What a Day

When I look back over yesterday, I realize we really got a massive amount accomplished. And yet, since it was one of those days where we had no where to be (Mr. Ink and I) it seemed very relaxing. Today is day 3 of 100F here in the heartland, unseasonably hot for this time of year. Typically we could expect a mild summer after a particularly cold winter, but doesn’t look like that’ll bear out this year. The trees are taking it very hard. (As am I.)

Miss Butterfly had a wedding to attend and was being picked up by her stepmom at 11:30. So, I let her know what her chores would be prior to her leaving the house. Also, she decided it was time to give Lizzie a bath. And ever so right she was. I mean, I knew Lizzie stunk but the bathwater was so brown with dust! We also trimmed the fur on her paws and she got an extra lot of brushing which was good because she’s going through another shed and seemed to really want to be brushed yesterday. She looks, feels, and smells great now! But, it really is a long process.

Then Miss Butterfly, after finishing her chores, decided to do half her makeup for the wedding while still at home, leaving the eyes to work on at her dad’s house. She put her foundation on herself,using Dr Jart+ bb cream, as she tanned up so well in Alabama none of her own foundations match anymore. (And I tanned up so well in Alabama that my sample of Dr Jart+ is too light for me.) She was also thrilled to realize she could use my Tarte shape tape as she is now dark enough to do so, prior to this it toned yellow on her and looked terrible. She used my Coty airspun powder to set everything, and then decided she wanted me to work on her bronzer, blush, and highlight. So, I did that for her, keeping a light hand as she’s still so pale it’s hard for me to adjust. We used PF Butter bronzer, Flower Beauty flower pots blush in sweet pea, and the new PUR cosmetics palette for highlighter. She also wanted me to work on her eyebrows which are notoriously difficult. Her brow hairs are light and sparse, so almost every brow pencil we try to use is too dark. Her brows hang pretty low on her brow bone and one arches much higher than the other. So she gets totally frustrated with it all. She added some eyeshadow primer to her brows and I tried my best to fill them in with a light eyeshadow in a neutral very light browny taupe.

I told her she had better send me a photo after she finished her eyes.


She did! This is her completed look. She’s wearing my Tarte be a mermaid and make waves palette on her eyes (Which she left at her dad’s, so no more of my makeup goes to dads now…) and flower beauty petal pout matte on her lips. In the end, I think she looked quite natural overall, and her look held up well. We did this about 10:30 am, she returned after 11 pm with makeup still looking great. Even though it was 100F. Nice job kiddo.

Now on to my weekly shop my stash for my makeup look. Now, it’s a long weekend and I doubt I’ll wear makeup tomorrow. It’s too hot, and I am just working around the house. I might get an early morning bike ride in with a friend, which also won’t lend itself to a makeup look. Also, my May project pan is coming to an end this week. Which means I will have an opportunity to wear something else on my eyes without feeling a little guilty!


Vaguely left to right. The wet n wild palette that’s on my pan list is up there for the three days of use, along with the wet n wild contour palette I try to get use out of. Below that is a NYX happy birthday palette. Miss Marja gave it to Miss Butterfly for christmas, but Miss Butterfly has decided that only one of those shadows works for her, so she’s set it in my room so I can use it. I love those warm tones and can’t wait to play with the green as well, so I’ll be giving it some love on June 1. I may also try to incorporate it into looks using the wet n wild palette.

Under that is the elf eyebrow pencil I am trying to pan, but also a nyx eyebrow pencil below that as I wanted to experiment with colors that suit me better. Below that is the brown/green toned eyeliner I got in a box this month, I am going to go ahead and try to use that right up. There’s not much in it, and I also don’t feel tied to it like it needs saving.

Under the eyeliner is a IT cosmetics bye bye under eye sample I got in a box a few months ago. I tried it once and hated it. But, I am ready to give it another try, just in case I was too harsh. I’ll experiment with it this week.

Back up to the top with the Coty Airspun, which is a staple and I won’t buy any more powders until I finish this and my laura mercier sample. You’ll see this regularly forever probably. To the right of that is my butter bronzer, which is my only bronzer so it also gets a repeat appearance. Under that is the urban decay eyeshadow primer and the benefit porefessional, both of which I am attempting to pan. They are close, but tubes like that are deceiving, as there’s a large amount of product in that very bottom area.

Back to the top, for foundation this week I’ll be getting some use out of my wet n wild photofocus foundation. I’d like to pan this really, and not buy it again. It looks fantastic on the skin, and it wears well, all except for my nose. I can’t get it to stick to my nose for more than half a day, and that’s highly irritating. I’ll be trying to apply it with no moisturizer on my nose this week to see if that helps, but even if it does help this has already angered me and I am ready to give it up once it’s gone. There are a lot of foundations out there, and while I see value in using them up once they are purchased, I do not see value in repurchasing something that doesn’t thrill me, even if that product is inexpensive.

Under the foundation is Benefit dandelion sparkle (I think that’s what it is called) highlighter because Miss Butterfly also took our new face palette to her dad’s and it didn’t return. Then beneath that is L’oreal’s lash paradise and to the right of that is the elf setting spray I am trying to pan. It won’t be gone this week and is likely to make it into next month’s project pan.

For my June project pan, I think I’ll try to get a little better at documenting progress in a manner that’s easy to see. For some products this month you’ll just have to take my word for it, but my word for it is hard to take even for me, as I want tangible progress. Other items I’ve been weighing which works pretty well for me, but I’d like to try marking containers for progress. I’ll have to work harder at that this week.

Anyhow, if any crafters made it to the end of this, I’ve got spinning pictures tomorrow. 🙂 Have a great long weekend.

7 thoughts on “What a Day

    • I like the one palette I have quite a bit. It seems there’s some controversy in the beauty community on tarte eyeshadow palettes. Some love them, many find the colors to all kind of blend together and muddy up during the day, and many more get irritable that the brand seems to like to recycle the same colors over and over, and that seems boring. The palette I have isn’t boring, and performs well for me. But, not as well as other palettes. I admit, I love it for its beautiful packaging and I can get a good eye look too. But I am not hopping out to get another. That being said, it’s a fair bit better than the clinique palette I purchased right after christmas which has almost no color pay off at all! So…high end eyeshadow brand with some hits and misses, but better than some others of a similar price. (I do like many of Tarte’s products as a whole and do plan to try out more as well. Their primers perform very well for me.)

      • Thank you for this info. I don’t have a lot of choice, and just haven’t been wearing much of anything, but I think I’ll give it a try

      • I was just thinking of you this morning, as I noticed that ulta has two of the tarte palettes on sale on their website. (I am tempted by the matte palette myself!)

  1. Miss B looks beautiful as always… looking forward to a spinning post, which is likely here in my reader somewhere as it is already tomorrow. 😉

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