A Week With One Palette

The palette I chose for my work week was my Alamar Cosmetics palette. It’s quite new to my collection, and I wanted to spend a little time with it this week. I am so glad I did, it has completely held up to my excitement, providing extremely rich colors with very little fall out, and not much kick up either. If she keeps this up with her palettes, she’s got a fan for life in me.


I focused in on the palette, cropping out the rest of the stash shop items in order to do this post. This way both you and I can see the color names. I am just going to review what I created with this palette each day. I am sorry I didn’t think to take pictures, plus to be honest taking photos of hooded eyes is difficult at best, especially if I am trying for a selfie. But maybe I’ll try in the future.

Monday-I hadn’t yet tried the El Malecon color and I wanted to give it a try. Now, this first part will be repeated regularly. I took Coco-Taxi as a transition shade, Tropico in the crease. Then I put Cafecito on the outer corners, blending up into the crease. I took El Malecon and popped it onto the lid starting at the inner corner and going about halfway across the eye. Then I blended El Malecon and Cafecito together nicely. Tropico and Cafecito on the bottom rim of the eye to draw everything together, then La Costa on the inner corner and browbone as a highlight. It was a nice look, and everything blended well. It wasn’t my favorite look, but this was no fault of the palette itself. And it held up beautifully throughout the day.

Tuesday-I decided that Tuesday would be my all matte day. Since we were given 4 lovely matte shades to play with, that wasn’t difficult in the least.  I took Coco-Taxi as a transition shade, Tropico in the crease. I then added Guantanamera to the lid itself, then Cafecito on the outer V to add a little depth. Tropico and Guantanamera went on the undereye to draw it all together, and then since I was going all matte I grabbed a light matte color from another palette as the browbone and inner corner highlight. This was a look I could wear very regularly. It performed beautifully throughout the day, looking nicely blended but never muddy. I was extremely happy with my Tuesday look.

Wednesday-It was time to use Celia but it was also midweek and I didn’t want anything too over the top. So, I did a repeat of Tuesday’s look, but lined the eyes with Celia as a liner. That worked out well, adding a new element to the look. Oh-and I used La Costa as an inner corner and browbone highlight, since I’d already moved away from the matte look with Celia as a liner.

Thursday-I wanted to go for a MUCH lighter look, and I wanted to use La Costa on the eyelid. Now, Coco-Taxi comes across as a yellow that leans toward orange on my skin. So I decided to play that up and take a lighter yellow from another palette as my transition color. So, a lighter yellow as transition, Coco-Taxi as the crease color, and then La Costa all over the lid. I then used an even lighter but less sparkly color from another palette as an inner corner and brow highlight. I used a brown eyeliner to help deepen things up just a bit, after putting Coco-Taxi as an undereye shadow. This turned out to be one of my favorite looks of the week and that was SUCH a surprise to me. I love eyeshadows, I love deep looks, and I love eyeshadow that really shows. This look really shows, even though it’s not deep in any way. It’s light and bright and really complimented me, I think. A definite keeper.

Friday-Casual Friday, it was absolutely time to break into Varadero. A bold look for work, but to be honest, much is allowed for me at work. No one would blink an eye if I wore Varadero for the rest of my work life. Anyhow, I took Coco-Taxi as a transition shade, Tropico in the crease, as per usual. I then popped Varadero all over the lid. I used a Morphe M213 brush to apply this color, and I applied it dry just packing it on the lid. You know what? I didn’t have to wet the brush to get the amazing color payoff, it worked beautifully even dry. I decided I wanted a little more depth of color, so I used my finger to pop Celia on the middle of my eyelid over top of Varadero. Oh my gosh, that was an amazing idea, doing so added the perfect amount of difference to make the lid look less flat. It was GORGEOUS! Under the eye I used Tropico and then Varadero as an eyeliner, and then to REALLY go nuts because that’s what I was up to, I also used my teal silkissime liner (pictured in the photo above off to the left). I did have to blend at the crease quite a bit to make everything look like it joined nicely to the matte crease shade, but once that was done it looked sort of like I had a matte teal under the orange. So it was a success. And, what was so fun about this look was that Mr. Ink was like “I LOVE your eye look today!” For the record, he doesn’t even like makeup. So for him to actually like and comment on the eye look, it must have been pretty good. It’s another keeper, but maybe it’s for Fridays and weekends. Hah!

