A Week With One Palette

The palette I chose for my work week was my Alamar Cosmetics palette. It’s quite new to my collection, and I wanted to spend a little time with it this week. I am so glad I did, it has completely held up to my excitement, providing extremely rich colors with very little fall out, and not much kick up either. If she keeps this up with her palettes, she’s got a fan for life in me.


I focused in on the palette, cropping out the rest of the stash shop items in order to do this post. This way both you and I can see the color names. I am just going to review what I created with this palette each day. I am sorry I didn’t think to take pictures, plus to be honest taking photos of hooded eyes is difficult at best, especially if I am trying for a selfie. But maybe I’ll try in the future.

Monday-I hadn’t yet tried the El Malecon color and I wanted to give it a try. Now, this first part will be repeated regularly. I took Coco-Taxi as a transition shade, Tropico in the crease. Then I put Cafecito on the outer corners, blending up into the crease. I took El Malecon and popped it onto the lid starting at the inner corner and going about halfway across the eye. Then I blended El Malecon and Cafecito together nicely. Tropico and Cafecito on the bottom rim of the eye to draw everything together, then La Costa on the inner corner and browbone as a highlight. It was a nice look, and everything blended well. It wasn’t my favorite look, but this was no fault of the palette itself. And it held up beautifully throughout the day.

Tuesday-I decided that Tuesday would be my all matte day. Since we were given 4 lovely matte shades to play with, that wasn’t difficult in the least.  I took Coco-Taxi as a transition shade, Tropico in the crease. I then added Guantanamera to the lid itself, then Cafecito on the outer V to add a little depth. Tropico and Guantanamera went on the undereye to draw it all together, and then since I was going all matte I grabbed a light matte color from another palette as the browbone and inner corner highlight. This was a look I could wear very regularly. It performed beautifully throughout the day, looking nicely blended but never muddy. I was extremely happy with my Tuesday look.

Wednesday-It was time to use Celia but it was also midweek and I didn’t want anything too over the top. So, I did a repeat of Tuesday’s look, but lined the eyes with Celia as a liner. That worked out well, adding a new element to the look. Oh-and I used La Costa as an inner corner and browbone highlight, since I’d already moved away from the matte look with Celia as a liner.

Thursday-I wanted to go for a MUCH lighter look, and I wanted to use La Costa on the eyelid. Now, Coco-Taxi comes across as a yellow that leans toward orange on my skin. So I decided to play that up and take a lighter yellow from another palette as my transition color. So, a lighter yellow as transition, Coco-Taxi as the crease color, and then La Costa all over the lid. I then used an even lighter but less sparkly color from another palette as an inner corner and brow highlight. I used a brown eyeliner to help deepen things up just a bit, after putting Coco-Taxi as an undereye shadow. This turned out to be one of my favorite looks of the week and that was SUCH a surprise to me. I love eyeshadows, I love deep looks, and I love eyeshadow that really shows. This look really shows, even though it’s not deep in any way. It’s light and bright and really complimented me, I think. A definite keeper.

Friday-Casual Friday, it was absolutely time to break into Varadero. A bold look for work, but to be honest, much is allowed for me at work. No one would blink an eye if I wore Varadero for the rest of my work life. Anyhow, I took Coco-Taxi as a transition shade, Tropico in the crease, as per usual. I then popped Varadero all over the lid. I used a Morphe M213 brush to apply this color, and I applied it dry just packing it on the lid. You know what? I didn’t have to wet the brush to get the amazing color payoff, it worked beautifully even dry. I decided I wanted a little more depth of color, so I used my finger to pop Celia on the middle of my eyelid over top of Varadero. Oh my gosh, that was an amazing idea, doing so added the perfect amount of difference to make the lid look less flat. It was GORGEOUS! Under the eye I used Tropico and then Varadero as an eyeliner, and then to REALLY go nuts because that’s what I was up to, I also used my teal silkissime liner (pictured in the photo above off to the left). I did have to blend at the crease quite a bit to make everything look like it joined nicely to the matte crease shade, but once that was done it looked sort of like I had a matte teal under the orange. So it was a success. And, what was so fun about this look was that Mr. Ink was like “I LOVE your eye look today!” For the record, he doesn’t even like makeup. So for him to actually like and comment on the eye look, it must have been pretty good. It’s another keeper, but maybe it’s for Fridays and weekends. Hah!

I am going to try to stick to project pan eyeshadows today, but I don’t even remotely think I got to use this palette as much as I WANT to use this palette. It is tempting to keep it in rotation for another week. However, I also really want to use my other shadows too. So, I’ll have to pick something else for next week. I’ll think on it.

A Thing for Green

All my green spindle singles are piling up. So much so that I ran out of spindles appropriate for the job. After trying to use two different spindles that didn’t work so well for it, I decided to give up and start plying. I figured if I got at least one spindle back, that would go a long way toward giving me the tools I need to finish the singles.


So, plying was done! And it’s stunning just as I imagined. Looking back at what I’ve been creating lately, looks like a ton of green is featured right now. I’ve got a thing for green, it’s probably another phase. (There was burgundy, and then turquoise, both of which took years to get over and my yarn stash still reflects these phases.)

Anyhow, that’s where I am in my crafting journey. I had completely forgotten about Tour de Fleece, until I saw a number of people referencing it on instagram. Oh yeah. That’s a July thing. So, I figure I’d better know what I plan to do that month. And I think my goal will simply be to stick to my declutter goals, meaning one declutter spin between the spins from my regular stash. And, the second goal will simply be to daily work on declutter spins even if it’s just for a brief time. I’ve got the dark brown merino to finish up, and I can also work on the red mohair that I want to get spun. And then there’s the remaining two fleeces hanging around. So, needless to say I could easily be well occupied the entirety of Tour de Fleece.

It’s Friday, and I am thrilled that the weekend is upon us. Mr. Ink has to work on Saturday, so I get a comfortable free morning with Lizzie Bean. On Sunday, grand plans for another gravel bike ride are under way. My friend decided he’d not mind another ride too much, even though he doesn’t like gravel. We have plans for a longer ride this time, starting in the morning. Mr. Ink hasn’t said he’ll join us, as 50 miles is not 15 miles of gravel. However, perhaps we can convince him to meet up with us for lunch at least. And then? I got both of them to agree to the nighttime ride the next weekend. Despite the fact they don’t love gravel. Awesome.

In makeup stuff, I’ll have a wrap up of my various looks (Without photos, maybe I should consider that for the future) of my week of Alamar palette looks up tomorrow. I need to get a June empties post up, but I keep avoiding it in hopes to finish up just one more product! Which I did this morning actually. Mission accomplished. And then I’ll shop my stash for the upcoming week as well. It’s a holiday week here, we’ve one extra day off and tons of various plans, so I am not sure what I’ll end up choosing yet. Plus, Miss Butterfly will be home from camp and prepping for her trip to visit my parents, so much makeup will be discussed I suspect.

That’s all the news from here! Hope everyone is poised for a fantastic weekend.

Gravel Gala

Last evening was the evening that our local group of biking friends dressed up, rode bikes, and drank champagne on rooftops. But, the weather was perfect and I rarely get out on my bike right now, and I didn’t want to party. I wanted to RIDE.

Thankfully, I had a good friend who wanted to do the same. So, rather than head downtown for the party, three of us decided to do some gravel riding outside the city. It’s been a long time since I rode gravel as well. And I have always LOVED riding gravel. We’ve got an annual gravel ride coming right up too, so we figured we’d better get some gravel miles in.

As we were riding along, I came to the conclusion that we were riding the “gravel gala.” It’s not a ride we had to dress up for, there was no champagne and rooftop city views. But instead we got hilltop country views and a hot air balloon to look at and chase down all evening. The sun was perfect, the heat was reasonable, and the gravel was in fine shape for a ride.

The best of the best according to me, top 10 riding evening. We only got about 20 miles in, but since gravel riding is tougher than normal riding and there were a good amount of hills, it was a great workout. My “dates” for the night were pretty awesome too.

The entire time that I was riding gravel I was thinking about how much I just LOVE riding gravel, how much fun it is to maneuver the sketchy slippery rocks while flying downhill, all the while a little worried I am going to take a tumble, but not slowing even so. How much I love trying to choose a perfect line on an uphill so that I don’t spin my tires in loose gravel. How perfect the roads are out there, where there aren’t many cars so the mental energy spent isn’t mental energy going toward “Is this car going to hit me?” repeatedly. It’s just big sky and beautiful views. And wildlife. And no one else but those I’ve chosen to spend my evening with.

We got back to our vehicles. As it turns out, I am the only one who feels that way about gravel. Our friend said “You know, I forgot just what a SLOG riding gravel is. I just feel like I am constantly fighting, and then when we hit a patch of pavement, everything is perfect again.” To which I expressed my opposite opinion. And Mr. Ink piped up, “I love riding gravel too!  For exactly 15 miles. And then it turns quickly to hate.”

So, I guess I have to find new friends! Or rather, hope that these two will take pity on me and ride my way from time to time. Maybe the fact that it is a good workout will help encourage them to continue once in awhile. I still have dreams of riding endurance gravel races some day, though I’ve come to the conclusion that this will have to wait until Miss Butterfly leaves the house. It’s too much of a training time commitment right now. But someday. I am still kicking that idea around. I may just have to get really good at going by myself and not relying on company.

ANYHOW-point being I didn’t touch the crafting at all last night, I only rode bikes, and that was glorious.


Where I am in Knitting

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a knitting progress photo. Not surprising really, since I hit the whole declutter situation so very hard. But, I have been knitting from time to time. Since I cast off the body of the featherweight cardigan last evening, I quickly grabbed a photo before the next storm rolled through. (Another day, another inch and a half of rain, apparently.)


It’s very….handspun. Hah. I began the collar last evening during the storm because I wanted to get the collar done and then just use the leftover yarn for sleeves. However, it feels at the moment like I have an overabundance of yarn. The pattern is for a fairly cropped cardigan, even though that’s not truly my thing. But, due to yarn amounts, I figured I’d go for it anyhow and see if it could work. Now that I have what seems like an excess of yarn, instead I think I’ll knit the collar and block it, then make a decisicion. Yes, I realize that means I could be pulling out an entire collar and ribbing from the bottom of the sweater to lengthen, but better that then an abundance of leftover yarn and a sweater I won’t bother to wear. I don’t mind taking my time I suppose.

That’s all from here! I haven’t anything else of interest to report at this time. Work weeks make for poor blogging weeks. Have a great one!

