Now Let’s Get Serious

So, a one month project pan was a great starter for a newbie. But now it’s time to get serious. I think I’d prefer a seasonal format with updates instead. As such, I’ve decided to do a 3 month long project pan, June-August, and it’ll be the summer edition. I’ll do updates every once in awhile, 3 weeks to a month in, and a final post before starting the fall project.

Now, this one was a big one to organize, but I learned a few things from last month. First of all, weigh or measure your products in some way to start out with! There were some products last month I didn’t manage to do that with. So, Miss Butterfly and I went through the house, chose a bunch of products (So many!), then brought them outdoors to photograph, then back in to weigh or measure them. Then, we cleaned up our makeup table, putting away anything we really truly didn’t think we’d use this summer and/or products we might choose instead of the products we want to pan, setting us back. Those products are still there if we need them, but they aren’t front and center, easy to grab. So, we are limiting our selection somewhat.

Ok, here goes. There’s a TON, but there are so many little things we’d like to make progress on.


I am starting with the above photo for a reason. I would say that for Miss Butterfly and I, our “gateway drug” to makeup was the Lush store. I believe that started last summer. Miss Butterfly was super into bath bombs and we tried out tons of various products. Now that we are more into makeup, we don’t wander into Lush all that often. Since their products are pretty natural, they need to be used up before they go bad. So, we’ve decided to concentrate on some of this. Left to right as usual, the little light pink bar is a moisturizing serum. I have decided to take this to work as this is just the type of thing I’d use when my hands get dry in the dry building, even in the summer. Above that is elbow grease, a product I HATE. The smell is what gets me in this case, it’s just too strong, too sicky sweet. I can tolerate it, but barely. But when I wear it to work, I’ve got a coworker who cannot tolerate it at all. So, I would like to use this up and move on. The pink cracked stuff is a Jason and the Argon Oil shampoo bar. When my hair was short, shampoo bars worked fine. The longer it gets, the worse that goes for me. Miss Butterfly and I have committed to using this up in some manner even if it’s as a hand soap until it’s really too small to use. Above that is Hair Custard, a product I really do like. It doesn’t weigh down my hair, but it keeps the fly aways to a minimum. I’d like to finish getting use out of it until it’s gone. And then there’s a sample of R&B hair moisturizer. I hate the smell on this one too, but a few uses would have that sample out of stash. And it does work nicely, serves its purpose just fine. In the future we’ll be far more discerning about our Lush purchases. Actually, to be fair, we have been as after all the Lush products we tried last year, this is all we’ve got hanging around still, save one more shampoo bar that I’ll have to think about using up someday, but doesn’t have to be today.


Next up, skin care. At the top there are calming masks from a subscription bag, Pureheals is the brand name. That’s only 2-4 uses so I shouldn’t have any trouble there. Below that there’s a back up of an eye cream if I manage to work through the Origins. Then there’s the porefessional. The larger sample is the one I was working on panning last month, and then right next to it a smaller sample I received in a subscription box this month. So, let’s keep that moving. Next to that I’ve got two serums. First Aid Beauty, and I can’t remember what it is. Then Estee Lauder’s advanced night repair sample, which I don’t think does a lot for me. Then there’s a clinique toner that has been in my cupboard for far too long. I am not really a toner fan, I don’t understand what it does really, and I don’t feel like I see a difference when I use it and when I do not. Then there’s the pesky origins products from last month. I shouldn’t have any issue finishing those off in a 3 month project pan.


Eye products. We’ll start with top row. I am leaving the eyeshadow in the summer project pan. But, while I plan on using it, I don’t plan to be working on it so seriously. I anticipate a couple of new palettes to hit our stash this month and I’ve got other stuff I just desperately want to play with. So my intention is to incorporate this palette in when I can in order to continue my progress. I’ve put 3 mascaras in for this project, all of which I’ll have no issue working through. The Clinique and the Bad Gal Bang will certainly need to go once this is over, as they’ll have been open way longer than they are supposed to be. The Lash Paradise will be right on schedule, but it’ll be drying out by then. I’ve added two eyelid primers, the Urban Decay that I was working on last month, and then the back up I intend to use once the UD is gone. Below that is a tiny sample of eyeliner that is SO small that it shouldn’t be an issue to finish in a month. And, there’s that pesky elf brow pencil still hanging about. I want to be done, as there are better colors out there for me I think, and I want to explore those better colors.


Lip products. I’ve got both sides of the mary kay satin lips in this project pan. I’ve been using these in the morning as I get ready to go to work. It makes for a habit that is fairly easy to remember, so progress is made. The pink Clinique chubby stick I want to finish and move out of my stash. It’s mostly just a tinted balm. At some point in the upcoming weeks I want to do a dedicated lip product post, but the short story is that there are some lip products that make my throat hurt, and this is one of them. Below is a maybeline matte lipstick. I anticipate lots of colorful summery eye looks, so I’ll need a nice nude to pair with that look.


Face products. The clinique powder I didn’t even know I had. It is probably about 2 years old and I should use it. I’ll work at panning this just as long as it takes. Below that is benefit dandelion twinkle. It’s a nice subtle highlighter, which is my preference. But I also have other highlighters, and I’ve got eyeshadows that would double as highlighters, and it is easy to get distracted. So, I am going to work on this one. I only own 2 blushes, and this is the only color I have that is nice and warm and summery. So, I’ll be using it for the next 3 months and we’ll see how far I get. I have vowed not to purchase any more blush until I learn what is out there to be had. 2 is plenty, even if one of those is cool toned and not summer appropriate. I stuck that wet n wild contour palette in there because I’ve made a large amount of progress on it in just a short time, so I just want to keep after it. Then there’s the Urban decay all nighter foundation. It is too light for my skin right now, but I’ve come up with a way to mix a dark concealer with it to get it closer to my skin now, and that’s good because I don’t like it and want to use it up. And then there’s the Make up forever skin tint. The color (8) is too dark for me, but it is also pretty sheer and so if I put it on, it mostly looks like I’ve got a nice tan going on. I want to take this to work along with a stick eyeshadow and the clinique mascara as something I can throw on after I bike to work. I experimented with that over the weekend and my look came out very natural, and yet still nice enough to feel like I’d done my makeup.


And this is the final photo, oh my goodness that was a long one. I’ll keep working at the perfume I worked at last month. But, I threw in a half used prada sample for variety. It won’t be MUCH variety, but when I am feeling desperate, like, you know, TODAY, I can try something else. If I use that one up, I’ve got a few more samples I can try to use too. The elf spray is from last month as well, but I will have that finished within June. The other spray is an ulta brand brush cleaner spray. I have really enjoyed this product, I really love the smell. But it gets used up pretty fast. Miss Butterfly mostly cleans my makeup brushes, and she says it’ll be gone in a month. I added one more hair product, a pureology spray that I have no idea what it is supposed to do. Hah. I’ll look it up. It’s been in the cupboard for ages. And I forgot to take a picture of last month’s hair balm, which is on the verge of being used up but I didn’t quite manage to finish last month. That’s a LOT of hair stuff for the next three months, hopefully I can make a large dent in all of it.

And that’s it from here, can’t wait to see what the summer holds, on so many levels!


3 thoughts on “Now Let’s Get Serious

  1. Hmmm you almost make me want to play with makeup, but I’m awful with it. I am trying to use up all the products that have accumulated under my sink however!

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