Tales of Tails

Oh boy, it has been a busy few days. As you read in Sunday’s post, we’ve had 2 dogs a good portion of the time. Monday was no different, my plan was to pick up Maxwell and bring him home with me after work, then we’d take him and Lizzie to the botanical gardens for their twice monthly dog walk. Maxwell has begun getting used to going to my house. Miss Marja had gone home around lunchtime, and packed the bag I bring with me to my house for him. When I arrived after work, this is what I found:


He was laying on his bag waiting to go! When I asked him if he was ready, he stood right up and danced a little jig. So funny!

We headed home, got Lizzie, and we all went outside. Poor Maxwell just doesn’t do life at Lizzie’s pace. So, Maxwell sunned himself in the yard while Lizzie ran circles around him playing fetch and tug of war, our usual after work unwinding. Once inside, Max found his favorite chair to snooze on and curled up into a little ball.


While Max snoozed, I went into my craft room to try on some lipsticks I’d gotten half price. The first one I tried on was very bright. I like bright, but I wasn’t sure….so I took a selfie and sent it to Miss Butterfly to ask her opinion. She said “It might not be a Mom color.” I knew immediately where this was going. She says “It MIGHT be a Miss Butterfly color!” As she’s always trying to get my lipsticks from me.  Anyhow, the selfie amused me so I am going to post it.


As it turned out, I ended up liking the color, but more on that later.

Once Mr. Ink came home, we got the dogs in the car and headed to the botanical gardens. Max and Lizzie were so excited that we spent the first 10 minutes trying to wrangle them.


Once we got going though, we were able to actually do some walking. It IS easier when there are two, one per dog. At the other end of the gardens, that all changed.


Mr. Ink and I sat down on a bench at the far side of the gardens near the back gate. Mr. Ink was planning to make a phone call while we enjoyed hanging around all the plants and giving the dogs a break, when we see a tiny dog pop himself right under the back gate and come wandering up to us. Just a puppy, very tiny, no leash and no owner in sight. Maxwell didn’t like him at all, and made his great displeasure known. Lizzie couldn’t care less. So, we used his tags to discover his name was Crackers, and phoned his owner. His owner wasn’t at home at the time, and we weren’t going to sit at the back gate waiting either. So I ended up carrying Crackers through the park while Mr. Ink walked Max and Lizzie. With no leash and so many dogs in the gardens, I didn’t think Crackers would fare well without being carried. Crackers was perfectly happy to be carried like a baby, and watched all the dog action as we walked back through the gardens. Once at the main entrance, after a bit of confusion, we realized the owner had gone to the back entrance to wait for us. So, I told him just to text us his address and we’d bring Crackers home. He really did live right near the back gate of the garden where he’d begun his little adventure. His owner was quite pleased to get him back, but I am sure Crackers loved his time away. For the record, I tried to put him in my purse, he was that small. But he didn’t like that one bit.

So, our evening walk in the gardens turned out quite adventurous and unexpected, but the dogs all had fun and I returned home exhausted. For the record, after two photos, I’ve learned to love that lip color. I am keeping it. Today’s color? It may end up with Miss Butterfly, I don’t like it nearly so much.

That’s it for today’s doggo report. I did take one more picture. Can you guess what this is?


I was perplexed as well, for a moment. But then remembered that I’d been complaining to Mr. Ink that the grackles were destroying my hanging baskets for nesting materials. Mr. Ink decided to take an old hanging basket destined for the yard waste bin, remove all the dirt, and place it in the yard in hopes that the birds would go after that instead of my brand new baskets I was hoping would last a couple of years. I haven’t been home enough in the mornings to see if it is working, but I certainly appreciate the effort.

That’s about it from here. It’s been so busy! But also so pleasant. I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday, but I also can’t believe it’s already Tuesday. It’s just one of those types of weeks.

One thought on “Tales of Tails

  1. the lipstick looks lovely on you! I know how hard it is to get used to a new color, though, so I am glad you gave it a good run before you passed it off to Miss B! Because it is a Shells look, and you are smart to keep it.

    I am so glad Crackers had a collar and a tag!!!

    And I love the grackle nest building topiary (it looks like a cat) that Mr. Ink made you! I hope it works. 🙂

    Yes, this week is sure dragging, but Tuesday is nearly over – hurrah, Hurrah. Three more days to go.

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