One more day of this….

This was a genuinely needed long weekend. I spent all day Sunday just a little amazed at how much I was getting done around the house and also that I had one more day to keep it up. It remains ridiculously hot. I got up early and got my watering of all my plants done early, as well as a little more planting too. Everything that I currently have purchased this year is now in the ground. Including this lovely addition to my lily collection:


A lovely rose on the outer edges and a cream in the middle. I am THRILLED to have it! I am sure it’ll bloom closer to the others next year, but this year I get to enjoy its drama all by itself.

I do think I’ll pick up some more stuff this year, annuals to fill some bare spots in. Mr. Ink did an overhaul on my shade garden by the shop. He had put a Japanese maple in there, and I’d been mentioning that it needed his expert touch. The soil was pretty bad and needed good turning. And he wasn’t thrilled with the placement of plants. And I wasn’t thrilled with one of the huge hostas in that garden. I didn’t really want to get rid of it either, so he took it and found a new spot for it.


It’s by a new tree in another shady area with some ajugas we’ve been nursing along for the last 3 years. And that is again, a bit less yard to mow for Mr. Ink.

Saturday night I finished all the singles from the purple and green combo spin.


I didn’t bother to start plying Saturday night, but bright and early Sunday morning I got to work on the singles I’d spun on spindles.


I was done with this before noon, and with the high heat all I had to do was soak it, run it through the spin cycle on the washer, and lay it out in the sun for a brief time. And I had finished yarn! 570 yards of 2 ply.

Now I am on to plying the combo spin which is going to take a little longer. I am also itching to organize my yarn stash and fiber stash, in part because that room itself is a little dirty and out of control looking. It’s mostly Mr. Ink’s problem, but he’ll think of it as a problem perhaps once a year. So I may get to tackling that project today. Plus, shopping with Miss Butterfly who desperately needs more shorts.

And that’s about it from my corner of the world. Have a great day, and if it’s an extra day off, that’s extra special!


2 thoughts on “One more day of this….

  1. the purple and green combo spin is so pretty. I’ve been contemplating taking a spin class again. I m thinking I want those angora rabbits….but before I go to that adventure I want to learn to spin

  2. The two ply is luscious, and I know the green and purple will be.

    We are cool and gloomy right now, I haven’t done much in the yard. Did poke some seeds in last week, which have sprouted! All could use some rain… which sounds foolish given all that fell to our south, but we got not a drop.

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