Quite an Evening

First up, spinning stuff. After that huge load of two ply yarn I had to figure out what next to do with my life. I stash dove, and came up with another combo spin. But, this combo spin isn’t really a huge departure.


The top braid is Fat Cat Knits, of which I have 6 ounces. The bottom braid is Edgewood Gardens, 4 ounces. These two are very similar, but the Fat Cat braid has more color and more depth of color. Rather than just spinning them separately, I figured the best thing to do would just be to combine them into one spin. I divided everything in half, pulled them into strips, and began to spin.


I think this will be a real win. My plan is for a two ply. It’ll look totally “handspunny” when it’s done.

Last evening Miss Butterfly had invited Mr. Ink’s daughter and wife over for a visit, as she had figured out they’d be in town. I know full well that while they’d said 6 pm as their arrival time, they are never on time. so, I decided to go on a bike ride with friends. It had been predicted to rain which had kept many people away, but those of us who were willing to get caught in the rain were eager for a ride. Spoiler alert, it didn’t rain. Even if it did, at temps of 85, no one cares about the rain. We got a 20 mile ride in, stopped for a gorgeous sunset, and had dinner at our original meeting place. A great night with friends! Despite my concern I might get left behind without Mr. Ink there to make sure I was around, I didn’t get left behind. Here’s what I could capture of the sunset:


We did a two lake ride, we rode around this one, out to another, and then back to this one when the sun was setting. I wish my photo was straighter, but you get the picture.

When I arrived home around 9:45, the gals were still over. They stayed until about 11:30 which is pretty late for me on a work night. But we were glad to have their company. They hadn’t arrived until around 8 so I am glad I went on that bike ride! They brought Daisy the service dog with them, as they do:


But she was off duty. This is the first time Daisy has been in our home, and it was the first time the gals had met Lizzie too. Naturally, it was Lizzie and Daisy’s first intro. And….it didn’t go great. They were fine together in the back yard, but in the house, Lizzie spent all her time herding Daisy. Complete with snapping at her to get her to do what she wanted. What Lizzie wanted was Daisy in another room from where the humans were. Daisy, to her credit, took all this in stride.  She’d get pretty nervous about the snapping but would otherwise be herded and wait until the humans came to her rescue. (Though things got really out of hand when Daisy tried to steal Lizzie’s pineapple toy, but we fixed that quick by getting Daisy her own favorite toy.) Needless to say, cute side by side dog photos were NOT in the cards. Anyhow, KK agreed that Lizzie was the perfect post Coco dog. “Awww! She’s like Coco’s little rambunctious sister!” And many dog photos were taken. We’ve agreed in the future we’ll have to take the dogs to neutral territory, it would be easier on everyone.

Anyhow, that was one very busy evening, but also extremely pleasant. I’ve got an actual knitting photo to post tomorrow! More progress on that Scottish Stripes scarf that has mainly been neglected for spinning this past week.


2 thoughts on “Quite an Evening

  1. I think a combo spin is the perfect answer for those two braids – you will get a HUGE amount of two ply!

    I am sorry LIzzie wasn’t a good hostess, but glad Daisy took it in stride. Funny about Lizzie herding her. Good thing you don’t have cats, Lizzie would go mad!

    Looks like a beautiful bike ride, I am glad you didn’t miss that sunset!

  2. I;ll say that was quite an evening. Service dogs are interesting to me. I thought about being a puppy raiser, but its all work. I admire those that do that. Your spin up is gorgeous. Your sunset too

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