I am going to try to stick to project pan eyeshadows today, but I don’t even remotely think I got to use this palette as much as I WANT to use this palette. It is tempting to keep it in rotation for another week. However, I also really want to use my other shadows too. So, I’ll have to pick something else for next week. I’ll think on it.

A Thing for Green

All my green spindle singles are piling up. So much so that I ran out of spindles appropriate for the job. After trying to use two different spindles that didn’t work so well for it, I decided to give up and start plying. I figured if I got at least one spindle back, that would go a long way toward giving me the tools I need to finish the singles.


So, plying was done! And it’s stunning just as I imagined. Looking back at what I’ve been creating lately, looks like a ton of green is featured right now. I’ve got a thing for green, it’s probably another phase. (There was burgundy, and then turquoise, both of which took years to get over and my yarn stash still reflects these phases.)

Anyhow, that’s where I am in my crafting journey. I had completely forgotten about Tour de Fleece, until I saw a number of people referencing it on instagram. Oh yeah. That’s a July thing. So, I figure I’d better know what I plan to do that month. And I think my goal will simply be to stick to my declutter goals, meaning one declutter spin between the spins from my regular stash. And, the second goal will simply be to daily work on declutter spins even if it’s just for a brief time. I’ve got the dark brown merino to finish up, and I can also work on the red mohair that I want to get spun. And then there’s the remaining two fleeces hanging around. So, needless to say I could easily be well occupied the entirety of Tour de Fleece.

It’s Friday, and I am thrilled that the weekend is upon us. Mr. Ink has to work on Saturday, so I get a comfortable free morning with Lizzie Bean. On Sunday, grand plans for another gravel bike ride are under way. My friend decided he’d not mind another ride too much, even though he doesn’t like gravel. We have plans for a longer ride this time, starting in the morning. Mr. Ink hasn’t said he’ll join us, as 50 miles is not 15 miles of gravel. However, perhaps we can convince him to meet up with us for lunch at least. And then? I got both of them to agree to the nighttime ride the next weekend. Despite the fact they don’t love gravel. Awesome.

In makeup stuff, I’ll have a wrap up of my various looks (Without photos, maybe I should consider that for the future) of my week of Alamar palette looks up tomorrow. I need to get a June empties post up, but I keep avoiding it in hopes to finish up just one more product! Which I did this morning actually. Mission accomplished. And then I’ll shop my stash for the upcoming week as well. It’s a holiday week here, we’ve one extra day off and tons of various plans, so I am not sure what I’ll end up choosing yet. Plus, Miss Butterfly will be home from camp and prepping for her trip to visit my parents, so much makeup will be discussed I suspect.

That’s all the news from here! Hope everyone is poised for a fantastic weekend.

Gravel Gala

Last evening was the evening that our local group of biking friends dressed up, rode bikes, and drank champagne on rooftops. But, the weather was perfect and I rarely get out on my bike right now, and I didn’t want to party. I wanted to RIDE.

Thankfully, I had a good friend who wanted to do the same. So, rather than head downtown for the party, three of us decided to do some gravel riding outside the city. It’s been a long time since I rode gravel as well. And I have always LOVED riding gravel. We’ve got an annual gravel ride coming right up too, so we figured we’d better get some gravel miles in.

As we were riding along, I came to the conclusion that we were riding the “gravel gala.” It’s not a ride we had to dress up for, there was no champagne and rooftop city views. But instead we got hilltop country views and a hot air balloon to look at and chase down all evening. The sun was perfect, the heat was reasonable, and the gravel was in fine shape for a ride.

The best of the best according to me, top 10 riding evening. We only got about 20 miles in, but since gravel riding is tougher than normal riding and there were a good amount of hills, it was a great workout. My “dates” for the night were pretty awesome too.

