A Secret

So here’s a secret. It’s been so busy lately that I’ve been writing blog posts when I can, and then scheduling them. This works great as a whole, but when I want to talk about something that JUST happened, I miss the mark pretty hardcore.

I had found an extra moment to write a post on Friday so I did so, and scheduled it for Saturday morning. On Friday night quite late, a line of storms rolled through. Mr. Ink and I had stayed up watching a movie, it was late, and we were just trying to fall asleep when the storms hit. The storms knocked out power even before they hit us. We lost our fan for white noise, and between the sound of the storms and the dog and the outdoor noise, and the lack of AC, no one in our home slept overly well.

I ended up getting up early as it was just too muggy for me to stay in bed. I wandered out like a zombie and realized I couldn’t make coffee. I contemplated this for a moment, could I run out and get a coffee? No real guarantee that the nearest coffee shop would have power either. Then I remembered that I keep a french press and a metal teapot in with the camping supplies. So I grabbed a flashlight and headed to the basement. I dug through the camping bin and grabbed my tools. When I got upstairs I realized that while we have a gas stove, it wouldn’t light. So I grabbed a lighter, got it lit, and a bit later I had my cup of coffee. As I went to take my first sip, I took a moment to appreciate my ingenuity and I had a moment of pride in remembering where I keep things. And that moment of self-righteousness was the moment the power went back on.

We were without internet for half of Saturday but that was no big deal since I was napping by 10 am! Mr. Ink and I both really struggled most of the morning to feel like we’d caught up on lost sleep.

But, we did end up having a nice day anyhow! Miss Marja has some stuff going on this weekend, and in interest of not having Max the dog stuck by himself all day, I picked him up. Lizzie and Max get along great, though Max thinks Lizzie is quite a goofball. The dogs were pretty low key too for the most part, so I think they had suffered from lack of sleep as well. Nevertheless, I took them on a nice long walk and wore them out.

You know when the leashes are more slack than taut you’ve managed to do a good job walking the dogs.

There was also a lot of hanging out indoors, while Max entertained me royally by going everywhere that Lizzie doesn’t.

I, of course, did some spinning. I am working on a 2 bump project. The first 4 ounces I spun as singles with the intention of chain plying.


Now I am working on the second 4 ounces, which will become a traditional 3 ply. I think it’ll be fun to pair them together.

That’s about it from here! We are hoping to get a handle on our residual exhaustion since I rely on weekends to fix all that I miss during the week!