Weekly Shop the Stash

I started makeup stash shopping posts and then quickly forgot about them when I had spinning or knitting posts that could take their place. There were two additional factors as well, first they seemed boring while I was trying to pan items, like I was just showing readers exactly what I intended to pan, just as I was doing with the project pan intro and updates. How many times do you want to see the same makeup anyhow?! And finally, I stopped being particularly organized about my makeup choices, kind of just grabbing things on a whim in the mornings.

Well, I’ve decided not to do that anymore. We’ve increased our eye shadow palettes, and I’ve decided I want to choose one per week to specifically work with. This is one per work week really, as weekends don’t necessarily count. So, last evening I decided to grab a shop my stash photo, pulling out that which I want to use this week.


We’ll start with the eye shadow palette since that’s the star of the show. This is Alamar cosmetics, a new palette from a new company. We just got this in our boxycharm, and it is STUNNING! There are four matte shades and four shimmer shades. The matte shades blend beautifully and I am surprised at how little kick up there is to them, for them to also be so pigmented. This palette is going to last forever. Until today, I had only created one look from this, basically using all the shadows on my eyes on a Saturday when I was just playing and not going anywhere. I am looking forward to playing with this palette this week. I think I can easily create fully matte eye looks with this. But, today I used the green shimmer on my lid. Now, those shimmers show up so pigmented and dark when swatching. But, I am at work today and while I can easily get away with whatever eye look I create, I do try to keep things to a reasonable roar with my makeup. I used the green shimmer with a dry brush, and it gave me a gentle wash of shimmer color. Paired with both the oranges and the brown, it was easily toned down. I love today’s look. And I can’t wait to play with more looks. And, I can tell you this, when she comes out with her next palette, I will be getting it. The quality on this one is so amazing. I can’t help but hope it happens to arrive in a boxy charm box, but even if it doesn’t, I’ll want it in my collection.

You’ll recognize quite a few of my project pan items if you have been following along. The urban decay all nighter foundation is featured here. I had a funny moment this weekend. Miss Butterfly had decided she was going to use it even though it didn’t match her skin tone in order to see if she could wear warmer colors and still look good. I had this moment of irritation with her for using it without asking. Then I realized that was super dumb, since I don’t even like the stuff, and her using it brought me one use closer to being done with the thing.

Actually, I struggle with this a lot. Despite the fact that I have made it clear that the makeup is ours collectively, and that she can use it, I find myself having to stamp down irritation when she does use it. I don’t think I make that visible to her. Upon further reflection, I think it’s because she isn’t actually allowed to wear it out of the house yet, so any time she uses it, it feels like a waste. But, I am trying to retrain myself, realizing that it’s practice, and practice is good. Plus, who really pans eye shadow anyhow? It’s not that easy to do in a proper palette. Anyhow-that’s a tangent.

The things which are not in my current project pan, you’ll see a new blush. Miss Butterfly and I picked that out together while I was on vacation last week. We are giving it a try. I have to really build it up on my skin, but it shows up well for her. I am working on using up my bare minerals concealer, it’s my current oldest concealer, and not my favorite. So, I figure it’s time to concentrate on using it up. In doing so, I seem to be finding ways to make it work better for me.

I also picked up a brow tint from ulta to try, prior to this I’ve only used pencils to fill in brows so I am going to see what this situation is like. But, I am still primarily trying to use up the elf pencil. And, while I’ve got the style sepia pencil that I am working on panning, the lovely teal color silkissime liner happens to match the eye shadow palette perfectly so I have put that in this week’s stash shop as well.

And that’s it! We’ll see how this week goes, and I’ve got an entire week to think about what palette I want to use next week.


Why Not?

Once I created all those lovely rolags, I couldn’t wait to start spinning some! But, I put them in my fiber cupboard because I had intended to keep spinning the declutter stuff. Then, I got to thinking about my original statement with the craft room declutter, which was the goal to spin something ready to spin, then force myself to spin something that is from the declutter. I spun all that gorgeous grey fleece locks, so now I get to spin something ready to spin, right?

So, I pulled out the green rolags and started spinning them on support spindles. And I am truly enjoying that.


I am not spinning these as any type of gradient or anything, I am just choosing a rolag and putting it on the spindle. No rhyme or reason to it. I probably do need to settle down a bit with this project though, as my hands are aching for numerous reasons. Too much spinning for one.

I also realized that I forgot to show off the little sample spins I had done when I first started the declutter.


On the left is a jacob fleece sample, and on the right is a racka plied with navajo churro sample. I didn’t count yardage on these, as they are so small. I am considering getting some sort of pin loom for these samples and for leftovers, maybe creating some little coasters or something out of these types of things. Might be fun…

The other activity we participated in yesterday was a nice motorbike ride! Finally! Here’s the thing, by last spring/summer, my work situation had devolved to a point where I was so anxious and stressed all the time that many of the activities I used to love really didn’t bring me a lot of joy. Things like mountain biking and motorbiking just made me all the more anxious and stressed. It’s like the culmination of work stress made me so terrified on the bike that I couldn’t enjoy myself. In addition to that, being so terrified and anxious made me a really poor rider. Last spring I might have gotten on the motorbike once, but that was it. The experience was so bad that I didn’t want to repeat it. And, at that time it was safer that way.

My work situation changed significantly about 8 months ago. And, it’s still changing really, but for the better. Pretty consistently for the better. I’ve been feeling eager to get back on the motorbike this year, but as soon as it got warm here, it got HOT, and there’s no fun to be had wearing jeans, boots, and a motorcycle jacket on a 100-degree day. This weekend has been more pleasant, so yesterday Mr. Ink got the bikes out, and we headed out on a ride.

He explained his route to me. And I said, “Oh, isn’t that a toll bridge on our route?” He said, “No, I don’t think so, I didn’t see a booth when I was checking out the route on satellite maps.” I shrugged, figuring maybe something had changed. We headed out on a glorious ride. My riding skills were better than they have been in 2 years. I was completely comfortable. Completely in charge. The winding roads we were on didn’t make me terrified, and thus, I rode WELL again. It was so pleasant. We headed over that bridge, only to find out that it was indeed a toll bridge. Hah! I asked Mr. Ink if he had any cash because I didn’t think I had any. He said, “I have one dollar.” I looked in my wallet. I, too, had one dollar. We were very relieved to find out that motorbike toll was one dollar. Phew.

I grabbed a photo when we stopped for ice cream. Only the two nearest bikes are ours, as a group came in after us and parked near us. Then found us in the ice cream shop to chat, as often happens.


Anyhow, the ride was fantastic, truly. I am so glad we went. It’s too bad we found out when we got home that Mr. Ink apparently never registered his bike at the end of last year. Or at least, we don’t have the registration and tag. Oops! So, now we have to resolve that before we can go out again.

That’s about it from around here! The weekend goes so quickly, doesn’t it?

2018 Summer Project Pan Update 1

We are about 3 weeks in to my 3 month long summer project pan, and I am ready to talk about where I am with all of this. I am going to jump right in with the intro photos and my progress, and I’ll have some additional thoughts along the way.

Intro photos:

Update photo:


My progress-in case you missed it, the Elbow Grease broke me out, and that’s in addition to how much I already disliked it, so it got trashed.

The moisturizing serum in the square tin is completely gone. I ended up bringing it to work for the moments in the dry building where I needed a hand moisturizer. I can get away with a really thick product at work because it’s just THAT dry sometimes. I actually enjoyed using it this way, it really stuck nicely to the skin, and would continue to moisturize even if I washed my hands. But it also got used up VERY quickly that way.

No progress was made on either hair product. In fact, I’ve come to the conclusion that it was unwise to put as many hair products in my project as I did. But, there’s still a couple months left.

However, the shampoo bar I used as both shampoo and soap, and I think Miss Butterfly worked on panning it too. All we are left with are tiny scraps of it, and it’s probably time to call it quits.

I’ve used one of the PureHeals masks, I got two uses out of it.

I decided that I am not going to pan the second smaller porefessional tube. It’s great for travel, so I am going to keep it. The larger porefessional tube I cut open and depotted into a small plastic eyeshadow container, as I no longer had any control over that tube. If I could manage to squeeze out any product, I’d be squeezing out too much.

I am working consistently on the FAB serum and the estee lauder serum, I am switching between them so they’ll both get used up at around the same time. Both weigh in as one gram used.

Much progress has been made on the toner.

Out of the origins 3 pack, I am done with the night cream, and I am using the other two consistently. I’ve marked the moisturizing gel, as that’s all I really need even at night this time of year, so this one will begin to show significant progress more quickly than before. The eye cream weighs as one gram used. The moisturizing gel had 7 grams used, so I think it is safe to say that’ll be gone by next update.

No progress at all on the Kiehl’s.

Next intro photos:

Update photos:

I’ve continued to work on the eyeshadow palette, the pan I hit on the transition color is much larger now. I think this is one of those situations where once I finish the transition color, I can let this little palette go. It was $3. I certainly will have gotten my money’s worth at that point.

I am still working on the urban decay eyeshadow primer potion, but have cut that and depotted it too. It’s just the tiniest little bit left now. No progess on the wet n wild one, as that’s my back up.

The green/brown liner-I am dumb. I thought that it would be super easy to use because there was very little product in it, but it didn’t occur to me that it’s an actual pencil, and I can actually sharpen it. Which I did. Surprise, way more product! I probably need to be cognizant of this, just because it is not a traditional style wood looking pencil, it still may be something that is intended to be sharpened. Actually, it went on much smoother after a sharpening, which was pleasant. I ended up liking the product more. That being said, I failed to get a measurement on paper at the beginning of the project, so I had to add that in this round.

I am still working my way through the eyebrow pencil. Daily. It continues to not finish. I should be satisfied with progress being made. You can see an indication on the paper of how much I have used up. I am getting there.

The clinique setting powder got used, but not a ton, as I have also been using what is in the wet n wild contour palette. However, Miss Butterfly has also been using it. We used 3 grams.

The dandelion twinkle-I’ve hit pan! It’s not a lot, and I can’t help but think that maybe my kid dug in there, as I am not sure HOW I hit pan that fast. But, that’s what happened. Can you see it? It’s just the tiniest pan.

The blush is being used daily-no pan. And that’s fine with me. Still shows as one gram used.

The contouring palette-pan hit on both sides! The light side is probably why the clinique powder hasn’t been used much, I feel like working that palette evenly gives me the best use of product, so I am using the light side as an underye setting powder.

