Brutal Week!

I am having one of those weeks where I feel like I just can’t keep it together. I know that these weeks happen every spring, so I suspect it is cyclical. But it has definitely hit hard this week. I think it’s a combo of end of school year, plus busy work, plus trying to add in all the wonderful outdoorsy stuff we love to do because the weather has gotten pleasant.

Despite my very behind feeling (I bowed out of my tuesday night bike ride this week because I just couldn’t imagine adding another thing in) I have a high schooler on my hands! Miss Butterfly finished middle school yesterday.


She’s clearly relieved to have a little time off, the end of the year was really getting to her as well. We spent a bunch of time discussing expectations for the summer last evening. She didn’t get to sleep in this morning either, as we were up and out the door quite early for an orthodontist appointment.

We had a huge rain yesterday, rather unexpectedly. And the heat has begun. So, when I walked out the door to grab this photo of Miss Butterfly, I was startled to see my favorite peonies blooming all at once! I knew they were pretty close, but they went from pretty close to full on blooms in half a day.


Isn’t this bush just the most dramatic? I love it. Of course with this one blooming I had to go check out peony alley, the area on the far side of the shop where we’ve got peonies all along the side. The bushes that the sun hit are blooming now, though the other more shady ones aren’t there yet. I love that, as it means we get to experience blooms for longer.


I feel like peonies are such an old fashioned flower somehow, and fit right in at our mid-century home. And their drama really makes me happy. I’ll be cutting vases of them to enjoy shortly, and getting hollered at by Mr. Ink and Miss Butterfly for bringing peony loving ants in the house. (I don’t mind, I just catch them and take them back outside.)

In knitting news, here’s a finished sock!


It’s super nice, and fits quite well, and the colors are really easy to wear. I cast on the second sock this morning at the orthodontist’s office.

In makeup news, I’d had a couple of goals for this week. Figure out how to make the Urban Decay all nighter foundation work for my skin. I think I’ve got this now, adding a drop of facial oil to the two pumps of foundation works pretty well. I still don’t like the foundation much, I won’t buy it again, but at least I’ve got a way to make it look more like my skin and less like something smeary laying on top of my skin. I’ll at least not let it go to waste. It’s a bit light on me, and there may be times this summer that I have to put it away for a bit (Today I am looking very light.) But I am fairly certain I can get it gone before it expires.

My other goal is to keep working at panning the tiny wet n wild palette of browns. Well, today? I just needed a new look. I did use two colors from the palette but then I went WAY off course with a different palette and two dark forest greens, one shimmery and one not. I ended up with a very smokey eye look today, FAR different than I’ve worn most of the month but it was just the thing. Eye shadow is my most favorite part of makeup, I am completely obsessed, and I really needed the break from the boring browns. I mean, if I can’t make it fun, what’s the point really?

And that’s it for today. I’ve got spindle spinning to show off tomorrow since I haven’t been able to quit since the knee injury Saturday. (Knee is fine now, thank goodness! I did stop in time!) I am almost done with another set of singles, and it was a pretty big project!