The End of a Starter Project Pan

So, a month ago I decided to try my hand at panning (or using up) some items even though I am less than 6 months into a makeup obsession. So, let’s see where I got.


The clinique cleanser is gone, the container in my empties box. The Clinique CC cream is gone, thrown in the trash. I actually think that it really had gone bad. In front of that cover fx highlighter drops. I tried to make these work for me a few ways, and each time I was just ridiculously annoyed at them. They are gone too, but by “gone” I mean they are in Miss Butterfly’s collection now. The perfume I used daily, or almost daily, without using any other kind. No discernable progress. This is a great lesson in just how long it takes to use perfume. The elf setting spray I used 5 grams. I really only started using it seriously about a week and a half ago, so it’ll be easy to pan next month. The elf eyebrow pencil, because it really was my only eyebrow product, did get used. I think I can get that panned next month too. As for the eyeshadow, I did hit pan on the transition color! And I used a total of 2 grams.


Next group from left to right. The Origins eye cream I used 1 gram. The night cream I managed to use 7 grams and the gel moisturizer I used 3 grams. A funny thing happened this month while trying to use up the hair balm, over 3 grams used, and that is I fell in love with it. I guess that’s what these subscription boxes hope will happen! I haven’t purchased any yet, as I’ve got a ton of other hair products to try to get through before I try to get serious about settling in on a favorite product. Then there’s the lip exfoliator. I didn’t figure I’d find any progress at all on this, but I used 2 grams.

Halfway through the month I decided I didn’t have enough to pan with this (silly, I know) So I added a few things.


The peeling gel is close to gone, but I really only use it once a week. And, well, I found another on sale and purchased it so there’s a back up on its way. The Clinique gel is gone. The porefessional 1 gram, and no discernable progress on the Urban Decay primer potion.

So, I completely used up 3 products, moved another product out of stash, and made progress on everything else. Not too shabby really. I’ll be adding another post tomorrow of the next project pan, but I’ve decided to do things a little differently. So you can call this past month a starter project pan, next time I’ll be a little more focused, and the blog post will be rather large. Miss Butterfly helped me though, so it was fun to spend time together with it.