The urban decay all nighter foundation, when looking at my progress, please keep in mind it is an airless pump, so the markings should be viewed as working my way UP the bottle. I am using this very consistently. 4-5 times a week. I get a bit frustrated, just because I don’t even like it. And I listen to youtubers say that they can use up a foundation in 6 weeks, I’ve been working on this consistently for at least that long if not longer! But-I am at a point where I can make it work for me for the work day. It’s looking sketchy at the end of the day, but it is getting used. Miss Butterfly and I just had a discussion about this product, which was basically her telling me that she doesn’t see why I am hitting it all that hard. She says that maybe I should slow down and like my foundation look better from time to time. I did take her advice today, but I still do want to get this product out of stash.

The makeup forever blurring stuff with sunscreen is being used as just that. Sunscreen. On days when I intend to be outdoors. It doesn’t get used often, but it is getting used. No discernible progress.

No progress on the nude lipstick. But that’s ok, I threw that in there for when my colorful palettes arrived in my subscription boxes. They just arrived. So I’ll get to work on the nude lipstick in the upcoming weeks.

As for the clinique chubby stick-I am pretty much done. I get annoyed when these crayon like applicators reach the end, and they get all over your face because you can no longer control the product placement. I can’t believe I was able to use this up completely! And I am glad to have gotten use out of it and can toss it. I did like the tinted balm situation, it was easy to throw on at work consistently with my neutral eye look and call it good. Low key. But, no more clinique lip products. No more sore throats from lip products.

Despite almost daily use, no discernible progress on the mary kay lip mask and balm.

Other miscellaneous stuff-I tossed the 11 year old dior perfume. The prada sample beside it is almost gone. The elf setting spray is gone. The ulta brush cleaner is getting closer to gone, though Miss Butterfly was wrong, it didn’t get finished in June. I think this is because sometimes I washed my own brushes instead of leaving it to her, and I suspect she’s more generous with the spraying of those brushes, plus uses it as an opportunity to clean her own brushes with my product. In any case, I am glad it isn’t gone yet. No progress on the pureology. Because, as I mentioned, TOO MANY hair products in this project pan! I am going to remove this product from my summer project pan, leaving myself better able to concentrate on the two remaining hair products.


Because I have removed some haircare from this summer project, and because I tossed some things, I am subbing in two items.

The first is a cleanser from trader joe’s. I purchased this awhile back during the winter. It didn’t really work for me, and it ended up in the linen closet. I pulled it out during our recent decluttering, and I think I am going to give it another try. At the time I purchased it, my skin would have been naturally drier than the summer, and also, at the time I wasn’t taking care of my skin. Between the winter and what was likely quite dehydrated skin, it didn’t work. I’ve used it a few times in the recent days and it seems to be working just fine now. So, it’s time to use it up, and get my money’s worth out of it.

The other addition is a buxom lip gloss that I received in a subscription box. This is the gloss that started my obsession with buxom lip gloss and made me purchase the full size. However, it’s only slightly tinted, instead of giving a nice vivid color to the lips. It’ll be a good one to finish this summer.

That’s all from this update! In one month, 5 products were used up and 2 products were used enough to know it was time to toss them. I feel like I can manage another 7 or 8 in the next update. That’s my prediction, as there are 7 or 8 products that are really close to finish. I will also acknowledge that it’s pretty easy to use up sample sizes. However, for us to keep trying subscription boxes, we have to keep using the samples we receive. It could get out of hand quickly if we settle on some products, purchase full sizes, and then still have sample sizes coming in.

Now-the real trick will be continuing to use the foundation. It’s the one product I am REALLY tired of and am having trouble incorporating into my daily routine. Let’s see how that goes….

Declutter Update 7

The final update for a bit, I do believe.

After another night of heavy rains, another 2 inches, and a day full of unrelenting rain until the afternoon, it finally cleared up yesterday. Miss Butterfly and I were out in the rainy part doing a bit of shopping. The plumber arrived early and replaced our toilet, so we were able to get out and about fairly quickly.

Then I had time for rolag creating, which was yesterday’s true goal. I managed to get through more than a pound of wool in my creations. I created two sets, the first being a green set that has 7 ounces, and then a blue/grey set that has over 6 ounces.

I know it sounds odd, but I am actually running rather thin on wool for rolags now. I’ve got enough for one more set without going to great lengths to flick card and dye the fleeces I have in stash. And that’ll be a lighter set at that.

The biggest challenge I have right now is simply not starting spinning the stuff I’ve just created! The whole point was to get it to a point where I can spin, not necessarily to start spinning immediately.

That being said, I have put things away for now. I head back to work today, and because of that, I wanted to see where I was with all this. I wanted to be done enough to see if I really did reduce the stash in the craft room. And I did! Instead of two cabinets full of wool, I now can fit everything in one cabinet. And it’s the smaller of the two cabinets. So I was able to put away some other items, not wool related, in the larger cabinet. Rather than a laundry bin full of wool plus a plastic bin, I got my dyed stash and add-ins down to just the laundry bin, INCLUDING the very large amounts of red mohair I own. I repurposed the plastic bin for one of the fleeces needing to be flick carded, reclaiming a proper bag for my own use again. I still have the brown merino on the prelude, but I have to admit I am not overly eager to spin it right now, after marathoning the grey CVM/Romeldale. I prefer to do a bit of knitting instead.

In any case, as of right now, I have pretty much cut my “hidden” stash right in half. And my to spin fiber cabinet is full to the point of bursting, both with fiber AND potential. It’s very exciting! This weekend may bring us back to a bit more dyeing, I’ve got another project in mind. But, I do believe my progress thus far is satisfactory, and I won’t keep posting declutter updates daily.

It has really only recently occurred to me that I just have two days of work and then I get another weekend! That’s nutty. And wonderful.

Declutter Update 6

Guys, this one isn’t going to be too exciting. Yesterday began early. We’d had an inch and a half of rain in a storm overnight, so once I was out of bed, assessing the damage, coffee in hand, was my priority. For us, it mostly meant that all the mulch in every bed that isn’t actively raised or mounded flowed off the beds and into the yard. And sometimes right out into the street.

While Mr. Ink was cooking breakfast, the plumber stopped by. Turns out, old blue, our lovely blue toilet that matches the rest of the blue bathroom, born in 1959 and added to the home when it was built in 1962, gave up the ghost. The porcelain is now compromised and it cannot be fixed. I would have been happy to allow the plumber to go get us a new toilet and install it, but Mr. Ink wanted to purchase his own. So, we carefully took down the plumber’s advice, then went to the zoo as we’d originally planned.

We spent a very long, hot, extremely humid day at the zoo. When you find going into the jungle building to be a great relief from the outdoors, it’s probably too hot to be at the zoo. But, it’s also so expensive at this point that we really felt we’d better make the most of it. So, we ended up leaving for lunch then going back for more exhibits. In the end, a good day was had by all, but I was greatly relieved to get home when we did.

Once home, and after a change of clothing to dry off, I began some decluttering. Nothing big, as I didn’t have much time. But, I decided if I was adding to my yarn stash, I’d better also reorganize it as it was getting really out of hand.


Here’s the before photo. I used to have everything properly put in bins, but somewhere along the line, I lost my way. Balled yarns weren’t staying in the cubes anymore, and so I just started throwing everything on the very top of the cabinet.

So, I pulled everything out and rearranged. I ended up with this:


It really is much improved! In the basket, which I managed to gain the use of once I spun and dyed the wool that had been sitting in it, I put all the balled up yarn that was making stash take a tumble. Now, there’s still a lot of yarn, and it’s really packed tight in there, but everything is separated out again. One of the things I notice about my stash now is how it used to contain all commercial yarn and I kept handspun elsewhere. Then I began to knit the commercial yarn out of stash and moved all my handspun into two empty cubes. Now my handspun takes up 4 cubes, and Miss Marja’s handspun takes up one cube, and that only leaves 4 cubes for everything else. And those 4 cubes aren’t as full as the handspun ones.

This is all the decluttering that could be done yesterday. It was a day for family activities instead. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some rolags created today. I just have one more declutter photo to show off, and it’s my 900 yards of 2 ply CVM/Romeldale yarn.


I am so proud of this! I can’t believe I got through all this in such a short time. Also, it’s beautiful. And it was ENTIRELY worth working through. I am so glad I decluttered, came across the remainder of this fleece, and created something with it. I think some sort of proper traditional shetland style shawl might be exactly the thing for this yarn, but for now it’s in the stash to be saved for another time.

I do hope I can find an equal amount of joy in some of the other fleece left to process. We shall see!

Have a great day everyone!

Declutter Update 5

Oh my good goodness, did I ever work through some hidden stash yesterday!

I got started at that drum carder, and 8 hours later I had made my way through almost 2 pounds of wool. 2 pounds! That’s nutty. Here’s what I made.

In these two, I used the same blue base for both sets and toned one blue and light, and the other I toned black and dark.

Despite the fact that it looks like both these sets are orange, they aren’t. The set on the left I began with a yellow base, adding pink and hot pink to the orange looking ones, and blue tones to the green looking ones. That’ll be a combo spin. Then the set on the right is an actual orange color combo with reds and rusts.


I loved this set quite a lot. I took a coral color base and then added a whole mess of pink to it, with some rich teal green as well. I think these will be a blast to spin.


And then for my last trick, I took an emerald green dyed over a grey natural wool, added a whole mess of different color greens toning toward olive, added a pop of brown bamboo, and called it good.

Each set is over 4 ounces, some more than others. Each set has various amounts of silk, bamboo, and other various add-ins so they’ll be totally interesting to spin.

So, now I have almost 2 more pounds of wool in my stash to work with, in batt form. Add to that the 10 ounces that made it in there yesterday after dyeing and drying. Previous to this, I had a big pink laundry like bin full of wool as well as a plastic storage bin. The storage bin is completely empty, and the laundry bin is somewhat light. Not packed full.

I decided to stop and put the drum carder away because I really would also like to create some rolags out of this. I do still have tons of base wool and tons of add-ins. But, I can’t really easily control the color on my drum carder, so I am looking forward to working on some rolags and creating something that’s a bit more gradient.

I really didn’t do any spinning yesterday, there really wasn’t time, and when I did sit down for a second, I decided I could knit a few rows.

Today is for the plumber and perhaps the zoo. We’ve been having some funny freak storms with a major downpour, but we are hoping that we can still enjoy the zoo all together anyhow. So, far less time to work on the destash. I think I can still get some done though.


Declutter Day 4

Another full day of dyeing and spinning, with major progress made. At this time I am done dyeing and the dye materials are packed up and back in the basement. Here’s what I worked on yesterday, a number of different locks:

Bright stuff! It’s not quite dry yet.

And I spun. And spun and spun and spun, finishing all the singles for my CVM/Romeldale fleece:


That was a major accomplishment!