The entire time that I was riding gravel I was thinking about how much I just LOVE riding gravel, how much fun it is to maneuver the sketchy slippery rocks while flying downhill, all the while a little worried I am going to take a tumble, but not slowing even so. How much I love trying to choose a perfect line on an uphill so that I don’t spin my tires in loose gravel. How perfect the roads are out there, where there aren’t many cars so the mental energy spent isn’t mental energy going toward “Is this car going to hit me?” repeatedly. It’s just big sky and beautiful views. And wildlife. And no one else but those I’ve chosen to spend my evening with.

We got back to our vehicles. As it turns out, I am the only one who feels that way about gravel. Our friend said “You know, I forgot just what a SLOG riding gravel is. I just feel like I am constantly fighting, and then when we hit a patch of pavement, everything is perfect again.” To which I expressed my opposite opinion. And Mr. Ink piped up, “I love riding gravel too!  For exactly 15 miles. And then it turns quickly to hate.”

So, I guess I have to find new friends! Or rather, hope that these two will take pity on me and ride my way from time to time. Maybe the fact that it is a good workout will help encourage them to continue once in awhile. I still have dreams of riding endurance gravel races some day, though I’ve come to the conclusion that this will have to wait until Miss Butterfly leaves the house. It’s too much of a training time commitment right now. But someday. I am still kicking that idea around. I may just have to get really good at going by myself and not relying on company.

ANYHOW-point being I didn’t touch the crafting at all last night, I only rode bikes, and that was glorious.


Where I am in Knitting

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a knitting progress photo. Not surprising really, since I hit the whole declutter situation so very hard. But, I have been knitting from time to time. Since I cast off the body of the featherweight cardigan last evening, I quickly grabbed a photo before the next storm rolled through. (Another day, another inch and a half of rain, apparently.)


It’s very….handspun. Hah. I began the collar last evening during the storm because I wanted to get the collar done and then just use the leftover yarn for sleeves. However, it feels at the moment like I have an overabundance of yarn. The pattern is for a fairly cropped cardigan, even though that’s not truly my thing. But, due to yarn amounts, I figured I’d go for it anyhow and see if it could work. Now that I have what seems like an excess of yarn, instead I think I’ll knit the collar and block it, then make a decisicion. Yes, I realize that means I could be pulling out an entire collar and ribbing from the bottom of the sweater to lengthen, but better that then an abundance of leftover yarn and a sweater I won’t bother to wear. I don’t mind taking my time I suppose.

That’s all from here! I haven’t anything else of interest to report at this time. Work weeks make for poor blogging weeks. Have a great one!

Weekly Shop the Stash

I started makeup stash shopping posts and then quickly forgot about them when I had spinning or knitting posts that could take their place. There were two additional factors as well, first they seemed boring while I was trying to pan items, like I was just showing readers exactly what I intended to pan, just as I was doing with the project pan intro and updates. How many times do you want to see the same makeup anyhow?! And finally, I stopped being particularly organized about my makeup choices, kind of just grabbing things on a whim in the mornings.

Well, I’ve decided not to do that anymore. We’ve increased our eye shadow palettes, and I’ve decided I want to choose one per week to specifically work with. This is one per work week really, as weekends don’t necessarily count. So, last evening I decided to grab a shop my stash photo, pulling out that which I want to use this week.


We’ll start with the eye shadow palette since that’s the star of the show. This is Alamar cosmetics, a new palette from a new company. We just got this in our boxycharm, and it is STUNNING! There are four matte shades and four shimmer shades. The matte shades blend beautifully and I am surprised at how little kick up there is to them, for them to also be so pigmented. This palette is going to last forever. Until today, I had only created one look from this, basically using all the shadows on my eyes on a Saturday when I was just playing and not going anywhere. I am looking forward to playing with this palette this week. I think I can easily create fully matte eye looks with this. But, today I used the green shimmer on my lid. Now, those shimmers show up so pigmented and dark when swatching. But, I am at work today and while I can easily get away with whatever eye look I create, I do try to keep things to a reasonable roar with my makeup. I used the green shimmer with a dry brush, and it gave me a gentle wash of shimmer color. Paired with both the oranges and the brown, it was easily toned down. I love today’s look. And I can’t wait to play with more looks. And, I can tell you this, when she comes out with her next palette, I will be getting it. The quality on this one is so amazing. I can’t help but hope it happens to arrive in a boxy charm box, but even if it doesn’t, I’ll want it in my collection.

