Sunday Morning

Sunday mornings are for telling you what I did yesterday. First off, we headed to a garden art show put on by a friend of mine. I missed it completely last year so I was eager to go this year. I already knew what I was going to get too, I’d been waiting on this for two years. While I knew I could just contact the artist and get the item any time, there’s also something fun about waiting and anticipating that new addition to your yard.

In this case, it’s a rain gauge.

It’s got a lovely coppery vine with flowers running up it, and those flowers have purple beads inside. Then, it may be hard to see but there’s a glass water droplet coming from the spout. This is the same artist who made our monster and our spider two years ago, let’s see if I can find those photos:


Well, I can’t find a photo of the copper spider, but this is my garden monster. This same artist also had a fantastic metal chicken that was also a planter, I may have to pick up one of those someday. But also, next year I should spread the love and choose something from another artist I suppose.

I also finished up my spinning project. I have 310 yards of the chain ply yarn and 330 yards of the traditional 3 ply. Can you tell which is which?

These turned out beautifully, I think. The chain ply still looks a little muddy because the wool was dyed in such a speckled manner. It’ll be fun to figure out what to do with these two.

In the evening, Miss Butterfly was off at a party with her dad and stepmom, and Mr. Ink was at a concert. I stayed home and was quite pleased with my decision. It was super hot and muggy and being at an outdoor concert would have been annoying. I decided to stay in, knit, and watch netflix. Except, I only got through 2 episodes of a show before I got bored. I am really not good at sitting and watching TV right now. But, I  did get a fair bit of knitting done on that handspun featherweight cardi I’ve been talking about knitting.

This morning for the second morning in a row I woke up to storms. It’s a great way to wake up since it means I’ve woken up with the realization that one chore for the day is off the list. Having thoroughly watered plants at the start of the day is fantastic. It’s going to be another hot one today, more heat and humidity. But I’ve been fairly productive and I’ve got a lot to show off on the blog this week. Good stuff!


5 thoughts on “Sunday Morning

  1. Is the one on the left chain ply?

    Either way, they are both gorgeous!

    I love storms, but not heat and humidity! We had lots of rain last week, but dry and windy since, so everything needs watering again. 😢

    I am plugging away on my Fine Sand, 6 more rows tonight, progress is invisible. The hard part of lightweight sweaters!

    • Yep, you got it! I am kind of surprised how even the chain ply doesn’t really look stripey. It might once it’s knit into a sample though.

      No rain this morning, guess we gotta water again. 😦

      • I think it will when you knit it – though there is less barber poling, the colors are all still there. I think the stripes will be more defined with the chain ply than the traditional 3 ply.

        Yeah, we might get rain mid week, but nothing yet, so I will be watering tonight, too. Everything is thirsty.

      • Ask and ye shall receive apparently, it just started pouring out of nowhere! No watering for me today.

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