I’d Better Update My Totals

Because I haven’t updated my spinning totals for awhile, and look what I finished!

That’s a very large skein of 2 ply, 1285 yards in fact. No wonder it felt like FOREVER while I was plying! I think 1285 yards is actually enough for a sweater. Maybe even a featherweight cardigan! So I plan to set this aside for a future date and a future sweater.

I love that I combined two similar bumps of fiber. It really added to the depth of the project, and I was quite surprised while plying that it wasn’t just shades of green, purple, and green and purple barberpoled. Of course, when I look at it in skein form, all I see is purple, green, and green and purple barberpoled. So, I think its depth won’t be seen until I knit it into something.

I began spinning another spindle spun project, so we’ll see how that goes. And I pulled out some fiber to put on the wheel next too. I have two bumps of the same colorway, and am considering doing a traditional 3 ply for one bump and a chain ply for the other, in order to have two different but complimentary skeins. Might be fun for a change!

Up next will be two days of makeup related blog posts, one on my May project pan, and the other on what I’ll be working on over the summer.

I am glad it’s a short week because in just two days the week has been brutal. Thankfully the heat broke somewhat and we got a little rain. That’s a relief at least! Now if only work would slow down a bit so I can get back on track there…