Miss Butterfly returned after a weekend with her dad last evening. Our neighbor had contacted me asking if Miss Butterfly would be willing to dog sit for her if she went out of town. So, we headed over there to get the details of that. Our home is situated as such that while she’s our neighbor, our access is completely cut off from her, and we have to walk quite a ways to get to her home. So we’d never officially met her dog, though Lizzie tends to grumble at the dog. Turns out Jasper is a fantastic 13-year-old English foxhound with a smiley expression and sweet disposition. So now we are just waiting to hear final plans for dog sitting, but are quite eager to do it. I think we can get Lizzie on board too, with an introduction in a neutral place. Our neighbor is disabled, and cannot walk the dog so he plays a lot in the fenced in backyard. I think we’ll see if we can make a point to walk Jasper from time to time as well once we get to know him a little better.

Today for decluttering I am not entirely positive what is up next. I think maybe some batts. If I can get some of those made, it’ll go pretty far toward feeling like I’ve worked through some of my stash. I am avoiding the dark merino because it makes such an absolute mess. But perhaps I should decide that working on that daily even if it’s not much at a time would be wise. If only it were pleasant outdoors and I could spin on the patio, it’s perfect patio spinning where the vegetable matter would just drop to the ground outdoors requiring no additional clean up on my part.

That’s all to report from here, I’ll have another update tomorrow I hope. We are supposed to see a break in the heat tomorrow, but then a lot of rain. Which at this point would be perfectly welcome.

Declutter Update 3

Yesterday was dye day. I admit, while I did get some things done, I should have worked at it a little harder. But, I’ve got the dye pot running again this morning.

The first thing I dyed was some merino locks. They weren’t yet flick carded, and I decided to try a technique I’d tried twice a long time ago which created some of my favorite dyed locks. The technique was called cram pot dyeing. The idea is to layer in the locks, and dye them various colors all in the same pot. So here’s what I came up with:


Ok, clearly my phone didn’t love the bright colors. But, as you can see each individual lock even has different colors in it. I am not sure if I’ll flick card and spin these, or make rolags and spin them. But either way, the wool is super soft and will absolutely make a lovely finished yarn.

I then quickly dyed up some corriedale locks that were already flick carded, these just go in my bin of colors for drum carding.


Then I divided up 8 ounces of undyed corriedale wool top into 2 ounce sections and got 3 of them dyed.


The yellow will head right into the bin of dyed wool for batts and rolags. The blue and the blue/green were intended for the same, but now that I look at them more carefully, I’ve decided instead to dye up another blue/green section then combo spin those three sections together.

I had another early start this morning. As per usual, the moment you try something new that Lizzie likes, she’ll hold you to it. So she held me to the 6 am walk. To be fair, I wanted that motivation as well, I just had a little harder time getting out of bed this morning.

That being said, I did get so much of what I had hoped done yesterday. Did you know that ALL the grey CVM/Romeldale locks are carded now? Which means now I just have to spin spin spin. And keep dyeing.

Declutter Update #2

We are under a heat advisory here, and I couldn’t sleep because I was too excited to get to doing all the things I have planned for today. Mr. Ink, despite being on vacation, has to work today. This is what always happens when we plan a vacation. I started the morning with a dog walk, because there’s no way I am walking her any later.

This morning is for pulling out dyes and getting fiber dyed, the next step in decluttering the craft room and making some of my wool into something that can go in the fiber cabinet.

But, while I wait for coffee to brew, I figured I’d show you where I am now. First up, here is the dark merino that I didn’t grab a photo of yesterday:


The batt has a ton of vegetable matter in it, and I am kind of ignoring it. Whatever falls out while I am spinning falls out. More will fall out when plying, and whatever is left I can deal with while knitting. Trying to pick out each individual piece now just slows me down way too much. I worked on this for awhile last evening while Mr. Ink and I watched the new Murder on the Orient Express. Well, he kind of slept through most of it, but I enjoyed it!

I now have 4 spindles of CVM Romeldale now.


This is quite an accomplishment really since I am spinning the singles pretty thin, and, you have to remember that every bit of fiber I have spun also had to be flick carded first. That being said, this is the project I am enjoying immensely. I really don’t want to work on anything else right now. So, this particular fleece absolutely held it’s charm over a number of years.

Tomorrow….fiber! Dyed fiber. I feel certain I’ll have some to show off. And while that fiber won’t be ready to spin any time soon, it’ll be one step closer to where it needs to be.


Declutter News

Well, I’ve been hard at work on the decluttering of the wool in the craft room.


Like I thought, this potentially beautiful fleece was full of scurf. I took a lock outside and flick carded it, ending up with a pretty lock full of scurf, as well as scurf flying around and right up my nose. I may be ok with many things, but sheep dandruff up my nose is not one of them. I trashed this.


Do you see all the burlap bags to the right? I kept just under 4 ounces of gotland fleece, already washed, and began spinning it. I decided I didn’t want to spin it at all, so I set it aside to see if I can destash it in some way. The other burlap sacks contained a partially separated icelandic fleece sample, and I decided I didn’t want that, so they got trashed.

In the round washbasket there’s brown merino fleece already carded into batts. There’s a total of 8 ounces. I began spinning that on the prelude last evening, but didn’t get a photo.

In the rectangle basket at the top you’ll see grey fleece. This was one of my best fleeces, and it went really far. I thought about it for a bit, and decided my absolute favorite way of spinning this has been flick carding and then spinning on a support spindle from the flick carded lock. Since all the other yarns I’ve created from this fleece have been a gorgeous bouncy 3 ply, I have decided to ply this into a 2 ply yarn. I got a good start:


I’ll keep after this one regularly.

On the rose, I began spinning samples:


The top is navajo churro, the white below is racka, and the two at the bottom are jacob fleece. I need to get these plied. I am plying the navajo churro and the racka together since they’ll never be anything other than a coaster or something anyhow. The jacob fleece will just be a small sample yarn.


In this photo on the right is a bunch of angora fiber. I took that to Miss Marja and left it in her doorway yesterday because she’ll use it and I need it out of the house.

This weekend my dyes and crockpot will come out and I’ll get some of the undyed fiber dyed into something I can use in batts and rolags, furthering my declutter goals. This seems less nighmareish than I originally thought. And, when I can actually ENJOY some of the decluttering, by spinning wool I actually LOVE, it takes the edge off.

Mr. Ink said last evening “It’s getting harder and harder to get near you!” As I was spinning away, surrounded by boxes and bags of wool. I said “Well, I am decluttering!” He said “Spinning seems like an awfully slow way to declutter…..”

He’s right of course. But he hadn’t seen how I filled up the trash yet.

In other news, here’s a quick garden photo.


Last year I planted cannas that barely bloomed, they struggled along all year. I wasn’t sure I was even going to bother this year. But, I bothered. I have the ol’ regular tall red ones at the back, they are starting to grow. But, this time I added two different colors to my garden, and one of them is already blooming! I also have some tropical milkweed in there. Something for the hummingbirds and something for the butterflies.

That’s it for today, more to come tomorrow as I continue on my declutter journey.

Acknowledging a Problem

During my declutter of my craft room, it became clear that I’ve got to do something about all the various undyed natural fibers I’ve got in my fiber stash. At one time I was quite obsessed with prepping my own fleece, and that was great for me. However, I am not at that stage in my crafting anymore. In other times, many times really, I have been into making my own batts and rolags. My craft room is absolutely FULL of “hidden” undyed fleece and dyed fiber and add ins for interesting batts and rolags.

This is basically hidden not because I am deliberately hiding it in any way, but because it doesn’t actually reside with the rest of my yarn and fiber stash. In Mr. Ink’s den I have an area where I keep both yarn and dyed prepared fiber. I am so accustomed to walking into that room and choosing something from that cabinet that I never get around to choosing something undyed, and I rarely get around to making new batts or rolags.

So I was able to declutter that craft room to a large extent, but then had a total stall out once I started opening cabinet doors and realizing I had a serious problem with being unable to use up my hidden stash.

I am going to haul it out and present it to you. Not for the purpose of decluttering it, I’ll be keeping most of it. But for the purpose of identifying what I have. And then, once I spin a bump of regular prepared fiber, I need to find a way to move what I have into handspun yarn or into fiber that is prepped/dyed in such a way that it makes it into my regular fiber stash.

Now, I’ve already moved away from dyeing my own fiber. I still have dyes, so I can still dye some of it, but I am done with purchasing new dyes so those colors will be limited. I also only have a crock pot to dye with now, I decluttered the remainder of my dyeing supplies a few years back. It’s just not a passion of mine, and I know I won’t be taking it up with any expertise or intention toward that. But, if I get some of these things dyed, I’ll be able to use them in batts and rolags.

New summer goal for this year, move undyed fiber stash and colorful add ins into my regular fiber stash by making batts or rolags, or make it yarn. Plus, it should make for interesting blogging, right? Anyhow, let’s see what I’ve got going on in my “hidden” stash. (For the record, I’ve been saying for years “it’s not that much.” And it isn’t, for someone who is processing fleece regularly. But when I haven’t touched it in 3 years, it’s suddenly a whole lot!)


Here are two CVM Romeldale fleeces. The one on top is much larger than that on the bottom. They are both washed, as I made sure to wash everything before I moved 3 years ago. It was a wise goal, but it would have been nice to have touched some of this since. Anyhow, these are both pretty full of vegetable matter, they aren’t the best. But they are worth working through I think. There’s a lot of flick carding to be done here! The bottom one isn’t washed in a way that preserved lock structure, I didn’t have that ability at the time I washed it. So there will be a large amount of waste associated with it. The top one less so, As I had created my fleece washing box when I washed that one, and it was in use. The fleece washing box is now long gone, it went to Mr. Ink who took it apart to make a device to sift dirt with. I guess in the end it served its purpose more than once.


This is a Romney fleece, or part of one. It’s one of those situations where one learns to maybe not purchase fleece on the internet unless you really trust the seller. And, maybe to wash a test bit immediately and then see how it goes. I think this fleece is full of scurf. I need to flick card a bit to find out. If it is, this’ll be going in the trash. I have no interest in working through that, despite the fact it is otherwise a gorgeous fleece.


Here’s a whole load of various fibers in various dyed states. More to be dyed, tons to work through and create yarn, or batts, or rolags. This looks pretty overwhelming to me. All that red? It was given to me by one of my international conference attendees. I have decided that I would like to spin some up and give it back to her in October. So, I’ll yank some of that out and spin it up pretty quickly I think. I just have to keep that at the forefront of my brain.


This photo is of a basket of samples. This is super cute because I can see that at some point way back when, I was trying to keep Miss Butterfly occupied by having her make post it notes with the names of the wool on them. This is my project number 1. I will flick card and sample spin some, and the rest I’ll flick card and dye for add ins. Here’s a secret, there’s some in there that are already flick carded! Bonus.



