Prepping for the Weekend

No beauty product related post today. Miss Butterfly was off for more babysitting last evening, so we weren’t able to gather and photograph what I had hoped to. Hopefully we can find the time this weekend.

Instead, I sat down and finished the singles on my wheel spinning project. I’ll start the plying tonight. I plan to do the traditional 3 ply first, that way I can use the singles from the chain ply bobbin to make the traditional 3 ply go a little further.


After that I got more spindle spinning done, and while I am more than halfway through that project I doubt it’ll be done anytime soon.

While I do have a new pair of socks on the needles, that’s my work project. I MIGHT bring that home this weekend, but I also might not. I would like to start my next featherweight cardigan in handspun, so I pulled out my copy of the pattern and gave it a glance over. I am hoping for one of those knits where it’s just miles and miles of stockinette stitch. And the featherweight is EXACTLY that. With the added bonus of handspun color changes thrown in.

Mr. Ink decided he was sick of digging last evening, and didn’t set foot in the yard. It’s a miracle! I wonder how long that will last? I think this is more a frustration with losing trees he’s planted or worrying about losing trees he’s planted than it is with being sick of digging. We’ve just identified potential time off on a particular week. If he can get time off, I will take time off too and we’ll get to spend a little quality time with Miss Butterfly. She’s already decided that a trip to the zoo is in order. This was all instigated by my work IT guy who wants to work on my computer and asked if I had any upcoming time off. It gave me the idea that I might want to actually take some time off to be at home.

Anyhow, that’s about it from here. I am looking forward to the weekend. There’s an art sale going on Saturday, a show put on by a friend of mine and I am eager to go as I missed it last year. So we’ve got some fun plans going on this weekend. Talk to you all tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Prepping for the Weekend

  1. I LOVE that spin! It is going to make great yarn!

    The sweater I am knitting now is ALL stockinette, and is working so well with my handspun, it might be worth you checking out someday if you want a different pattern. It is Fine Sand, and has a partner for heavier yarn which I will be knitting next – Quick Sand.

    Too funny about Mr. Ink FINALLY getting tired of digging – I hope it doesn’t last, he has a yard to maintain!

    I hope you do get a few days off together, that is what summer is for – special family time!

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