Second Finish of the Week

When I wrote yesterday’s post, I knew I’d have another finished object for today since I’d knit through the toe of the second sock and had only put it down when it was time to kitchener stitch the toe as I’d run out of time before work.


It remains difficult to get a picture of your own feet in a pair of handknit socks, but Miss Butterfly was out at a babysitting job so I couldn’t ask for help.

Anyhow, aren’t they perfectly lovely? The yarn is A Swell Yarn Shop Duet Skinny Sock, which is a long ago discontinued. It’s been in my stash for probably 10 years. Thank goodness yarn doesn’t “go bad.”

I immediately cast on another pair of socks. So, I guess my knitting speed right now is…full on sock knitting. When I am not spinning, sock knitting is what I’ve got the energy for. It’s been exceedingly busy at work (I think I say that a ton, and I think I need to come to terms with the fact that I like it busy, I instigate busy, and my job is just busy.) and when it’s this busy I get brain tired. That’s when complicated knitting doesn’t work for me. In addition to that, there’s just so much to do this time of year. Gardening, biking, hanging out with friends, etc. So knitting takes the back seat.

Last evening, Miss Butterfly headed out to babysit two toddlers at once. She had thought she’d have the assistance of her cousin who is her age, but as it turned out he’d made other plans. So, it was just her and two toddlers. Apparently she did great, and was very proud of herself. I do hope they paid her well for that one!

I am also hoping that she’ll be back this evening so I get to see her. She’s been babysitting so much that I haven’t gotten to hang with her. But, that’s growing up, right?

That’s it from here. If Miss Butterfly gets back home today, I’ll have a makeup related post for tomorrow. But, I need her help with it, or rather, I don’t NEED her help with it, it’s just way more fun to do this stuff with her. So I am saving up my ideas for times we can do things together. But I also understand that babysitting and summer jobs take precedence over mom’s blogging ideas. 🙂

Almost through the week, aren’t you glad?