On the left top is the remains of a CVM Romeldale fleece that I purchased and processed. It’s a truly lovely fleece, Much of this fleece was spun into yarn that was used for the edging of my huge lizard ridge blanket:

Other parts of it made it into a dye pot, then into batts that were spun along the way. But I still have quite a lot left because one fleece goes a LONG way. Seriously though, this was one of my favorite fleeces to work with. It was a great investment, even if there’s still some hanging around.

Below that there’s this STUNNING black wool and unfortunately I don’t even remember what it is anymore. It’s definitely a longwool. The white batts are leftovers from a jacob fleece, I processed awhile back, I don’t even know what to do with them anymore. These I tend to hand out pretty freely when someone is learning to spin. All around that are more various samples of things to try and spin.


Guess what? MORE SAMPLES!


This one is from a Corriedale fleece that I spun and knit into a featherweight cardigan. I still have more 2 ply laceweight from this. It’s a beautiful fleece with hints of grey. It’s washed, it’s flick carded, and it would be easy to dye for add ins, but it’s also so pretty that I am not sure I want to. I bet this is one of the last things I work with.


And finally, Border Leicester dyed locks on the left, and angora I cannot use on the right. (I am allergic to angora, not that there’s something wrong with the angora.)

You know, now that I’ve hauled it all out, I think there is quite a lot I’d be ok with parting with. I think tomorrow I should get some weights and post what I’d be willing to part with in case anyone is interested.

In any case, Mr. Ink took a look at all I’d hauled out and raised an eyebrow. I said “I am working on admitting I have a problem.” And he just laughed. That being said, this is mostly a problem I created before he and I moved to the new home, it’s not a problem that has been building over 3 years. So, I don’t think this is a bad habit I have to break. It’s just time to declutter, use, and acknowledge the sunk cost fallacy going on here.

In Knitting

I scheduled yesterday’s post, and am scheduling this post, so writing on Tuesday. Monday was one of those odd but somewhat expected days in the middle of the midwest. During the day we ended up with strong storms that popped up entirely out of nowhere and quite unexpectedly. Then we were under tornado watch and strong thunderstorm warnings for the remainder of the evening as well.

Miss Butterfly and I had plans when I got home. We wanted to make strawberry shortcake, and declutter my handbags. Spoiler alert, I got into the cedar chest where I keep my handbags, and realized there wasn’t any to declutter. Anyhow, we spent the first bit of time after I got home cleaning up everything in the yard, moving handbaskets, putting away patio furniture, etc. Thankfully she’d already walked the dog, and was a big help running around with me as we anticipated strong winds and hail.

All in all we did ok in the storm, it wasn’t a joke but we didn’t have hail or a power outage this time. Everyone in our household was at home and safe rather than trying to get home. It was a decent outcome. It got dark as night outside, so we ended up watching a movie straight away, knowing that we might be interrupted due to power loss. We did also make that strawberry shortcake which was a lovely treat.

Anyhow, in knitting, here are a few things I am working on. I mentioned that I was going to make a featherweight cardigan out of the purple/green combo spin I recently completed. Here’s the start of that:


It’s moving right along as you can clearly see. It’s been a lot of fun working on this one. And I am now at miles and miles of stockinette mode, which is exactly where I wanted to be.

I also began this sock:


I have paired a more solid olive green color with a variegated color to create this sock. It’s lovely! I am switching colors every row. This is currently my work project. I have over half a skein of both colors, so I figured I’d pair them up to get the most out of each skein.

That’s all I’ve got for knitting projects right now, and I don’t currently have anything on my wheel. However, I might be able to get a photo of that embroidery project and explain why I can’t seem to throw it out and move on. Stay tuned….

What’s Not Working


Just a quick check in. What started all my decluttering on Sunday was this. I grabbed these three items to get a photograph because they aren’t working for me. When that photograph was taken, I trashed them and began to declutter more hardcore.

For me, part of project pan is to use items regularly to get a good idea as to if that item works or doesn’t work for my routine. Only two of these items are in my summer project pan, the other can’t even make it into a pan.

On the left, my 11 year old Miss Dior perfume has got to go. It is so old it’s discolored, and it doesn’t smell like it used to. To be perfectly honest, the reason it lasted this long was that it wasn’t my favorite fragrance in the first place! And furthermore, it kind of brings back memories that aren’t the most pleasant, from way back when I received it. So it’s not working for me, I gave it over a month of every day use and now it has to go. I tossed it.

In the middle is It Cosmetics bye bye under eye concealer. I tried using this for a bit, figuring I’d use it up. It’s a sample size after all, and there was a lot of air in the container so I knew it wouldn’t take long to use despite the fact a little goes a long way. Then every day during work I’d get annoyed because I’d have severe mascara transfer to the under eye area. I switched mascaras, I even almost threw out bad gal bang, my most favorite lower lash mascara! Until I realized that it didn’t matter which mascara I wore out of the three I was switching, I got transfer with all of them despite the fact that I set the concealer with powder. The culprit HAD to be the concealer. So that’s it, a concealer that does this to me isn’t even worthy of a project pan appearance. I tossed it.

Then there’s the Elbow Grease from Lush. I decided I was going to work on using this, despite the fact I do not like the strong fragrance. Lush advertises that in addition to using it on super dry elbows and feet during the winter, one can use it on tattoos to make them look particularly nice. So, since it’s summer and I am not having a particular problem with dry elbows and feet, I decided to use it on my tattoo. And that’s when the problems started. If I used this in the morning, by the afternoon I’d have HUGE whitehead zits all over my tattoo. It was so weird! And…ugly. And not particularly comfortable. I let everything straighten out, tried again, and the same thing happened. So I can honestly say this is a product that my skin hates, and as such, it doesn’t belong in a project pan, it belongs in the trash.

When panning, if the decision is to completely let go of the item, that still counts as a success, in my opinion. So, current pan count for summer is up by 2 items, and one item decluttered from my collection.

I’ll probably post a summer project pan update next week sometime, despite the fact it’ll be a little bit on the early side. I will be on vacation, and as such, it’ll be a good time to pull everything together, get things weighed, and get photographs if necessary.

Just a couple more photos for you. Miss Butterfly spent Sunday morning practicing makeup. She’s now mastered a winged eyeliner. For her next trick, she’ll have to try making them match.

I’ll have to remind her at some point that winged liner on hooded eyes means no eyeshadow can be seen. But she’s just having fun practicing, so I am not going to put too fine a point on it.

That’s it for today! Happy Tuesday!


Sunday morning got a rocky start. I had stayed up late on Saturday night, then the dog and the storms woke me up early Sunday morning. I admit, I was a bit grumpy and testy but also ready to get stuff done around the house. I washed all the windows outside before the weather got really hot. I did a bunch of knitting. I soaked and wrung out this spinning:


This is 400 yards of 2 ply yarn, spun on my support spindles. I didn’t worry too much on this skein about the thickness of the singles, and I plied it quite lightly. So it’s nice and rustic looking. The colors are really gentle. It’s got that particular fuzzy look that woolen spun yarn gets. It’s a lovely second finish of the weekend and I am happy to have it in my collection.

Miss Butterfly and I also decided to do some major decluttering. My craft room is quite a mess, and truthfully, I am also not doing nearly as much crafting as I had, and when I decided I enjoyed makeup, I put all my makeup stuff in there. So, when you add another hobby to an already cluttered and disorganized room, things sort of feel out of hand. I hadn’t really gone through much in the 3 years we’ve been in the house, so it was time. We moved some things to the basement, identified others that could go in the basement once we found an appropriate box for them, took everything out of the closet and reorganized in there, it was great! We even took every handbag I stored in that closet and pulled every last bit and bob out of them, putting them in a box for sorting. Miss Butterfly was a HUGE help in all this, and really also enjoyed herself.

Then we went after my drawers in there which are a combination of important papers, jewelry, and sewing type supplies. We did a bunch of decluttering there too, and organized everything in a manner which means I have a lot more room in each drawer and can actually access everything.

Not willing to stop there, we tackled the hallway linen closet. We were able to convince Mr. Ink that he really didn’t need the suntan lotion in there that he made us keep 3 years ago as no one uses suntan lotion anymore, and he hasn’t used it in the 3 years we’ve been here. We also convinced him that tums that expired in 2003 is an inappropriate item to keep. He acted amazed that these could have expired that long ago, but I had mentioned it 3 years ago! Then we went for the bathroom cupboard, but unfortunately I decluttered that about a year ago and have kept up on it, so there wasn’t much to do in there. One more section got worked on yesterday, a drawer in my bedroom where I also keep important papers, stuffing them in there when they arrive and not looking at them again. As well as that drawer being a bit of a catch all area for other stuff I don’t have a clear idea what to do with. It was great to get that area completed too, and I was able to identify another section of the house that hasn’t been worked on in awhile, so we’ll try to hit that one up this evening. We LOVE decluttering! Oh, we also decluttered Miss Butterfly’s collection of nail polishes, though we only tossed 3. And then painted our nails.

So anyhow, all in all it was a pretty good day, especially after I’d had a nap. Hah. We’ve got some plans together this evening as well, strawberry shortcake making being one of them. We are also looking forward to a little time off at home next week, Mr. Ink and I decided we needed to have some stay at home/hang with Miss Butterfly time before the rest of her summer commences. So we’ve planned accordingly next week.

OH-and after that, Miss Butterfly has challenged me to a week of no knitting and spinning. She has two goals here. She wants to know if I can do it. And also, she thinks that perhaps if I can’t knit or spin, I’ll complete the embroidered pillowcase that’s been in my craft room stash since before she was born. 🙂 More on that to come….



Sunday Morning

Sunday mornings are for telling you what I did yesterday. First off, we headed to a garden art show put on by a friend of mine. I missed it completely last year so I was eager to go this year. I already knew what I was going to get too, I’d been waiting on this for two years. While I knew I could just contact the artist and get the item any time, there’s also something fun about waiting and anticipating that new addition to your yard.

In this case, it’s a rain gauge.

It’s got a lovely coppery vine with flowers running up it, and those flowers have purple beads inside. Then, it may be hard to see but there’s a glass water droplet coming from the spout. This is the same artist who made our monster and our spider two years ago, let’s see if I can find those photos:


Well, I can’t find a photo of the copper spider, but this is my garden monster. This same artist also had a fantastic metal chicken that was also a planter, I may have to pick up one of those someday. But also, next year I should spread the love and choose something from another artist I suppose.

I also finished up my spinning project. I have 310 yards of the chain ply yarn and 330 yards of the traditional 3 ply. Can you tell which is which?