You’ll recognize quite a few of my project pan items if you have been following along. The urban decay all nighter foundation is featured here. I had a funny moment this weekend. Miss Butterfly had decided she was going to use it even though it didn’t match her skin tone in order to see if she could wear warmer colors and still look good. I had this moment of irritation with her for using it without asking. Then I realized that was super dumb, since I don’t even like the stuff, and her using it brought me one use closer to being done with the thing.

Actually, I struggle with this a lot. Despite the fact that I have made it clear that the makeup is ours collectively, and that she can use it, I find myself having to stamp down irritation when she does use it. I don’t think I make that visible to her. Upon further reflection, I think it’s because she isn’t actually allowed to wear it out of the house yet, so any time she uses it, it feels like a waste. But, I am trying to retrain myself, realizing that it’s practice, and practice is good. Plus, who really pans eye shadow anyhow? It’s not that easy to do in a proper palette. Anyhow-that’s a tangent.

The things which are not in my current project pan, you’ll see a new blush. Miss Butterfly and I picked that out together while I was on vacation last week. We are giving it a try. I have to really build it up on my skin, but it shows up well for her. I am working on using up my bare minerals concealer, it’s my current oldest concealer, and not my favorite. So, I figure it’s time to concentrate on using it up. In doing so, I seem to be finding ways to make it work better for me.

I also picked up a brow tint from ulta to try, prior to this I’ve only used pencils to fill in brows so I am going to see what this situation is like. But, I am still primarily trying to use up the elf pencil. And, while I’ve got the style sepia pencil that I am working on panning, the lovely teal color silkissime liner happens to match the eye shadow palette perfectly so I have put that in this week’s stash shop as well.

And that’s it! We’ll see how this week goes, and I’ve got an entire week to think about what palette I want to use next week.


Why Not?

Once I created all those lovely rolags, I couldn’t wait to start spinning some! But, I put them in my fiber cupboard because I had intended to keep spinning the declutter stuff. Then, I got to thinking about my original statement with the craft room declutter, which was the goal to spin something ready to spin, then force myself to spin something that is from the declutter. I spun all that gorgeous grey fleece locks, so now I get to spin something ready to spin, right?

So, I pulled out the green rolags and started spinning them on support spindles. And I am truly enjoying that.


I am not spinning these as any type of gradient or anything, I am just choosing a rolag and putting it on the spindle. No rhyme or reason to it. I probably do need to settle down a bit with this project though, as my hands are aching for numerous reasons. Too much spinning for one.

I also realized that I forgot to show off the little sample spins I had done when I first started the declutter.


On the left is a jacob fleece sample, and on the right is a racka plied with navajo churro sample. I didn’t count yardage on these, as they are so small. I am considering getting some sort of pin loom for these samples and for leftovers, maybe creating some little coasters or something out of these types of things. Might be fun…

The other activity we participated in yesterday was a nice motorbike ride! Finally! Here’s the thing, by last spring/summer, my work situation had devolved to a point where I was so anxious and stressed all the time that many of the activities I used to love really didn’t bring me a lot of joy. Things like mountain biking and motorbiking just made me all the more anxious and stressed. It’s like the culmination of work stress made me so terrified on the bike that I couldn’t enjoy myself. In addition to that, being so terrified and anxious made me a really poor rider. Last spring I might have gotten on the motorbike once, but that was it. The experience was so bad that I didn’t want to repeat it. And, at that time it was safer that way.

My work situation changed significantly about 8 months ago. And, it’s still changing really, but for the better. Pretty consistently for the better. I’ve been feeling eager to get back on the motorbike this year, but as soon as it got warm here, it got HOT, and there’s no fun to be had wearing jeans, boots, and a motorcycle jacket on a 100-degree day. This weekend has been more pleasant, so yesterday Mr. Ink got the bikes out, and we headed out on a ride.

