stash, but I don’t typically keep loop! bumps long. But it is how I’ve felt about loop! bumps I’ve received from people who are destashing them. I can honestly say that if you store your loop! bumps carefully, with very little movement and squishing, they really can stay a long time as they are with no felting on the outside. And, to that end, I think I am done picking them up on a destash.

I’ve got one more spinning related post for tomorrow! My spinning mojo has been very high lately. Then I’ll probably be mostly off the radar for a bit during our travel. Hope you are all having a fantastic week!


10 thoughts on “On the Brain

  1. That tree is beautiful, and the light is amazing. I am so glad that Lizzie enjoyed herself, so you got to as well. The installation is amazing! Ain’t trash grand?

    The yarn – you know I love it. that bit of sparkle makes it just perfect. What will it be?

    I hope you have a wonderful trip, and remember to have someone take nice photos of you and Miss B all dressed and made up for the big event! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

    • My photographer sister in law is doing the wedding photos. Sometimes hanging with her makes me feel like I am avoiding the paparazzi. So, I feel certain she’ll manage to get a few photos. Hah.

      • lol Well, I hope you will share some of them!

        Are either (or both) of you actually in the wedding? That really will feel like paparazzi! Nothing like posing for wedding photos to take all the fun out of the day. 🙂

  2. I wonder if Miss Lizzy might benefit from a Thunder Shirt for stressful events.
    Or even a doggy jacket that is just for adventures (and quality treats)? We used a jacket for Kendall for the first year of her life whenever we worked on training, it put her in the mindset of “I’m here to do this thing” although it hasn’t worked with her issues with water. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • This is definitely something to contemplate, I hadn’t really thought about it being something where she can use it as a cue, rather that to relieve anxiety. She’s really not an anxious dog at home at all, but I think she really wasn’t around other dogs at all before she came to us. And the shirt might work very well for the situation I post about today…stay tuned.

      • Aussie are known for being slightly anxious about other dogs- it makes sense given what they are bred to do.

        We send Kendall to day care two days a week right now to help with that, it has helped her. But that might be too much for Lizzie- maybe a play group instead?

      • She did really well last night with our visiting dog when we were out in the yard, just not in the house. And she does great when we are out on a walk, very good when passing other dogs, even if they are on the aggressive side. Dog parks are totally overwhelming, she stress drools and visits all the humans, ignoring the other dogs. But we have also seen great progress when she’s with other dogs too, so it’s clearly good for her. We think meeting up with Daisy our dog visitor on neutral territory might be very good for her long term. In any case, it’s interesting to see her personality keep changing as she continues to realize her situation is secure.

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