These turned out beautifully, I think. The chain ply still looks a little muddy because the wool was dyed in such a speckled manner. It’ll be fun to figure out what to do with these two.

In the evening, Miss Butterfly was off at a party with her dad and stepmom, and Mr. Ink was at a concert. I stayed home and was quite pleased with my decision. It was super hot and muggy and being at an outdoor concert would have been annoying. I decided to stay in, knit, and watch netflix. Except, I only got through 2 episodes of a show before I got bored. I am really not good at sitting and watching TV right now. But, I  did get a fair bit of knitting done on that handspun featherweight cardi I’ve been talking about knitting.

This morning for the second morning in a row I woke up to storms. It’s a great way to wake up since it means I’ve woken up with the realization that one chore for the day is off the list. Having thoroughly watered plants at the start of the day is fantastic. It’s going to be another hot one today, more heat and humidity. But I’ve been fairly productive and I’ve got a lot to show off on the blog this week. Good stuff!


Let’s Maybe Add a Title Today

I have never been a lipstick wearer. Well, as we’ve discussed for a long time I wasn’t a makeup wearer. But, even when I was younger and did wear makeup, lipstick was 100% not my thing. I’d wear a full face of makeup and ignore my lips. Why? Because all lipsticks gave me a sore throat. I tried to stick to brands that were supposed to be hypoallergenic and/or fragrance free. I tried many a Clinique lipstick and no matter what, I had a sore throat that would last all darn day.

Now many years have gone by, and formulas change just as trends change. So I figured I’d give it a try again. The first thing I got was a Clinique Chubby Stick balm in a package deal, and just like clockwork, I had the lipstick sore throat.

Then, after watching a youtuber talk up Flower Beauty Petal Pout lipsticks, I figured I’d pick up one or two of those and give them a try. I mean, the price is good, so why not? I picked up a matte formula and a cream formula. Surprisingly enough, while the matte formula did give me the sore throat, the cream formula did not. I gave the matte formula to Miss Butterfly.

Then, while shopping at Ulta, I was given a liquid lipstick at checkout. It was completely unexpected. But when I tried it on, I realized that there was no sore throat to it at all. So-something must have changed, and it’s nice to know that I can maybe wear some lip products now with comfort. And I began amassing a collection. It’s still pretty small, but here it is:


Left to right…

Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm (Super Strawberry)- I really like having this on hand, the gentle wash of color when I don’t feel like doing a full lip liner and lipstick routine is just the thing, and it truly does feel like a balm. Very moisturizing. I’ve learned that I really don’t like crayon style lip products, but since this is a balm, it doesn’t bother me as much. However, it’s got the pesky sore throat thingy going on for me, and my throat is mildly sore the entire time I’ve got it on. It gets old. Really old.

Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint (Exposed)- This was my first ever matte liquid lipstick. And, I guess you could say I like it, since I used it up immediately. I even featured it on one of my empties, but have since yanked out the stopper to scrape the remainders from the sides. I MIGHT have two applications left after this swatch. I love the color on this as well. It’s long wearing, the color is great, and I get absolutely no sore throat associated with it at all.

Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint (OG)- So, because I loved the sample size I received unexpectedly one day at ulta, I decided to purchase a full size. I did purchase this one half price, which made it a reasonable amount to spend on a lip product. BUT, the color selection was limited. And this one does NOT do me any favors. It’s too light and it’s too cool toned to look good on me. I’ve handed this one over to Miss Butterfly, who has a much lighter complexion and cool tones look great on her. She’s the lucky winner of this lipstick! Hah.  I may just have to go back and get myself the color I like next time, but there are so many other lipsticks in my collection now that it can wait.

Here’s a quick selfie I took for Miss Butterfly with OG on, this was when I realized it didn’t really work for me.


Buxom Full On Lip Polish (Celeste)- I received this one in one of my subscription boxes. I had never tried any type of plumping formula, and was seriously nervous it would irritate. As it turns out, I LOVE that minty tingly formula! As you can see, this one has very little color to it, though it does have sparkle. I’ve used it as a lipstick topper from time to time, though it sometimes makes the lipstick under it slide a bit. I think this will get featured in an upcoming project pan soon. Had I thought it through, I would have added this one for summer, as it would have worked perfectly.

Buxom Full On Lip Polish (Sophia)- I purchased this one because I wanted a full size of the product I’d learned to love through trial size. But, I also wanted something with color payoff. I am super happy with this particular purchase and use it regularly. Sometimes over top a base, but often just on its own.

Flower Beauty Petal Pout (Coral Crush)- I purchased this in March for an event I was working at. I knew I’d be wearing a fantastic coral colored top and wanted a lipstick that looked good with it. I really like this lipstick, it looks great on me as bright warm colors tend to do, and I also like the formula since it doesn’t give me that sore throat situation. The staying power of this one is nothing to write home about, I do have to reapply. But, it’s the cream formula so that’s a little bit to be expected.

Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte (655 Daringly Nude)- There was a youtube video I watched on the best nude lip products, and this one was featured. It looked so nice to me. I figured for the price it would be a great one to add to my collection, and I really do like it. This one gives me a hint of sore throat but it goes away within 10 minutes so I can wear it all day if I can get over the initial application.

L’Oreal Infallible Paints (Fearless Fuchsia)- I tried this one originally off a little card of samples I received of this product. With, for the record, an outdated coupon. That was funny. Anyhow, I tried all 3 colors and realized this really bright pink was the one that looked great on me. I purchased a full size in order to wear in general, but also for the Alabama wedding. This one has an initial sore throat thing going on but it does wear off for me. Funny extra story, I put this on my mom as well for the wedding, and the shade turned into a pretty dark berry color. I have no idea what was going on there! But, she says that has always happened to her. It’s a completely different color depending on which of us wears it, so crazy.

Beauty Creations Long Wear Matte Lipgloss (Kiss Me)- I received this full sized liquid lipstick in one of my subscription boxes. I have worn it once. I find it sticky. I also find the color not to be great on me. It may be that it’s a cooler toned color, and may look best on Miss Butterfly, we’ll see. This one, I think, gives my lips the illusion of being thinner than they are. I think things that pull cool toned do that for me. I should add this one to an upcoming shop my stash for a week and decide if I want to keep it or hand it over to Miss Butterfly.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick (Jeffree)- Another higher end half price offering I picked up. There was only one color choice and this was it. But, because I like brights and wanted to try it, I figured I would give it a go. I’ve heard some mixed reviews about this formula. But, from a post 3 days ago where I was wearing it, you’ll realize that I ended up really liking the color. As for the formula, jury’s still out. I’ll decide that later. Upon initial application, this one looks patchy and I have to build it up. But, that also may be because it’s bright and my lips are darker, it may need a good lip liner under it.

Here’s the selfie from that lovely bright color:


Stila Color Balm Lipstick (Savannah)- The last half-price offering I picked up. The color on this one is pretty dark brown, and has JUST enough warmth to it to look ok on me. It is described as a cool toned brown but I can get away with it. Which is great because this one is by far my favorite of my recent purchases. This one has peppermint oils and has that great balm feel that I love. But, it has the color payoff that works as a serious lipstick too. I DO initially get that sore throat thing going on with it, but it wears off quickly.

I also grabbed a selfie with this new favorite for Miss Butterfly. You’ll see I managed to smile when taking a photo with a lipstick I actually like!


So, I am beginning to conclude that traditional style lipsticks tend to give me the sore throat, but many of them now don’t leave me with an all-day sore throat. It must be something that goes in the stick formula. However, liquid lipsticks tend to not do this to me at all. I am going to continue to explore different formulas I think, but only if they are on sale in some way. And I’ll try to be better about reading descriptions and staying away from cool toned colors. At least now I can wear lipsticks, and even kind of like them! My lipstick game is woefully out of practice though, and I need to add some different lip liner colors to my collection too. It’s a learning process. And because I don’t wear lipsticks at home, I have less time to really play and practice with them. I just throw them on once I get in to work and then touch up at lunchtime and call it good.

That’s it for makeup related stuff this weekend. Tomorrow, spinning! It’s only Saturday morning but I’ve accomplished so much as we had a family movie night last night.

Prepping for the Weekend

No beauty product related post today. Miss Butterfly was off for more babysitting last evening, so we weren’t able to gather and photograph what I had hoped to. Hopefully we can find the time this weekend.

Instead, I sat down and finished the singles on my wheel spinning project. I’ll start the plying tonight. I plan to do the traditional 3 ply first, that way I can use the singles from the chain ply bobbin to make the traditional 3 ply go a little further.


After that I got more spindle spinning done, and while I am more than halfway through that project I doubt it’ll be done anytime soon.

While I do have a new pair of socks on the needles, that’s my work project. I MIGHT bring that home this weekend, but I also might not. I would like to start my next featherweight cardigan in handspun, so I pulled out my copy of the pattern and gave it a glance over. I am hoping for one of those knits where it’s just miles and miles of stockinette stitch. And the featherweight is EXACTLY that. With the added bonus of handspun color changes thrown in.

Mr. Ink decided he was sick of digging last evening, and didn’t set foot in the yard. It’s a miracle! I wonder how long that will last? I think this is more a frustration with losing trees he’s planted or worrying about losing trees he’s planted than it is with being sick of digging. We’ve just identified potential time off on a particular week. If he can get time off, I will take time off too and we’ll get to spend a little quality time with Miss Butterfly. She’s already decided that a trip to the zoo is in order. This was all instigated by my work IT guy who wants to work on my computer and asked if I had any upcoming time off. It gave me the idea that I might want to actually take some time off to be at home.

Anyhow, that’s about it from here. I am looking forward to the weekend. There’s an art sale going on Saturday, a show put on by a friend of mine and I am eager to go as I missed it last year. So we’ve got some fun plans going on this weekend. Talk to you all tomorrow!

Second Finish of the Week

When I wrote yesterday’s post, I knew I’d have another finished object for today since I’d knit through the toe of the second sock and had only put it down when it was time to kitchener stitch the toe as I’d run out of time before work.


It remains difficult to get a picture of your own feet in a pair of handknit socks, but Miss Butterfly was out at a babysitting job so I couldn’t ask for help.

Anyhow, aren’t they perfectly lovely? The yarn is A Swell Yarn Shop Duet Skinny Sock, which is a long ago discontinued. It’s been in my stash for probably 10 years. Thank goodness yarn doesn’t “go bad.”

I immediately cast on another pair of socks. So, I guess my knitting speed right now is…full on sock knitting. When I am not spinning, sock knitting is what I’ve got the energy for. It’s been exceedingly busy at work (I think I say that a ton, and I think I need to come to terms with the fact that I like it busy, I instigate busy, and my job is just busy.) and when it’s this busy I get brain tired. That’s when complicated knitting doesn’t work for me. In addition to that, there’s just so much to do this time of year. Gardening, biking, hanging out with friends, etc. So knitting takes the back seat.

