Then there was spinning

Miss Butterfly had her first day of summer vacation. It’s gonna be a long one guys…because I came home to this:


This kid LOVES to bake. So much baking love. And Mr. Ink and I are (were?) on a diet. But now we are going to come home to baked goodies daily. This one went a little unexpectedly though. I’d told Miss Butterfly she needed to eat a banana during the day. Instead, she decided to use the banana as a decoration on a plain vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. Now, I knew that probably I wasn’t going to like the cake infused with banana essence, and indeed that was the case. Problem was, SHE didn’t like it either! She didn’t realize that the banana was going to flavor everything. Mr. Ink on the other hand thought the cake was JUST FINE and ate two big slices. I told him he’d better bring the cake into work today. We’ll see if he does.

One of the rules we discussed on Tuesday evening was that if Miss Butterfly was going to play in the kitchen, she needed to clean all her dishes. Thankfully, she took this seriously and I didn’t come home to a kitchen mess.

It was hot last evening, and when Mr. Ink got home he wasn’t particularly interested in running right outside and messing around in the gardens. This is unusual, but I think he’d had a particularly miserable day. So, we stayed cool and watched a tv show, then went out later in the evening. I planted my canna garden. 3 varieties of cannas thisĀ  year, and then I added some tropical milkweed to the garden. It’ll be my butterfly and hummingbird garden.

I finished the singles on my spindles, the ones I hit pretty hard while my knee was out of commission. Someone remind me during the winter when I regret not spinning that spinning is seasonal for me, please? I have no desire to pick up my knitting at all, spinning is everything right now.


These are from batts I made on my drum carder.


This is a common color theme for me, I am pretty sure I’ve made almost this exact color in the past. For that spin, I made a 3 ply so I plan to do a 2 ply here. But, I am going to set this aside for a time so that I can work on finishing that green/purple combo spin. I am halfway done on that and look forward to finishing in the near future though I really haven’t had time to sit with it recently.

In makeup news, I hit pan on the eyeshadow palette I’ve been concentrating on this month! Just on the transition color, but still it’s good to know that it takes a full month of wear on one of those little palettes to even hit pan in any way. I’ve got two more of those little palettes so come fall/winter I will spend a month on each of them. (The color scheme on both of them really doesn’t scream summer, that’s for sure. They are better saved.) I’ve been spending more time combining the little brown palette with other palettes in my collection these past few days, I’ve just been way too bored. But it is still getting used.

That’s it from here! We are almost through the week and into a long weekend here. And it’s going to be hot. 97F on Saturday! Spring was….very short this year. So much for thinking the exceedingly cold winter would mean a gentler than usual summer.