A Pleasant Evening

We are supposed to have temps in the 90s this week. So when I realized that last evening was not going to be 90, and it also wasn’t going to be raining, I decided it was time to do some gardening.

Now, I am WAY behind in that job. Between the slow start to spring and our very busy spring schedule, I just haven’t had it together enough to get plants in the ground. Despite the fact that I’ve had 4 tomato plants in pots on my back patio since before our trip to Alabama. That being said, they seem to have done well on the patio, doubling in size and strengthening their stems by withstanding the wind.

Last night I put in 4 tomatoes, 5 pepper plants, 2 basil plants, 1 eggplant, 3 parsley plants, and a rosemary plant. Then I pulled out half the oregano that was trying to take over the garden. The sage is blooming beautifully and I didn’t want to disturb it yet. We rarely use it, so you might call it more ornamental than anything else. The thyme is doing well but not in danger of overtaking the garden. So, I am pleased to have my garden completed for this year. I still have dreams of green beans and so on, but I am not positive we have the space for that so I keep putting it off.

I also repotted a geranium, it needed to be done and I decided to use it in a hanging basket for the summer. Then, I planted a brand new clematis, the first for our yard. I am hoping for good things out of that! I’ve got a trellis up for it and everything, even though it’s not large enough to reach the trellis and be trained yet.

And that’s it! I didn’t get my two patio hanging baskets done, and I didn’t get my canna garden done, but there’s plenty of time for those still.  As I write this, a large storm is going through so I know all my plants will be watered appropriately today.

I’ve been working on a scarf, another polar opposites scarf. I am using corespun yarn that I JUST finished, and then pairing that with some cotton laceweight from Habu Textiles.


It’s looking pretty wild! I took this on the Alabama trip, but ended up not working on it because during the plane ride the laceweight yarn would get tangled with the corespun yarn and felt together, creating a massive knot and I spent more time fixing that than I did knitting. I’ve got it at work now where I can separate out the two balls of yarn appropriately so they don’t get tangled. And now it’s flying right along! I am on the second ball of corespun now, so it’s about halfway complete.

I haven’t gotten much knitting done at home, but I do have a full sock done. Mostly because of the plane ride. I can show that off tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “A Pleasant Evening

  1. Wow! Lots got done in the nice weather! My gardening is far behind as well. But my knitting also moves right along! I love your scarf, and how fast you are using the yarn you made. 😉

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