A Finish!

Here’s a little finished object for your perusal.


I slept extremely poorly on Monday night. Or rather, Tuesday morning. I woke up at 2 and then couldn’t get back to sleep until like 5, and I get up at 5:30. It made for a very rough and long day. When I got home, I decided I’d take my 15 minute nap as I sometimes do if I can get away with it. Woke up more than an hour later drooling on my pillow. I tell ya, that’s SO highly unusual. Miss Butterfly was quite sweet, keeping the dog well occupied while I napped (Otherwise Lizzie likes to pace at the bedroom door and whine, or join me in my nap and by join I mean wiggle around on the bed and wake me up) Miss Butterfly took her on a walk and then made Lizzie play in the sprinkler with her. Lizzie doesn’t like the sprinkler, but will run through it for treats, and tends to be more comfortable in the heat afterwards. It’s also good for her brain in my opinion.

ANYHOW, I’ve gotten a bit off track. Unsurprising as I am still tired. I had about an hour to myself when Mr. Ink took Miss Butterfly over to visit his mother. I was still woozy from sleeping too long, but managed to gather myself enough to finish the last few rows on this scarf and weave in the ends. It’s a corespun yarn paired with an offwhite cotton laceweight. It looks pretty and nutty and I really am glad I knit that yarn into something immediately.

And that’s it from here. I bet I can have another finished object post tomorrow. 😉

2 thoughts on “A Finish!

  1. Sorry you didn’t sleep well – it always seems to take so long to recover from that.

    And what a good girl Miss B was to know to keep Lizzie busy elsewhere while you napped.

    Love the scarf – and hope you don’t need it any time soon!

    rest up and know that I am always looking forward to more FO’s. Since I have none in my life right now!

  2. Gorgeous finish. Realy beautiful

    Sorry you had such lousy sleep. You need a catch up!! Naps are awesome. What a mature daughter you are raising ot understand your need for sleep and keep the dog occupied! WOW

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