He explained his route to me. And I said, “Oh, isn’t that a toll bridge on our route?” He said, “No, I don’t think so, I didn’t see a booth when I was checking out the route on satellite maps.” I shrugged, figuring maybe something had changed. We headed out on a glorious ride. My riding skills were better than they have been in 2 years. I was completely comfortable. Completely in charge. The winding roads we were on didn’t make me terrified, and thus, I rode WELL again. It was so pleasant. We headed over that bridge, only to find out that it was indeed a toll bridge. Hah! I asked Mr. Ink if he had any cash because I didn’t think I had any. He said, “I have one dollar.” I looked in my wallet. I, too, had one dollar. We were very relieved to find out that motorbike toll was one dollar. Phew.

I grabbed a photo when we stopped for ice cream. Only the two nearest bikes are ours, as a group came in after us and parked near us. Then found us in the ice cream shop to chat, as often happens.


Anyhow, the ride was fantastic, truly. I am so glad we went. It’s too bad we found out when we got home that Mr. Ink apparently never registered his bike at the end of last year. Or at least, we don’t have the registration and tag. Oops! So, now we have to resolve that before we can go out again.

That’s about it from around here! The weekend goes so quickly, doesn’t it?

2018 Summer Project Pan Update 1

We are about 3 weeks in to my 3 month long summer project pan, and I am ready to talk about where I am with all of this. I am going to jump right in with the intro photos and my progress, and I’ll have some additional thoughts along the way.

Intro photos:

Update photo:


My progress-in case you missed it, the Elbow Grease broke me out, and that’s in addition to how much I already disliked it, so it got trashed.

The moisturizing serum in the square tin is completely gone. I ended up bringing it to work for the moments in the dry building where I needed a hand moisturizer. I can get away with a really thick product at work because it’s just THAT dry sometimes. I actually enjoyed using it this way, it really stuck nicely to the skin, and would continue to moisturize even if I washed my hands. But it also got used up VERY quickly that way.

No progress was made on either hair product. In fact, I’ve come to the conclusion that it was unwise to put as many hair products in my project as I did. But, there’s still a couple months left.

However, the shampoo bar I used as both shampoo and soap, and I think Miss Butterfly worked on panning it too. All we are left with are tiny scraps of it, and it’s probably time to call it quits.

I’ve used one of the PureHeals masks, I got two uses out of it.

I decided that I am not going to pan the second smaller porefessional tube. It’s great for travel, so I am going to keep it. The larger porefessional tube I cut open and depotted into a small plastic eyeshadow container, as I no longer had any control over that tube. If I could manage to squeeze out any product, I’d be squeezing out too much.

I am working consistently on the FAB serum and the estee lauder serum, I am switching between them so they’ll both get used up at around the same time. Both weigh in as one gram used.

Much progress has been made on the toner.

Out of the origins 3 pack, I am done with the night cream, and I am using the other two consistently. I’ve marked the moisturizing gel, as that’s all I really need even at night this time of year, so this one will begin to show significant progress more quickly than before. The eye cream weighs as one gram used. The moisturizing gel had 7 grams used, so I think it is safe to say that’ll be gone by next update.

No progress at all on the Kiehl’s.

Next intro photos:

Update photos:

I’ve continued to work on the eyeshadow palette, the pan I hit on the transition color is much larger now. I think this is one of those situations where once I finish the transition color, I can let this little palette go. It was $3. I certainly will have gotten my money’s worth at that point.

I am still working on the urban decay eyeshadow primer potion, but have cut that and depotted it too. It’s just the tiniest little bit left now. No progess on the wet n wild one, as that’s my back up.

The green/brown liner-I am dumb. I thought that it would be super easy to use because there was very little product in it, but it didn’t occur to me that it’s an actual pencil, and I can actually sharpen it. Which I did. Surprise, way more product! I probably need to be cognizant of this, just because it is not a traditional style wood looking pencil, it still may be something that is intended to be sharpened. Actually, it went on much smoother after a sharpening, which was pleasant. I ended up liking the product more. That being said, I failed to get a measurement on paper at the beginning of the project, so I had to add that in this round.

I am still working my way through the eyebrow pencil. Daily. It continues to not finish. I should be satisfied with progress being made. You can see an indication on the paper of how much I have used up. I am getting there.

The clinique setting powder got used, but not a ton, as I have also been using what is in the wet n wild contour palette. However, Miss Butterfly has also been using it. We used 3 grams.

