Last evening was full of packing and getting ready for our trip tomorrow. My brother and his family are already in the air now. We are getting ridiculously excited. I have to say, it’s NICE to get excited about traveling and doing things again. After 2.5 years of extreme exhaustion with an awful coworker, and basically being uninspired about anything that wasn’t coming home and relaxing, it’s so fun to be ready to do ALL THE THINGS!

I thought I’d get this picture of the Scottish Stripes up today though. I haven’t worked on this at all lately, but I got another section complete right before I started doing all the spinning.


It’s not that I am bored with this, it’s just that I wanted to spin, and then when I finished spinning I wanted to knit with my corespun, and also knew that this scarf wasn’t going to be a great travel scarf, but that the corespun one would. So, I’ll resume this upon our return.

That’s about it for me, it’s another full packing evening, and I doubt I’ll have any more crafting photos until after our return. Have a great weekend everyone!

3 thoughts on “Progress

  1. So happy that you are feeling more like yourself! Have a wonderful trip and fun with family. Can’t wait to see the photos!

    Scarf looks amazing, by the way!

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