A Life Updates Post

With a little bit of spinning!

The last two posts were written last weekend and then scheduled, because I knew that my week would be brutal. It was grant deadline week (As is this upcoming week) and there’s just no way I can find the mental energy to get blog posts written. Even with the best of intentions, they tend to fall flat in the face of the busy extended schedule.

That means that I’ve had a little bit of time (very little) to work on some new spinning projects. And here’s one of them:


I am working on spindles again, I am finding that kicking my feet up after a long day is pleasant, but I still don’t want to knit. So spindle spinning works here. The fiber is a 4 ounce bump of bfl from hello yarn club, I think this was April’s offering. It’s very pretty and reminds me a bit of dyeabolical’s thunderboom colorway. Just with a little more olive tones stuck in there. I am working on another two ply with this one, I guess that’s my go to yarn during a busy time.

Life stuff. Miss Butterfly has been hard at work on Legos this week. She pulled out all of her Lego sets from the basement and has been working toward reassembling all of them. She is thoroughly enjoying herself. And I like it because it’s not….13 year old play. I like that she’s playing with makeup in the morning, then legos all afternoon.


We were in a high heat situation again this week, and my Missouri evening primroses loved it, unlike me.


This is the most amazing they’ve ever looked. A couple of things about this plant. It’s native to our area. The blooms are huge, easily the size of the palm of my hand! It’s not invasive, it just needs to be split regularly, UNLIKE the showy evening primroses we used to have on our front bank. The blooms are so very yellow that I’ve never once been able to get a photo my camera can handle of them. And finally, before it blooms, the flower in its unblooming state has freckles all over it! So, even the buds add interest to the flower.

More sights from my garden. The first is my brand new clematis. I knew I’d plant one or two at some point, but I needed to find space for them, and that took me a few years of reworking garden spaces, dividing plants, and moving things around. A ton of very hard work! Now there’s a space for a clematis, and I picked this one. I can’t believe it’s already blooming! And then there’s last year’s coral rose, which is clearly also doing well. This is the only rose bush that is doing well at the moment. My pink well established rose really struggled with the super cold winter this year, and then also struggled with the high heat. All its buds are “burnt” looking, and it is quite pathetic. Mr. Ink has plans to work on its soil situation this year, removing the rocks it is in and amending it. He also got me a red rose for in front of my white garage, this was my mother’s day gift. I’d been wanting a red rose in front of the white garage for ages, and every time he’d go to put something else there I’d defend that spot. So this year he found one and planted it. Unfortunately, we got 100F weather for DAYS immediately after it went into the ground and the poor thing is very shocked.

Mr. Ink likes to plant what Mr. Ink likes to plant, and often turns his nose up at my love for roses. Until the end of the year when he says “That rose bush has just added beautiful color to our yard ALL YEAR LONG!” That’s when he realizes he appreciates their ease and their continuous bloom cycle. I’ll try to get another rose bush in next year.

And finally, on Wednesday, Miss Lizzie turned 8 years old! She’s such a delight and absolutely does not act her age. We love her so much, she absolutely brings a wonderful added dimension to our family.

That’s it from here! I’ve got one more spinning project up and running so you may very well get to see that one tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “A Life Updates Post

  1. Sorry about the heat added to the crazy week! No fun at all! The garden and spindles look great as always. 😉

    100 degrees? I would have no garden left. And I would be insane.

    • While 100 is normal for here, it’s normal for July/August. NOT May. So we’ve been quite displeased, and we’ve lost or are coming close to losing quite a few of the trees that Mr. Ink put in this year. It’s been demoralizing for sure.

      • Oh, no! Not the new trees! Can you somehow shade them from the sun and give them lots of water to help them hang in there?

        100 degrees anytime sounds awful to me.

        This weekend we were very dry, temps in the mid 60’s – it was just perfect fro being outdoors!

        Now we are due for a few days of rain, which is desperately needed, Everything is too dry, and I can’t water enough. So a few days of soaking rain is a good thing.

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