Last evening, Miss Butterfly headed out to babysit two toddlers at once. She had thought she’d have the assistance of her cousin who is her age, but as it turned out he’d made other plans. So, it was just her and two toddlers. Apparently she did great, and was very proud of herself. I do hope they paid her well for that one!

I am also hoping that she’ll be back this evening so I get to see her. She’s been babysitting so much that I haven’t gotten to hang with her. But, that’s growing up, right?

That’s it from here. If Miss Butterfly gets back home today, I’ll have a makeup related post for tomorrow. But, I need her help with it, or rather, I don’t NEED her help with it, it’s just way more fun to do this stuff with her. So I am saving up my ideas for times we can do things together. But I also understand that babysitting and summer jobs take precedence over mom’s blogging ideas. 🙂

Almost through the week, aren’t you glad?

A Finish!

Here’s a little finished object for your perusal.


I slept extremely poorly on Monday night. Or rather, Tuesday morning. I woke up at 2 and then couldn’t get back to sleep until like 5, and I get up at 5:30. It made for a very rough and long day. When I got home, I decided I’d take my 15 minute nap as I sometimes do if I can get away with it. Woke up more than an hour later drooling on my pillow. I tell ya, that’s SO highly unusual. Miss Butterfly was quite sweet, keeping the dog well occupied while I napped (Otherwise Lizzie likes to pace at the bedroom door and whine, or join me in my nap and by join I mean wiggle around on the bed and wake me up) Miss Butterfly took her on a walk and then made Lizzie play in the sprinkler with her. Lizzie doesn’t like the sprinkler, but will run through it for treats, and tends to be more comfortable in the heat afterwards. It’s also good for her brain in my opinion.

ANYHOW, I’ve gotten a bit off track. Unsurprising as I am still tired. I had about an hour to myself when Mr. Ink took Miss Butterfly over to visit his mother. I was still woozy from sleeping too long, but managed to gather myself enough to finish the last few rows on this scarf and weave in the ends. It’s a corespun yarn paired with an offwhite cotton laceweight. It looks pretty and nutty and I really am glad I knit that yarn into something immediately.

And that’s it from here. I bet I can have another finished object post tomorrow. 😉

Tales of Tails

Oh boy, it has been a busy few days. As you read in Sunday’s post, we’ve had 2 dogs a good portion of the time. Monday was no different, my plan was to pick up Maxwell and bring him home with me after work, then we’d take him and Lizzie to the botanical gardens for their twice monthly dog walk. Maxwell has begun getting used to going to my house. Miss Marja had gone home around lunchtime, and packed the bag I bring with me to my house for him. When I arrived after work, this is what I found:


He was laying on his bag waiting to go! When I asked him if he was ready, he stood right up and danced a little jig. So funny!

We headed home, got Lizzie, and we all went outside. Poor Maxwell just doesn’t do life at Lizzie’s pace. So, Maxwell sunned himself in the yard while Lizzie ran circles around him playing fetch and tug of war, our usual after work unwinding. Once inside, Max found his favorite chair to snooze on and curled up into a little ball.


While Max snoozed, I went into my craft room to try on some lipsticks I’d gotten half price. The first one I tried on was very bright. I like bright, but I wasn’t sure….so I took a selfie and sent it to Miss Butterfly to ask her opinion. She said “It might not be a Mom color.” I knew immediately where this was going. She says “It MIGHT be a Miss Butterfly color!” As she’s always trying to get my lipsticks from me.  Anyhow, the selfie amused me so I am going to post it.


As it turned out, I ended up liking the color, but more on that later.

Once Mr. Ink came home, we got the dogs in the car and headed to the botanical gardens. Max and Lizzie were so excited that we spent the first 10 minutes trying to wrangle them.


Once we got going though, we were able to actually do some walking. It IS easier when there are two, one per dog. At the other end of the gardens, that all changed.


Mr. Ink and I sat down on a bench at the far side of the gardens near the back gate. Mr. Ink was planning to make a phone call while we enjoyed hanging around all the plants and giving the dogs a break, when we see a tiny dog pop himself right under the back gate and come wandering up to us. Just a puppy, very tiny, no leash and no owner in sight. Maxwell didn’t like him at all, and made his great displeasure known. Lizzie couldn’t care less. So, we used his tags to discover his name was Crackers, and phoned his owner. His owner wasn’t at home at the time, and we weren’t going to sit at the back gate waiting either. So I ended up carrying Crackers through the park while Mr. Ink walked Max and Lizzie. With no leash and so many dogs in the gardens, I didn’t think Crackers would fare well without being carried. Crackers was perfectly happy to be carried like a baby, and watched all the dog action as we walked back through the gardens. Once at the main entrance, after a bit of confusion, we realized the owner had gone to the back entrance to wait for us. So, I told him just to text us his address and we’d bring Crackers home. He really did live right near the back gate of the garden where he’d begun his little adventure. His owner was quite pleased to get him back, but I am sure Crackers loved his time away. For the record, I tried to put him in my purse, he was that small. But he didn’t like that one bit.

So, our evening walk in the gardens turned out quite adventurous and unexpected, but the dogs all had fun and I returned home exhausted. For the record, after two photos, I’ve learned to love that lip color. I am keeping it. Today’s color? It may end up with Miss Butterfly, I don’t like it nearly so much.

That’s it for today’s doggo report. I did take one more picture. Can you guess what this is?


I was perplexed as well, for a moment. But then remembered that I’d been complaining to Mr. Ink that the grackles were destroying my hanging baskets for nesting materials. Mr. Ink decided to take an old hanging basket destined for the yard waste bin, remove all the dirt, and place it in the yard in hopes that the birds would go after that instead of my brand new baskets I was hoping would last a couple of years. I haven’t been home enough in the mornings to see if it is working, but I certainly appreciate the effort.

That’s about it from here. It’s been so busy! But also so pleasant. I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday, but I also can’t believe it’s already Tuesday. It’s just one of those types of weeks.

May Empties

I kept putting off this post, as I am SO CLOSE on so many other little products I keep thinking I can sneak them into this post. But so often close ends up a bit farther away than originally anticipated, and I didn’t want to get too far into June without emptying out my empties box.


I picked up the neutrogena makeup wipes for our Alabama trip. I don’t like these, I don’t think they work all that well, and I hate that once I open the package, I have to get them used up fast as that sticky label stops sticking. I am not a huge fan of wipes anyhow, I do a double cleanse with a pretty heavy balm to remove makeup. And secretly? That pretty heavy balm is often just coconut oil from the grocery store. I know that’s a bit controversial, but I don’t struggle with a ton of skin issues, it’s unlikely to clog my pores, and it’s cheap, comparatively. So that’s what I do. What I am saying is while I would repurchase wipes, I won’t repurchase these particular wipes. And I am open to suggestions! But they’ve gotta be the kind that has a plastic closing lid built into the package.

The Almay eye makeup pads are my holy grail though! I love these things. They last a nice long time, and for me they work very well. I use two a night. If I’ve done a particularly heavy eye look and need more than those pads can provide me, I dip into my coconut oil, slather a bit of that on one wipe, use it to remove the residual makeup, then go in after with the other wipe.

The Lush Ocean Salt scrub wasn’t one of those Lush products that was difficult to use up. It’s just I don’t take the time to exfoliate very often so it has been hanging around since last summer. I don’t love the delivery method in this case, it’s too easy to get shower water into the tub, and once that happens there’s no way to get it back out. This doesn’t work as a face scrub for me, it’s too harsh. However, the smell is pleasant enough, and it works well enough too. I just think I can explore other scrubs rather than repurchase this one.

I received the Verb sea shampoo and conditioner at the beginning of the month. These didn’t really do anything nice for my hair. I need a lot of extra moisture, and these seemed drying over all. But the scent was perfectly pleasant and they did clean well. They are just….not for me and my particular hair.

And then we get to all the little Clinique products from last month’s project pan. There’s not much I can say about them really except that all three have made their way into our regular routines. We’ve got full sizes of each. Each serve their purpose in our routines. While I regularly try other skin care products, these are ones we can count on and are for general use in our home. I do cut those sample sizes when I can as there’s generally a number of extra uses in there once I’ve cut them up. I just throw them in a plastic baggie and seal it up in order to get those extra uses out of them. So, with products like this you’ll always see them cut up in my empties posts.

And that’s it for empties! I’ve got a fail box started, as I’ve had one seriously MAJOR fail product that I gave a try last month, and I am sure I’ll find others too.

A Secret

So here’s a secret. It’s been so busy lately that I’ve been writing blog posts when I can, and then scheduling them. This works great as a whole, but when I want to talk about something that JUST happened, I miss the mark pretty hardcore.

I had found an extra moment to write a post on Friday so I did so, and scheduled it for Saturday morning. On Friday night quite late, a line of storms rolled through. Mr. Ink and I had stayed up watching a movie, it was late, and we were just trying to fall asleep when the storms hit. The storms knocked out power even before they hit us. We lost our fan for white noise, and between the sound of the storms and the dog and the outdoor noise, and the lack of AC, no one in our home slept overly well.

I ended up getting up early as it was just too muggy for me to stay in bed. I wandered out like a zombie and realized I couldn’t make coffee. I contemplated this for a moment, could I run out and get a coffee? No real guarantee that the nearest coffee shop would have power either. Then I remembered that I keep a french press and a metal teapot in with the camping supplies. So I grabbed a flashlight and headed to the basement. I dug through the camping bin and grabbed my tools. When I got upstairs I realized that while we have a gas stove, it wouldn’t light. So I grabbed a lighter, got it lit, and a bit later I had my cup of coffee. As I went to take my first sip, I took a moment to appreciate my ingenuity and I had a moment of pride in remembering where I keep things. And that moment of self-righteousness was the moment the power went back on.

We were without internet for half of Saturday but that was no big deal since I was napping by 10 am! Mr. Ink and I both really struggled most of the morning to feel like we’d caught up on lost sleep.

But, we did end up having a nice day anyhow! Miss Marja has some stuff going on this weekend, and in interest of not having Max the dog stuck by himself all day, I picked him up. Lizzie and Max get along great, though Max thinks Lizzie is quite a goofball. The dogs were pretty low key too for the most part, so I think they had suffered from lack of sleep as well. Nevertheless, I took them on a nice long walk and wore them out.

You know when the leashes are more slack than taut you’ve managed to do a good job walking the dogs.

