Shopping the Stash

First of all, a quick update. My knee is better! I mean, I haven’t felt a twinge at all this morning. Yesterday morning it was still pretty painful. I did some weeding, and identified some areas of the garden that need serious work in the near future. Mr. Ink and I went to two places to pick up plants. This seemed like a much different trip than the last times, as in the past it seems like we’ve really gone overboard during these trips together. However, I think our gardens are filling in beautifully already. And, our trip is later in the year than normal, so we can actually really see them filling in beautifully. That’s kept our desire to buy ALL THE PLANTS to a minimum. Our first place is a locally owned farmers market where we find lots of unusual variety. Then we decided to stop at a chain hardware store for the “filler” plants this year. Most of what we purchased were veggies and annuals. We were unable to plant them yesterday due to the rain off and on all day long. Tonight we plan to do the major planting. Anyhow, that rain kept me off my feet pretty regularly, and I was able to do a bunch of spindle spinning to keep myself occupied.

So, while I was doing that spindle spinning with my knee up, I was watching youtube videos. I was in that youtube rabbit hole, where you just keep clicking on something new from the sidebar, and I came across a video that one of my favorite makeup reviewers had done. (livluvsmakeup)  She was posting a shop her stash video where she was pulling what she wanted to concentrate on wearing that week from her collection. And I thought “Now there’s a video that could translate into a weekly blog post!” So, that’s what I did. Now, I don’t have a huge stash, and I am already working toward keeping it pretty low, so if I try this weekly there’ll be a lot of things that are seen repeatedly. However, there’s also the box subscriptions so those items will be new.

Here’s what I pulled:


I have to find a better way of organizing a photo like this. But, here are some goals for this week:

That Urban Decay All Nighter foundation was the first higher end foundation I purchased just at the point where I was realizing I was madly interested in makeup. It looked so bad on my skin that after a few weeks, I walked into Sephora, asked a salesperson to get me something that fit my dry skin and to color match me. That’s how I ended up with the hourglass Illusion skin tint. I believe that a couple things were happening here. First of all, at the time my skin WAS dry. It was winter. My skin was also not at all well taken care of and probably dehydrated. My skin isn’t nearly so dry anymore, probably because I’ve been taking care of it and because it’s heading into summer. So, my goal this week is to pair this foundation with a few various primers and so on to see if I can get it to look good on my skin. I’ve got a cover FX smoothing primer, a becca backlight priming filter, and tarte maracuja oil to try, in addition to the benefit porefessional I am trying to use up on my forehead.

Here’s a secret. I don’t like the tarte shape tape concealer. It’s too heavy and it looks dry under my eyes. I only wear it when I wear my glasses, so that it tends not to show too much. I’ve put it in the mix this week because my eyes are allergy itchy this week and I think I’ll skip the contacts most of the week. I may try adding the oil to this as well to see if I can get it to look a little softer. Why not experiment? I stuck the wet n wild contour palette in there too, since I want to use the lighter color as an under eye setting powder to even it out a bit.

You’ll see the wet n wild eyeshadow I am trying to pan in that photo, but I am getting very bored of this daily eye look, so I’ve added some liners, the silkissime teal liner I’ve had, then there’s a new brown/green sparkly liner from a box this month to try, and the pretty vulgar ink gel liner to try. (That goes on so smooth and easy, who KNEW a gel liner would be so easy to use? I have always been intimidated by them.) I also added in the tarte palette because I may pull some colors out of there to pair with the brown wet n wild for added interest. Plus the laura mercier caviar stick eye color as one more thing for some added interest.

The rest. I am going to use that elf setting spray no matter what. I am just using it AS a setting spray now. I am working on the elf eyebrow pencil, the lash paradise mascara and bad gal bang mascara, that Coty airspun powder is like my favorite thing ever. Yes, I know it smells like my grandmother on her way to mass, but I think I love it in part because it smells like my grandmother on her way to mass. That makeup revolution matte blush is my current go to blush as it’s a nice summery color. I only own one other blush, and that one is more of a dusty rose which is a great cool toned winter color. So, I am sticking with this one for the foreseeable future. And finally, there’s that Flower Beauty Petal Pout lipstick in an absolutely lovely coral shade. This has been at home, so it isn’t getting used. Mr. Ink HATES lipstick transfer so I don’t even bother to put anything on until I get to work. As such, this is headed to work to see some use. It’ll be a good lipstick for those moments when the eyeshadow is so boring.

And that’s it! I hope any of you makeup lovers have enjoyed shopping my stash with me for the upcoming week. Only a week and a half left of that wet n wild neutral palette, can’t wait to put it away for awhile!