The dandelion twinkle-I’ve hit pan! It’s not a lot, and I can’t help but think that maybe my kid dug in there, as I am not sure HOW I hit pan that fast. But, that’s what happened. Can you see it? It’s just the tiniest pan.

The blush is being used daily-no pan. And that’s fine with me. Still shows as one gram used.

The contouring palette-pan hit on both sides! The light side is probably why the clinique powder hasn’t been used much, I feel like working that palette evenly gives me the best use of product, so I am using the light side as an underye setting powder.

The urban decay all nighter foundation, when looking at my progress, please keep in mind it is an airless pump, so the markings should be viewed as working my way UP the bottle. I am using this very consistently. 4-5 times a week. I get a bit frustrated, just because I don’t even like it. And I listen to youtubers say that they can use up a foundation in 6 weeks, I’ve been working on this consistently for at least that long if not longer! But-I am at a point where I can make it work for me for the work day. It’s looking sketchy at the end of the day, but it is getting used. Miss Butterfly and I just had a discussion about this product, which was basically her telling me that she doesn’t see why I am hitting it all that hard. She says that maybe I should slow down and like my foundation look better from time to time. I did take her advice today, but I still do want to get this product out of stash.

The makeup forever blurring stuff with sunscreen is being used as just that. Sunscreen. On days when I intend to be outdoors. It doesn’t get used often, but it is getting used. No discernible progress.

No progress on the nude lipstick. But that’s ok, I threw that in there for when my colorful palettes arrived in my subscription boxes. They just arrived. So I’ll get to work on the nude lipstick in the upcoming weeks.

As for the clinique chubby stick-I am pretty much done. I get annoyed when these crayon like applicators reach the end, and they get all over your face because you can no longer control the product placement. I can’t believe I was able to use this up completely! And I am glad to have gotten use out of it and can toss it. I did like the tinted balm situation, it was easy to throw on at work consistently with my neutral eye look and call it good. Low key. But, no more clinique lip products. No more sore throats from lip products.

Despite almost daily use, no discernible progress on the mary kay lip mask and balm.

Other miscellaneous stuff-I tossed the 11 year old dior perfume. The prada sample beside it is almost gone. The elf setting spray is gone. The ulta brush cleaner is getting closer to gone, though Miss Butterfly was wrong, it didn’t get finished in June. I think this is because sometimes I washed my own brushes instead of leaving it to her, and I suspect she’s more generous with the spraying of those brushes, plus uses it as an opportunity to clean her own brushes with my product. In any case, I am glad it isn’t gone yet. No progress on the pureology. Because, as I mentioned, TOO MANY hair products in this project pan! I am going to remove this product from my summer project pan, leaving myself better able to concentrate on the two remaining hair products.


Because I have removed some haircare from this summer project, and because I tossed some things, I am subbing in two items.

The first is a cleanser from trader joe’s. I purchased this awhile back during the winter. It didn’t really work for me, and it ended up in the linen closet. I pulled it out during our recent decluttering, and I think I am going to give it another try. At the time I purchased it, my skin would have been naturally drier than the summer, and also, at the time I wasn’t taking care of my skin. Between the winter and what was likely quite dehydrated skin, it didn’t work. I’ve used it a few times in the recent days and it seems to be working just fine now. So, it’s time to use it up, and get my money’s worth out of it.

The other addition is a buxom lip gloss that I received in a subscription box. This is the gloss that started my obsession with buxom lip gloss and made me purchase the full size. However, it’s only slightly tinted, instead of giving a nice vivid color to the lips. It’ll be a good one to finish this summer.

That’s all from this update! In one month, 5 products were used up and 2 products were used enough to know it was time to toss them. I feel like I can manage another 7 or 8 in the next update. That’s my prediction, as there are 7 or 8 products that are really close to finish. I will also acknowledge that it’s pretty easy to use up sample sizes. However, for us to keep trying subscription boxes, we have to keep using the samples we receive. It could get out of hand quickly if we settle on some products, purchase full sizes, and then still have sample sizes coming in.

Now-the real trick will be continuing to use the foundation. It’s the one product I am REALLY tired of and am having trouble incorporating into my daily routine. Let’s see how that goes….