There was also a lot of hanging out indoors, while Max entertained me royally by going everywhere that Lizzie doesn’t.

I, of course, did some spinning. I am working on a 2 bump project. The first 4 ounces I spun as singles with the intention of chain plying.


Now I am working on the second 4 ounces, which will become a traditional 3 ply. I think it’ll be fun to pair them together.

That’s about it from here! We are hoping to get a handle on our residual exhaustion since I rely on weekends to fix all that I miss during the week!


A Life Updates Post

With a little bit of spinning!

The last two posts were written last weekend and then scheduled, because I knew that my week would be brutal. It was grant deadline week (As is this upcoming week) and there’s just no way I can find the mental energy to get blog posts written. Even with the best of intentions, they tend to fall flat in the face of the busy extended schedule.

That means that I’ve had a little bit of time (very little) to work on some new spinning projects. And here’s one of them:


I am working on spindles again, I am finding that kicking my feet up after a long day is pleasant, but I still don’t want to knit. So spindle spinning works here. The fiber is a 4 ounce bump of bfl from hello yarn club, I think this was April’s offering. It’s very pretty and reminds me a bit of dyeabolical’s thunderboom colorway. Just with a little more olive tones stuck in there. I am working on another two ply with this one, I guess that’s my go to yarn during a busy time.

Life stuff. Miss Butterfly has been hard at work on Legos this week. She pulled out all of her Lego sets from the basement and has been working toward reassembling all of them. She is thoroughly enjoying herself. And I like it because it’s not….13 year old play. I like that she’s playing with makeup in the morning, then legos all afternoon.


We were in a high heat situation again this week, and my Missouri evening primroses loved it, unlike me.


This is the most amazing they’ve ever looked. A couple of things about this plant. It’s native to our area. The blooms are huge, easily the size of the palm of my hand! It’s not invasive, it just needs to be split regularly, UNLIKE the showy evening primroses we used to have on our front bank. The blooms are so very yellow that I’ve never once been able to get a photo my camera can handle of them. And finally, before it blooms, the flower in its unblooming state has freckles all over it! So, even the buds add interest to the flower.

More sights from my garden. The first is my brand new clematis. I knew I’d plant one or two at some point, but I needed to find space for them, and that took me a few years of reworking garden spaces, dividing plants, and moving things around. A ton of very hard work! Now there’s a space for a clematis, and I picked this one. I can’t believe it’s already blooming! And then there’s last year’s coral rose, which is clearly also doing well. This is the only rose bush that is doing well at the moment. My pink well established rose really struggled with the super cold winter this year, and then also struggled with the high heat. All its buds are “burnt” looking, and it is quite pathetic. Mr. Ink has plans to work on its soil situation this year, removing the rocks it is in and amending it. He also got me a red rose for in front of my white garage, this was my mother’s day gift. I’d been wanting a red rose in front of the white garage for ages, and every time he’d go to put something else there I’d defend that spot. So this year he found one and planted it. Unfortunately, we got 100F weather for DAYS immediately after it went into the ground and the poor thing is very shocked.

Mr. Ink likes to plant what Mr. Ink likes to plant, and often turns his nose up at my love for roses. Until the end of the year when he says “That rose bush has just added beautiful color to our yard ALL YEAR LONG!” That’s when he realizes he appreciates their ease and their continuous bloom cycle. I’ll try to get another rose bush in next year.

And finally, on Wednesday, Miss Lizzie turned 8 years old! She’s such a delight and absolutely does not act her age. We love her so much, she absolutely brings a wonderful added dimension to our family.

That’s it from here! I’ve got one more spinning project up and running so you may very well get to see that one tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

Now Let’s Get Serious

So, a one month project pan was a great starter for a newbie. But now it’s time to get serious. I think I’d prefer a seasonal format with updates instead. As such, I’ve decided to do a 3 month long project pan, June-August, and it’ll be the summer edition. I’ll do updates every once in awhile, 3 weeks to a month in, and a final post before starting the fall project.

Now, this one was a big one to organize, but I learned a few things from last month. First of all, weigh or measure your products in some way to start out with! There were some products last month I didn’t manage to do that with. So, Miss Butterfly and I went through the house, chose a bunch of products (So many!), then brought them outdoors to photograph, then back in to weigh or measure them. Then, we cleaned up our makeup table, putting away anything we really truly didn’t think we’d use this summer and/or products we might choose instead of the products we want to pan, setting us back. Those products are still there if we need them, but they aren’t front and center, easy to grab. So, we are limiting our selection somewhat.

Ok, here goes. There’s a TON, but there are so many little things we’d like to make progress on.


I am starting with the above photo for a reason. I would say that for Miss Butterfly and I, our “gateway drug” to makeup was the Lush store. I believe that started last summer. Miss Butterfly was super into bath bombs and we tried out tons of various products. Now that we are more into makeup, we don’t wander into Lush all that often. Since their products are pretty natural, they need to be used up before they go bad. So, we’ve decided to concentrate on some of this. Left to right as usual, the little light pink bar is a moisturizing serum. I have decided to take this to work as this is just the type of thing I’d use when my hands get dry in the dry building, even in the summer. Above that is elbow grease, a product I HATE. The smell is what gets me in this case, it’s just too strong, too sicky sweet. I can tolerate it, but barely. But when I wear it to work, I’ve got a coworker who cannot tolerate it at all. So, I would like to use this up and move on. The pink cracked stuff is a Jason and the Argon Oil shampoo bar. When my hair was short, shampoo bars worked fine. The longer it gets, the worse that goes for me. Miss Butterfly and I have committed to using this up in some manner even if it’s as a hand soap until it’s really too small to use. Above that is Hair Custard, a product I really do like. It doesn’t weigh down my hair, but it keeps the fly aways to a minimum. I’d like to finish getting use out of it until it’s gone. And then there’s a sample of R&B hair moisturizer. I hate the smell on this one too, but a few uses would have that sample out of stash. And it does work nicely, serves its purpose just fine. In the future we’ll be far more discerning about our Lush purchases. Actually, to be fair, we have been as after all the Lush products we tried last year, this is all we’ve got hanging around still, save one more shampoo bar that I’ll have to think about using up someday, but doesn’t have to be today.


Next up, skin care. At the top there are calming masks from a subscription bag, Pureheals is the brand name. That’s only 2-4 uses so I shouldn’t have any trouble there. Below that there’s a back up of an eye cream if I manage to work through the Origins. Then there’s the porefessional. The larger sample is the one I was working on panning last month, and then right next to it a smaller sample I received in a subscription box this month. So, let’s keep that moving. Next to that I’ve got two serums. First Aid Beauty, and I can’t remember what it is. Then Estee Lauder’s advanced night repair sample, which I don’t think does a lot for me. Then there’s a clinique toner that has been in my cupboard for far too long. I am not really a toner fan, I don’t understand what it does really, and I don’t feel like I see a difference when I use it and when I do not. Then there’s the pesky origins products from last month. I shouldn’t have any issue finishing those off in a 3 month project pan.


Eye products. We’ll start with top row. I am leaving the eyeshadow in the summer project pan. But, while I plan on using it, I don’t plan to be working on it so seriously. I anticipate a couple of new palettes to hit our stash this month and I’ve got other stuff I just desperately want to play with. So my intention is to incorporate this palette in when I can in order to continue my progress. I’ve put 3 mascaras in for this project, all of which I’ll have no issue working through. The Clinique and the Bad Gal Bang will certainly need to go once this is over, as they’ll have been open way longer than they are supposed to be. The Lash Paradise will be right on schedule, but it’ll be drying out by then. I’ve added two eyelid primers, the Urban Decay that I was working on last month, and then the back up I intend to use once the UD is gone. Below that is a tiny sample of eyeliner that is SO small that it shouldn’t be an issue to finish in a month. And, there’s that pesky elf brow pencil still hanging about. I want to be done, as there are better colors out there for me I think, and I want to explore those better colors.


Lip products. I’ve got both sides of the mary kay satin lips in this project pan. I’ve been using these in the morning as I get ready to go to work. It makes for a habit that is fairly easy to remember, so progress is made. The pink Clinique chubby stick I want to finish and move out of my stash. It’s mostly just a tinted balm. At some point in the upcoming weeks I want to do a dedicated lip product post, but the short story is that there are some lip products that make my throat hurt, and this is one of them. Below is a maybeline matte lipstick. I anticipate lots of colorful summery eye looks, so I’ll need a nice nude to pair with that look.


Face products. The clinique powder I didn’t even know I had. It is probably about 2 years old and I should use it. I’ll work at panning this just as long as it takes. Below that is benefit dandelion twinkle. It’s a nice subtle highlighter, which is my preference. But I also have other highlighters, and I’ve got eyeshadows that would double as highlighters, and it is easy to get distracted. So, I am going to work on this one. I only own 2 blushes, and this is the only color I have that is nice and warm and summery. So, I’ll be using it for the next 3 months and we’ll see how far I get. I have vowed not to purchase any more blush until I learn what is out there to be had. 2 is plenty, even if one of those is cool toned and not summer appropriate. I stuck that wet n wild contour palette in there because I’ve made a large amount of progress on it in just a short time, so I just want to keep after it. Then there’s the Urban decay all nighter foundation. It is too light for my skin right now, but I’ve come up with a way to mix a dark concealer with it to get it closer to my skin now, and that’s good because I don’t like it and want to use it up. And then there’s the Make up forever skin tint. The color (8) is too dark for me, but it is also pretty sheer and so if I put it on, it mostly looks like I’ve got a nice tan going on. I want to take this to work along with a stick eyeshadow and the clinique mascara as something I can throw on after I bike to work. I experimented with that over the weekend and my look came out very natural, and yet still nice enough to feel like I’d done my makeup.


And this is the final photo, oh my goodness that was a long one. I’ll keep working at the perfume I worked at last month. But, I threw in a half used prada sample for variety. It won’t be MUCH variety, but when I am feeling desperate, like, you know, TODAY, I can try something else. If I use that one up, I’ve got a few more samples I can try to use too. The elf spray is from last month as well, but I will have that finished within June. The other spray is an ulta brand brush cleaner spray. I have really enjoyed this product, I really love the smell. But it gets used up pretty fast. Miss Butterfly mostly cleans my makeup brushes, and she says it’ll be gone in a month. I added one more hair product, a pureology spray that I have no idea what it is supposed to do. Hah. I’ll look it up. It’s been in the cupboard for ages. And I forgot to take a picture of last month’s hair balm, which is on the verge of being used up but I didn’t quite manage to finish last month. That’s a LOT of hair stuff for the next three months, hopefully I can make a large dent in all of it.

And that’s it from here, can’t wait to see what the summer holds, on so many levels!